Brand New Tool Caddy on Sale NOW

Brand New Tool Caddy on Sale NOW

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!

Saturday’s blog is something new, right?
Well today I want to launch this rather wonderful 
Pergamano Tool caddy, which our Jim designed.

Now I know we have the super duper Pink Pergamano Bag, 
which holds pretty much everything bar the kitchen sink!

Pergamano Tool organizer

It’s brilliant for the likes of me, who have to do workshops, TV shows, exhibitions etc.

But there was a real need on my desk for somewhere to stand my tools whilst I work. The tools just get buried under the layers of plates and plate mates!! Do I have a whole second set of tools? 
Well actually, yes I do! One for home and one for away!
Not that I am suggesting you do that!
But if you did want one fully loaded, can we arrange that too?
Oh yes indeedy! Has the Pope got a balcony?!? 
In fact, this caddy fully loaded with all 44 current Pergamano tools would actually cost over £350 (ouch).
So how about £275, plus all your club discounts.

Gold members +10% = £247.50 
Diamond Member + 15% = £233.75

We just decided to make 
a delightful Desk-Tidy, 
a cool caddy,
a sexy storage solution,
a terrific tool organizer. 

Comes ready assembled. Tool designs are etched in the top, 
for easy location – and relocation!

Available only from us at Clarity. 
We make them in-house – and they take forever!

Tomorrow we launch Linda Williams’ long awaited Multi-Needle Tool Handbook on HOCHANDA. So what better time to top up on your tools and treat yourself to a Caddy…




And before you ask – YES!! 
We are working on a Groovi Plate Desktop Rack too!
(Aren’t we, Jim)

Love & Hugs,

34 thoughts on “Brand New Tool Caddy on Sale NOW

  1. Very clever but I’ll have to stick with the bag for now ! I’m building up my tools slowly sneaking one or two in with each order …… now, just what to do with them – the book will be a must ! X

  2. Great idea. I’ll start saving after Christmas! Just received gray Friday goodies and so happy (even though I’d already spent a fortune at the NEC ��) happy Christmas to you all

  3. That looks brilliant. I would need to clear space on my table first to use it though. It is a good excuse to have to tidy though!
    Just heading off to the Craftaholics Anonymous Christmas party, so better get my Christmas jumper on.

  4. Hi bloggy friends, hope your snow has gone Alison and the you still have the sun Gilly. Cloudy here, had rain earlier but like that it's a bit warmer than yesterday. Hoping to do some cards later. Have a good weekend.xx

    1. Hi Pam – yes we have still got the sun BUT we have also got a cold wind today. So it's an evening for staying in and doing very little. Love and hugs to you and Pete, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Pam,
      Yes, most of the snow has gone thankfully. I wasn't allowed to put my washing out today though in case I had a fall!! Has been warmer today but very damp. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  5. A great idea, but I have only just started my collection of tools, so not yet for me. Talking of tools, I received my sale order this week and tried the shaders for the first time. They are fantastic and make such a difference, as I am a bit heavy handed. Thanks Rosella for recommending them. I am looking forward to the shows tomorrow, as I know that I will learn a lot, but I have no pennies left for all the lovely goodies, so hope that Santa will be generous. The Art Nouveau plates you are working on look amazing too, so I am really excited about them. Annette x

  6. Brilliant!! Can't wait! I've got a teaching set and a craft room set. Only my teaching set are the old blue ones and getting on for 20 years old and, although they still work, they are a bit blunt now and are ready for replacement. lol. I am gradually getting there.

  7. Hi Barbara, and all , well you have been busy with so many things for us to get our teeth into.
    All looks good i myself are looking forward to the new plates the Bee for me looks great + the other plate of flowers and dragonflies .
    Your new addition to the house looks great and Dave has done a brilliant job. One question does it go like it should very fast !!!!
    Some things i need will have to wait for after christmas , but i am writing the list as we speak for the things i really need .
    Have picked up some of my stamps which i have had for quite some time, made a quick card for a lovely lady in my close as it is her birthday next week and was surprised how it came together and so pleased with it.
    I want to start my next years christmas cards in the new year so not sure to go with stamps or parchment!!!!!!!!! i hear you all say she must be mad well may be.!!!
    Have a great weekend all don't spent too much.!!!
    Lynn xxx

  8. Hi Barbara – what a great idea! It won't be coming my way for quite a while, as I have only just invested in the Pergamano bag and a few more tools. Have a safe journey to the studio tomorrow and enjoy the shows. I know that they will be fab! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends = it's very sunny, but with a biting wind too! We just picked a few manadarins today and spent more time with our friends inside and in front of their roaring log fire, having a cup of tea. We should be going to a hog roast with them tomorrow – not sure if it will still be on. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  9. Loving the tool rack, book is a 'definite', new plates may just fall into my baset! Trying to make my last few 'special' cards…but got distracted by the great new products! Snow disappearing, so fingers crossed it'll all be gone by tomorrow. Xxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    I saw this on Paul's desk on a hochanda commercial bit and thought it looked good ( bet his desk isn't that tidy all the time!). What a brilliant bit of kit, it's so good you can talk about what you need and the lovely Jim comes up with the goods. Enjoy the show tomorrow and safe journey to the studio.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    I love this piece of kit, but as I've got my lovely pink bag not sure if I should get it! It would stop me losing my tools under parchment, papers and Groovi plate though wouldn't it!Then if I got the Groovi one I might actually be able to find things that I'm sure the poltergeist keeps hiding! Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself that I REALLY NEED these things! Have a safe journey up to Peterborough and good luck for the shows. Lovely ve and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is nice and warm. The cold weather is playing havoc with my knees – not sure which one aches the most! Been struggling a bit with my really bad one on a night once I take my brace off – surviving on paracetamol at the moment but keep telling myself not for much longer! I think I need to offer to carry Gillys bags next time she goes to warmer climates! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison – sorry to hear how much pain you are in. Believe me you wouldn't have wanted to carry all of the bags we brought with us. Not to mention the chair and footstool! We do fit an awful lot into our car. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  12. Hi Barb, wow that is certainly impressive and will no doubt be snapped up by the serious Parchment artists. Intrigued by what the Groovi plate desktop rack is going to look like, bet it will be perfect and super useful. Bx

  13. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am over this new tool caddy! I'm thrilled to pieces and can't wait to receive it. Also ordered Linda's book and plates, and some of the yummy new parchment paper. I have the tool organizer and cannot praise it enough . . . if anyone is sitting on the fence, make the splurge, it's work every penny and constructed with top notch quality.

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