The New Fat Diet!

The New Fat Diet!

Hi there.
Greetings from the Fatherland.
Or in my case, Motherland!
Today was our shopping day.
8 hours later, and the boot is filled to the gunnels with German sausage, Sauerkraut, cheese, marzipan and anything else we love!!
In addition to the very necessary and Christmas-wouldn’t-be-the -same-without-it Lebkuchen, 

and Dominosteine,

There are bound to be a few things which would make your toes 
curl, like Harzer käse ….
#mumlovesit #barbhatesit

Then there’s the Speck, which is a solid block of fat.
We’ve got half a bag of that!

Then there’s the Grievenschmalz, which is basically a pot of fat mixed up with onions and the above Speck (fat).


Mum likes to spread it liberally onto bread and douse it with salt.


But she loves it, and she’s doing great on it!

Tomorrow we head back home.
Short and sweet. A real mini treat.

Shopping with Mum? Wouldn’t miss it for the world.
She talks to everybody, has them all running around looking for stuff. Even the frostiest German melts after my Mum has worked on them for a while.

Back to Blighty tomorrow!

Love & Hugs,

28 thoughts on “The New Fat Diet!

  1. Love reading about you and your mum's exploits! It's uplifting!
    My grandad used to swear by dripping on toast for his breakfast and a tot of whisky before bed….he did well on that!
    Safe journey home with your goodies!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. Jane dripping on toast is one thing but I am not sure I could eat half of what Barbara's bought. As long as you all enjoy it then that is all that matters. Glad you have had a fabulous time – safe trip back. Xxxx

  3. So glad you had a great time. Have got my Lebkuchen as I can find them in Lidl in France but can't find the Dominosteine. So please could you enjoy 2 or 3….or more with a cuppa when you're back home? Have a safe trip back.
    Laurence xx

  4. Sounds like a successful shopping trip with lots of goodies for the family celebrations over Christmas. Safe journey home tomorrow as the forecast is icy & as much as -14c in some parts of the country.

  5. I love Lebkuchen and those other sweet treats look lovely not sure about the fat though. Maybe pass on that. I chat to everyone when we are shopping drives Fred mad because he thinks I know them. Just being friendly. Safe trip home and wonderful that you have had that mini break with your mum. xx

  6. The food sounds great especially marzipan I love it. I also love dripping on toast. Used to have a lot growing up.. I love mother and daughter times. Mine will be next week when I get to spend time with my daughter . Safe journey home, it's so cold. Xxxxx

  7. Sorry I have been away for a few days and this is my first opportunity to congratulate you and Dave on your planned wedding! I am so happy for you both and it will be a truly special day.
    Your shopping expedition sounds such fun, although some of your purchases sound a bit dubious to me! However, those things a,ways seem to be the most tasty and Christmas Eve in your house must be full of delicious smells and even better tastes. I bet your mum is a wonderful cook too.
    Have a safe trip home tomorrow. Annette x

  8. My dad use to love bread and dripping with salt never did fancy it, didn’t do him good died of cancer age 55 but enjoyed his life loved his food specially meat worked at slaughter house so lots fresh meat steak beef joints. Safe trip home drive careful roads going to be bad hugs to you both xx

  9. Wow those sweet treats look amazing. I got our Lebkuchen at Tesco, probably not as good as the real thing though. Love marzipan too. Used to love turkey and dripping sandwiches on Boxing Day with all that lovely jelly in the dripping, can't seem honest it now. Enjoy your last evening there. Safe journey home to Blighty. Love to you and your

  10. Can I tell you here folks, that the 'Boot' which is 'filled to the gunnels' is in fact my 4 door pick-up truck !!
    Yikes !!! Safe drive home Barb… I'll have the kettle on x

  11. Hi Barb,
    Sounds like you and your mum have had a lovely trip away – I bet she really looks forward to spending this time with you especially in Germany. Some of the goodies look lovely, others not so sure about though! Have a safe journey home. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  12. Glad you have had a good shopping trip and your Mum has all her goodies, not so sure about the Grievenschmaltz though…lol. Hope you have a safe journey home. x

  13. Hi Barb, so glad that you and your Mum enjoyed another fun filled shopping trip together. Looking at your purchases, I would say you are stocked up for a while, well Christmas at least. Safe travels and take care. Bx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Looks like the cupboards will be full this Christmas with lots of exciting goodies. Your mum must be thrilled to bits with her purchases and being the centre of attention in the shops. Good for her. Dave you do make me laugh, I can imagine there’s food tucked in wherever there’s a space! Better check the glove compartment in case they miss anything when they unpack. Have a safe journey home and take care on the icy roads.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Have had to order my Dominosteine from the German deli as a certain German supermarket over here no longer stocks a lot of my favourite German Christmas goodies.
    Can I please, pretty please, place my food order with you Barbara when you make your next shopping trip to Germany ?:)

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