Old School

Old School

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Friday’s blog a private peek, right?

Well, while the Clarity Crew beaver away at work, picking and packing your orders from last week, I am working on new designs for January! Crazy, but necessary.

Here’s a little Spacer I sketched out this morning, 

which will go with the new Art Nouveau plaques I sketched out last week.

I do things the Old School way, you see.
I use tracing paper, draw, draw and draw again, layer on layer,
until I like it. Then I pass the sketch to Jim, and he converts my hand drawn efforts into Groovi art or Stamp art.
I have been working my art like this for many years.

Check the date on this newspaper article!!


I wouldn’t like to assume I am getting better – but I am certainly getting faster!!  And I still chomp through tracing paper!


Jim did a stellar design job of designing the first four plaques,
 which Rosie launched on TV from the NEC.
You certainly liked them! And many of you requested them as stamps too, so our Maria is launching them as stamps on HOCHANDA December 13th.
Blimin’ Beautiful.
Look forward to seeing Maria work her magic on them…
Anyway, I must press on.
So much to do – so little time to do it.
Together Everyone Achieves More.
We all do the bits we’re good at, drain off all the ego, 
prepare an arty feast –
and then serve it with a smile.
Love & Hugs,

22 thoughts on “Old School

  1. Oh oh!
    There’s the plastic taking a battering again. I bought the first set of Art Nouveau plates so it’s only right that I get these as well . . . isn’t it??

  2. Oooh now I may just have to invest in these little beauties. I have always said there is a job out there for everyone and everyone has a job they are good at – so TEAM works for me and what better team than the Clarity Team!! 😊😊😊

  3. What a wonderful way of thinking about teamwork Barbara, a great philosophy, and the plaques are gorgeous, and can see you are feally meticulous in the way you work. I will look forward to seeing Maria with the stamps. x

  4. Afternoon Barbara!
    I'm so happy to see we're going to be getting even more gorgeousness!
    There is a lot to be said about being part of a team and I'm so glad to able to play my little part in it!
    Have a great weekend especially on Sunday with the TV!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends, I hope that all is as well as can be with you all. Still got blue sky and sunshine here, but the wind is getting colder. Still beautiful though. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  5. So happy you're doing the art nouveau stamps – can't wait to see what Maria and the team do with them. It's so fantastic that you listen to what people want and then produce the items. All part of the wonderful customer service that wins you those awards! x

  6. Love art nouveau style and so I am really pleased you are doing your Macintosh plates as stamps. Just been on the website and your December offers are all lovely. Have a good weekend. Xx

  7. Evening bloggy friends, chilly again and we had a flurry of snow yesterday which excited the children enormously! Going for afternoon tea tomorrow for my mums birthday and then I plan a crafty weekend making cards. Xx

  8. I know what will be on my new year's list now! They look gorgeous. I especially like the stamp versions of the Art Nouveau Groovi plates. Good job I ordered a new stamp folder in the sale LOL.

  9. More new designs to wow us. Loved the last lot so I know I am going to like these as well. I would love to see your beautiful Groovi twiggy wreath as a stamp as well. Maybe next Christmas. We are staying at daughter's house tonight while they go to works party. They have got a six month old cocker spaniel, goodness she is lively. Keeps trying to help me type this. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. xx

  10. Ive always been a fan of art nouveau and I loved it that they were rectangular and would eventually fit on A5 cards. In Ireland, it costs €1 to post A5 and nearly €2 to post 8 x 8 in cards.

    Oh, have another idea I would like too, Either a square, rectangular place, or a border plate of the same size squares that your nested squares make please One row marked in alternate shading, to save me having to always count to see if they fit in.

  11. Me likey the look of your new designs (sorry am in a very silly mood and have just been tormenting my poor hubby!) I've got the original Art Nouveau and will, doubtless, 'need' these new designs when they're released. Looking forward to this weekends shows and have set the recorder in readiness! Hopefully our snow will disappear over the weekend as the forecasters reckon it's going to warm up again, happily I can stay in my cosy craftroom tomorrow and finish the 'special' Christmas cards, the others are all ready to post in the morning as I managed to get my annual 'round up' letters done today. xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Oooh these look good, the original plates are in the parcel the postman tried to deliver today but they are for my sister for Christmas, (shhh don't tell her!). I think the next set might be her birthday present! I like the stamps too, the newspaper article is definately something to treasure, you've come such a long way haven't you but you still remember you roots. You can be very proud of that. Enjoy your weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Hello Barb, wow that is a lot of effort to get those beautiful designs. Art nouveau is one of my favourite, because you can do so much. Looking forward to seeing the stamps in action. Take care. Bx

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