Let’s Go All The Way!

Let’s Go All The Way!

Hi there.
Happy Sunday!
Fresh, innit?!
Brrrr…. It is FREEEEZING!!
Can’t stop long. Spinning to change TV sets from Tina’s new Groovi plates to Linda’s Book launch. Didn’t she do well!
Today is definitely a Parchment Art Day to remember.
We have got two of the best parchers in the world on HOCHANDA TV today. Tina Cox and Linda Williams.
First Tina, (from 2-4pm) launched some new and fabulous Groovi Plates. If you watched, wasn’t it fab? Sold Out! Tina was so poorly, but she went all the way!!!!
 And if you didn’t, then do go to Hochanda.com and watch on Catch up you don’t know what you missed.
When you consider the hours and hours which go into the Art Samples from the team, they really are not given the airtime they deserve. So I have picked a random selection here, for you to enjoy at your leisure.
Here’s a beautifully effective piece by Dee, using the landscape plate in the Starter Kit. Take a closer look….not too tricky actually.
Dee Paramour

Now this one by Josie is not for the faint-hearted!
Gridwork is certainly Josie’s strength – and my goodness !
She does have an eye for colour!

Josie Davidson

Just look at the detail !!!
Good grief Josie!!! And now I see the little pearl flower centres!!

I love this vibrant Best Wishes by Linda Page. Linda started parchment art a couple of years ago, when we launched Groovi. 

Linda Page

What I love about Dee is she can do simple – and she can do insanely intricate. Look at the picot cutting!!!

Dee Paramour

Chris Walker and Josie Davidson share a very tight friendship, and it is a pleasure to be around them.

Chris Walker

And here’s a beautiful tribute from Josie to Tina, using Tina’s plates. Isn’t that lovely?

Josie Davidson

And now it’s time for Linda’s Worldwide Book Launch.
Finally, a solution to that beautiful lacework we all drool over
 in a very, VERY useful Handbook. And when it’s broken down in a book like Linda’s, it suddenly it becomes very achievable. You will see….

She will show you herself.
I shall just be hovering, fanning her brow!

Love & Hugs,

30 thoughts on “Let’s Go All The Way!

  1. Hi Barb,
    Oh poor Tina! She did sound so full of cold bless her. I hope she recovers quickly. The shows were brilliant and yes! I did succumb! The samples were exquisite as usual – well done DT . Yannis is so enthusiastic too, I love that next time he wants to work alongside you and Tina. I laughed when you and Tina got the giggles – reminiscent of you and Dean! Getting ready to watch Linda in a couple of minutes. Hope show goes brilliantly – another sell out I would think. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Show was really good – well done Linda! Really looking forward to getting my book and plates so I can attempt some of the things in the book. I think it will be a really steep learning curve for me, but looking at the book I'm sure I'll manage. It is so comprehensive and I can see why it has taken Linda so long to finish. So pleased for you and Linda that this has been such a success. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison – sorry to hear that you are in pain from your knees at the moment. I do hope that you can get a cancellation and get your op done asap. I saw your comment – you wouldn't have wanted to carry our bags this time – not to mention the chair & footstool! We had got a very full car. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  2. Stunning show, and Tina is a star. The plates and borders are gorgeous and the hold it so well, poor her. Can't watch Linda as Hubby is "fed up" with crafting but have seen the few 1st minutes. That's a great book, will have to invest….. And I will of course buy Tina's plates and groovi, as soon as my purse allows me….. Will it be a ii-book with those plates? Have a nice end of show.
    Laurence x

  3. Fab new plates from Tina, now added to my wishlist. Tina was a real trouper, loved when she got the giggles…can't think what set her off – rofl! I've been very naughty and ordered Linda's big bundle, well…I did keep a lid on my 'Gray Day' shopping just in case I was tempted. Well done Linda, could tell you were anxious when you began but you seemed to relax very quickly…great to see you on the telly. Met you at Harrogate, which was a great pleasure…now wondering if I can possibly make it along to the proposed Groovi Retreat? xxx

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed bothe shows I loved it all but Linda will always have a place in my heart. We have known each other since the day gill and linda became pergo teachers at Lichfield. Rosie and myself took to her and many a laugh we have had. Would love to meet Barbara now but my driving doesn't go too far these days. But never say never. Good luck girls from the wee scotty linda x

  5. I loved Tina's shows ( it was funny in a good way) she deserves a medal. Sorry I didnt purchase but waited for Linda. I was only going to get the book but went for the big bundle direct from your website xx cant wait to learn more x

  6. Hi Barbara – I wasn't able to watch yours & Tina's shows, but did watch the show with Linda. The signal wasn't brilliant & it kept going off, but what I was able to see was amazing. SUCH a clever (and lovely) lady. Will try & catch up later or tomorrow. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. The horrid cold wind of yesterday disappeared today, and 6 of us were able to go out for a Christmas Hog Roast. The sun was very warm & it was great – we even had a mince pie and mulled wine afterwards. Another happy day with good friends. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Pleased your weather has improved today and hope you enjoyed the hog roast. Thank you for your comment. Actually my knees haven't been too bad today, I'll see what they're like tomorrow at the gym ( that's the big test for them- and me!) . Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  7. Well done everyone at Clarity Towers. Brilliant shows and goodies secured very early in both shows, sorry for sounding smug but it was worth the wait on the telephone. Just have to wait for them to arrive. Many thanks again love Bev xxx

  8. Wonderful shows Barbara. Well done Tina for the very helpful demos. I hope you feel better soon. Linda's book is a must have. The work that it must have involved is phenomenal. Well done everyone.
    X Chris

  9. What incredible shows today. Tina did so well to struggle through 2 hours of demonstrating when she was feeling so poorly. Hope she gets well soon. Linda is a natural on TV and I look forward to seeing her book first hand and trying to improve my techniques with her help. Thank you for great products Barbara xx

  10. Brilliant shows although I still have to watch the last show of the day. Beautiful samples, thank you for putting them on your blog for us to appreciate. Had a giggle with you when you and Tina stared laughing. Will definitely be getting tge new plates and the super book in the New Year.xx

  11. Hi bloggy friends, really enjoyed the shows I saw today. Glad your knee has been better today. I've not been good with my back, unbearable at night. Glad you are having a lovely time Gilly. Hi Diane and Donna too, love & hugs to you all.xxx

  12. Hello Barb, Tina and Linda, I have not watched the shows yet, as we were busy putting Christmas decorations up. Looking at the comments, I have something really brilliant to look forward to. Love the examples you have shared Barb, super talented ladies. Take care all. Bx

  13. Hi Barbara
    You must be over the moon to have more sell outs, especially as Tina was feeling poorly, hope she feels better soon. I'm sure Linda's book will fly too. I'm going to be playing catch up today, it's really useful to be able to do that isn't it. Safe journey home.
    Love Diane xxx

  14. What fabulous shows. I love Tina's new plates, and I like the way she layers her parchment. Something to try in the New Year. Linda's book is a must have. I think it will help me to go a step further. I think I have most of the tools but I can always get any that I am missing. Watched the show this morning and now know how to use the star and wheel tools which I have had for years. What a lovely lady she is and what a trouper Tina is for getting through yesterday's shows while suffering from a cold. Think I will go and order Tina's plates and Linda's books as my Christmas present to me. Glad I didn't over do it on the Gray Sale.xx

  15. Jaw droppingly beautiful artwork again from the DT from stunning designs, created from an amazing product! Can you beat the Clarity Team? I think not! Wxx

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