It was the Bells, you see…

It was the Bells, you see…

Happy Boxing Day !
Thanks for popping in.
Has it been raining where you are? 
Or have you enjoyed a white Christmas?
It has been pouring all day here – except for the point at which Grace, Mark and I decided to go for a walk through the woods to the pub. 
Just at that place where it’s too late to turn back and you may as well keep going, the heavens opened. 
But whatever. It’s only rain. So we kept going, and had a rare and memorably deep conversation in the Boar’s Head. 
Now Mark has gone off to see his best mate Fred, and Grace is sitting in our kitchen with her best mate, Lizzie. Funny, isn’t it? They live across the other side of the world, and yet their truest friends are the ones they made in the school yard. 
I like that.
Yesterday, it was games day at our house.
Let me see if I can share the bell ringing with you…

Not sure the link has worked.
Either way, it was pretty funny. 
Keep your eye on my Dad.
Anyway, thank you to those lovely ladies who joined in and had a go at getting the steps of yesterday’s Gelpress project in the right order. You were all very close – especially the first half! But only one of you got it absolutely bang on: 

Well done Jomada Dawn!
You nailed it 100%
If you email me your address, I will send you a little post Christmas pressie when I get back to work.
Love & Hugs,

22 thoughts on “It was the Bells, you see…

  1. Congratulations Jomada… I tried to get my head around it but failed half way! Been our Christmas Day here today as son was at work yesterday so now chock full of lunch with all the trimmings followed by sherry trifle, mince pies and yule log…bring on bedtime xxx

  2. Well done Jomanda! Sorry Barbara but the link didn't work. Not to worry it sounds as though you all had a fab time and that's what it's all about. Keep enjoying every moment. Love and hugs to you and your family, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends, I hope that you have all had a good Christmas. We have had a thoroughly lazy day today. Yesterday we went round to our friends for Christmas dinner and we had turkey and all of the trimmings. Great company and many laughs. The sun shone and the sky was blue and it was really warm – ending with a gorgeous sunset. We are very blessed in this little part of Spain. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly and Neill xxx

  3. Woohoo! Thank you, Barbara – I so enjoy these little tests you set us!
    I do love reading about your party shenanigans, too – shame the video link didn't work, but that just leaves it to our imagination! I wonder what was involved in the bell ringing …

  4. Congratulations Jomada, well done for sorting that puzzle out. It’s easy now the pictures are in the right order!!
    We have had our 2nd Christmas today as our son & daughter in law came for the day. Opened the door for them to go home tonight to find it was snowing!! Cars were covered & as fast as we cleared the windows they were covered again. Hopefully as they go south to Oxford it will turn back to rain. Just waiting now for the text to say they are safely home.
    Couldn’t watch the video but sounds like you had great fun.

  5. We have had a white Christmas. It was snowing when we came home last night and continued through the night. The temperature has fallen and is now below freezing, which has meant that Hubbie had to be taken to work as the row ads are too icy for his motor bike. He got soaked on his way home yesterday from work!
    I am looking forward to an art day with my niece on Thursday and we may tackle something similar to the picture above! It will prevcious family time.

  6. Hi Barb,
    Sorry link didn't work, but never mind. I'm really pleased that Mark and Grace are still very in the company of their friends on this side of 'the Pond' . I always think that it's lovely when do don't see someone for months or even years and yet when you do it's like you've never been apart – true friendship I believe. I hope you've managed to dry out – been dry here although bitterly cold. Congratulations to Jomada – well done, I couldn't get my head around it I'm afraid! Sending love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  7. Well done Jamada-Dawn. Like you Barbara we've had rain most of the day and this evening. Supposed to turn to snow in the night/early morning. If it does hope it'll be gone quickly before we travel

  8. We have had an excellent Christmas. Fred and I have been looked after by our kids. Christmas Day at Guy and Hayley's with her family as well and today all of our family at Greg and Amie's. Goodness they all did so well, so much fun and laughter. We have been very spoilt. Glad you have had a good time. Well done to Jamada Dawn. xx

  9. I managed to watch the Hochanda show yesterday as, even though I am not a stamper, I love to watch you work. I have watched since the early days, with the brayer and multi coloured ink pad, but have still never tried.
    It is lovely to read how all the bloggers celebrated Christmas and had such lovely times with their families.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and take care if driving today, as there are reports of treacherous road conditions.
    Annette X

  10. Well done Jomada. Barb it sounds like you spent some real quality time with Grace and Mark, a pity you got caught in the rain. We had snow overnight, but not settling much because it is so wet. Take care all. Bx

  11. Congratulations to Jomada. I funnily enough got the second half more correct. I'm glad you have been having a bit of family fun Barbara…I'm intrigued by the bell ringing. x

  12. Congratulations Jomada Dawn. Well I howled at the bells – I started off thinking it was God Save the Queen but quickly realised it was We Wish you a Merry Christmas. Well done Mark – that was a superb ending. Xx

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