Christmas Day – Oooh! We do like an After Dinner game !

Christmas Day – Oooh! We do like an After Dinner game !

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thanks for popping in.
I do hope that all is well with you, and that you are enjoying the festivities. It’s been pretty hilarious here at home. If you haven’t played Mouthtrap, you haven’t lived. 
I KNOW there are several of you who are at home alone, 
who are struggling with this day.
And that makes my heart heavy. All I can do is tell you I am thinking of you and wishing you lived closer.
This too shall pass, you know.
Everything does. 
Christmas will be over in the twinkling of an eye, and it almost is! 
And then we can all get back to work!
So for those of you who have eaten far too much, who are sick of telly, who are bored….here’s a little brain teaser for you.
Did you watch Paul and myself at 12 noon?
Why did I think I’d be able to do not one but TWO in depth arty demos in an hour!
So here’s the one that never made it – a Gelpress piece.
The steps are in the wrong order though – they’re all muddled up !
What I want you to do is put them back in the right order.
I have numbered them as they appear, but you should list them in their arty sequence, e.g. 2,6,4,9,1, etc…
Then list the numbers below, and give the card a title!
I will pick a worthy winner tomorrow !




Ahh go on! Give it a go!
Numbers in a row and a title.
Not at all hard, especially after an afternoon of Singalongadingabell and Mouthtrapp!!!
Love & Hugs,

20 thoughts on “Christmas Day – Oooh! We do like an After Dinner game !

  1. Lovely to see you on here, I've had a lovely day, just me and the husband, wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas even if it is nearly over !!!
    Love from one of your Groovi Gals xx

  2. So pleased to read of your family Christmas. Watched the lunchtime show (and recorded it too – I love the JN stamps). Now watching Victoria. TV this evening is very good for a change!

  3. I didn’t see the show today and I am not a stamper, so this is beyond me, even before a g & t and some wine!
    Just played a couple of games of 5 second rule and Articulate with our 10 year old granddaughter and had such fun. We watched Strictly in between, but it is a pleasure to switch off the telly and have some fun together.
    I hope that everyone enjoyed their day and send you all best wishes. Annette x

  4. I was so lucky to receive two beautiful groovi plates from a very close crafting friend .always makes my Christmas when I receive something clarity. I adore my Jayne Christmas stamps /groovi.
    Christmas Day crafting hugs xxx

  5. Busy day with family lots e them all great Christmas dinner cooked by our son in laws Craig and Lee time for bed feeling in lt pain by knees didn’t like the stairs but was great do xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and to everyone of the blog family. Hope you've had a good day. Sorry so late but been very hectic here in a nice way. Loved the show, you and a Paul do make me laugh when you're together! Love our little teaser today, but my brain is too addled and this late hour to even think about it! Love and hugs to everyone, Alison xxxx

  7. Glad you've enjoyed your day with your family, haven't played that game but had fun today with our family. Thought I'd have a go at guessing the order of the arty sequence even though I'm a novice with the gel press. Here goes:
    6,5,16,8,2,9,10,12,3,4,15,7,13,17,14,1,11, A Christmas Dream.

  8. Glad you have had a good Christmas, we have had fun here too! Thinking of all those who are on their own, sending love. Xx

    My order is 6,5,16,8,2,9,10,12,3,4,15,7,13,1,11,14,17. Think I might be a bit wooly in the middle!!
    My title would be – Winter's Frosty Magic.

  9. This gelli printed scene is so atmospheric and pretty Barbara. I did see your show on Hochanda today, and I thought you and Paul were a great team and loved the banter. It was a bit ambitious to want to complete two complex pieces but I enjoyed what you did anyway. I have had a go at the steps, gosh don't know if I am anywhere near and you can see how difficult I have found it as I have been mulling it over for ages and it is getting extremely Anyway here is my running order: 6,2,5,16,8,9,10,12,3,7,4,15,13,1,11,14,17 and I am calling it 'Frosty Fantasy'. x

  10. Hi, Barbara, Happy Boxing day (or st Steven's day )here in Ireland I wasnt able to watch you yesterday, but I recorded it, and will watch it later on today, with my feet up, a cuppa beside me. and a large box of dairy milk chocolates on my lap. Any one out there like those with nuts in them?

  11. Hi Barbara – hope I'm not too late! I think the correct order is:
    6-5-16-8-2-9-10-12-3-4-7-15-13-1-11-14-17 (revised – I'd got 17 in the wrong place!)
    And for a title, I suggest "It'd be a blue Christmas without you"
    Have enjoyed playing along – I don't have the right stamps or stencils but will try to use the techniques to create a scene of my own.
    Merry Christmas Everyone.

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