Amazing Emma Burns

Amazing Emma Burns

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Tuesday’s Blog I can do as I please, right?
Well, the postman dropped a card through the door yesterday, telling us we had to go collect an envelope from the post office.
So off Dave duly trotted, in search of said envelope, armed with a utility bill and my passport.
And what should he find, but these four beautiful cards, which dear Emma made for the last TV show with Tina’s new plates on the 3rd December! Good Grief!!!!
So it’s taken them over 3 weeks to get here.
No, Emma hasn’t moved to New Zealand. She still lives in Scotland, don’t you, my little chickpea xxx
So that poor woman spent all those hours making this artwork for the TV, and then probably sat and watched the show, and thought what a waste of effort – they didn’t even bother showing them. 
Well, darling Emma, if you are reading this, I hope that the following little tribute gallery, showcasing your art in its full glory, will go some small way to atoning for the disappointing absence of art on the telly. 
This one is particularly beautiful,
mounted on Rainbow River Paper.
Emma has used Tina Cox’s Floral Doodle Wreath Plate.
Look at the detail!
Check out the frill and the delicate border.
Now look at this one! I LOVE the way Emma has used the paper in the background, almost like a meadow.

This is Linda William’s Bumble Bee Plate
In case you hadn’t figured it out, Emma is a very talented, experienced Parchment Expert.
Top banana. In fact, she joined us right at the very Groovi beginning, together with Sylvia Marshall. Emma and Sylvia were our two resident experts. Both still key players, loved and cherished. How lucky we are. 
It burns me to think that poor Emma (Burns!) would have been watching the box, wondering why we didn’t show her work!
Look at the work on this one!
Superb, isn’t it.
You see, when I see this kind of Parchment work, I fall in love with it all over again. Emma has a gift for composition and colour second to none.

And then there was this bright blue piece.
You see, the task of a Design Team member is to use the latest plates, papers and tools being launched. Here, in this one sample, Emma has used: Linda’s Dragonfly plate,
 about FIVE of the multi needle tools AND
the new Designer parchment.
Mission accomplished.

I can feel another ii-Book coming on. 
And these beauties are all – I am sure you will concur with me – worthy, bookworthy contenders.
Thanks Emma, not only for always creating superb samples for us, but also for being a good, loyal friend. 
Love & Hugs,

44 thoughts on “Amazing Emma Burns

  1. Wow, what amazing art work. Emma is so talented and they are all beautiful.
    It is the fault of the post office that the samples were late, so I am sure that Emma will understand and be very happy with your lovely comments. Thank you for sharing them with us. Annette x

  2. What fantastic work! Emma is a very clever and talented lady and I really hope that she sees this very soon. The Post Office strikes again! At least we have seen them here and can keep going back to look at them. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I hope that you are all ok. I have been missing for a while, as I caught a very nasty D & V bug – which took just over a week to get over. I caught it from a friend who had come over here for a week, after his recent trip to India, to recruit some nurses for a hospital in London (he is a very senior nurse). Today has been a beautiful day and we had lunch outside with 2 friends – in a bar overlooking the sea. Very lovely. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  3. Those are truly beautiful! I'm glad that you did get them eventually! It would have been such a shame if they had been lost! Emma is truly talented.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  4. What stunning samples! So intricate and detailed. I love the contrast between the vivid , bright colours and the white work! The designs on the plates are beautiful. A winning combination- actually lots of combinations traditional Parchemnt craft and Groovi, Linda and Emma, designer parchment and papers, Clarity and Pergamano. What could be better! Wx

  5. I'm not really into the parchment work for myself but I can appreciate the beauty of these samples and the skill and hours that must have gone into them. I'm so pleased that we got to see them. Thank you, Jan x

  6. Beautiful samples and well worth the wait. I don't think I could achieve anything like this but hopefully the workshop in March will help. The design team are second to none.

  7. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for showing these stunning cards by lovely Emma. She always designs such beautiful cards and I can imagine her being very disappointed that they weren't shown on tv. However, they have their day in the glory now and so well deserved. Well done as ever, love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well I've had a lovely day today much to my surprise. Went to see my cousin for lunch today as a family get together for Christmas and to meet my new baby cousin – Mia. Well, I don't do babies at all )- give me a teenager any day!), but I have to say she is a real sweetie and so good. Only 21/2 months old and so observant and so happy! Believe me, for me to say this is a real miracle!!
      Happy Birthday Chris (M) hope today has been good for you. Sending love and hugs to all. Alison xxxx

  8. Wow, well worth the wait & thank for sharing Emma's samples here. Is there any chance of having pictures of the Design teams samples all in one place with a link from the main website?

  9. What absolutely awesome, beautiful samples. My plates are here and I was wondering where to start – the blog gave me answer.
    Afraid I am still "rocking" from a night at the 02 watching or rather seeing on the screen (only four feet something) Pete Tong and the heritage orcherstra. Yes at my grand old age of 70, I was in the mosh pit – scared, fearful and thorough over over-awed. It was so good, I am going next year. Dream on Barbara that you cannot keep up the pace – you haven't even got to my age yet. Have to say you are more beautiful than me!
    I will have to calm down for work on Thursday! MOJ will not appreciate me shouting "Right Here, Right Now" – maybe not when I get the "crims" from outside.!
    Do forgive my blog – I am so on a high – three days on – better than crack.
    Lots of love
    Anne (hypho from Reading) Hope someone out there has a laugh at this blog reply xxxx

  10. Amazing samples as usual by Emma. She always comes up with amazing art work with the groovi plates and I am grateful for all the tuition she has given us in the Groovi Scotland group as well as all the hugs she gracefully gives. Go Emma!!

  11. What fabulous and intricate work from Emma, and goodness knows why the PO didn't get it to you before now. I'm sure Emma will be happy that they have arrived, better late then never. Just think how she would feel if they were lost without trace after having spent all those hours on this beautiful work. x

  12. Oh my darling Barbara,what can I say!! I am honored to be a part of the family. For the record….I always blame the P.0. We have all had things go astray. Yes I watched the programme and was so taken with all the beautiful artwork from my teamies…finished with…bloody Post!
    So to pop in here for my nightly read (Google doesn't always let me comment – hoping it goes tonight) and discovered this little gallery of work…..along with reading all the lovely comments from yourself and everyone…feeling very loved and proud to be a part of this.
    Huge respect for you Barbara lots of love too my friend. Xxxx

  13. I aspire to be able to parch like Emma, she is so talented, her work is fabulous and I love everything she does.The Post office have lost my tool caddy too. I know they get it right for the most part, and I appreciate how extra busy they are at this time of year, but it is annoying when it happens to you x

  14. Beautiful artwork from a lovely, talented lady. We're all so lucky to have such clever people to show us what's possible if we take things slowly and practice techniques. Good on yer Emma! Xxx

  15. Hello Barb, how terrible of RM. I am sure that Emma is over the moon at your showcase of her beautiful cards, the work is amazing, she is one very talented lady. Keep them coming Emma. Take care all. Bx

  16. I just had to comment again, having read the one from Anne. Way to go girl, you are a woman after my own heart! I am only a couple of years behind you and haven’t lost my love of a good ‘head bang’.
    I wouldn’t know if it is better than crack though, as I have never tried it😳
    Have a great Christmas! Annette

  17. Hello Barbara

    That is fantastic work, as usual, from Emma. I love everything she does. Royal Mail's postal service is the absolute pants, not just because it is Christmas. The stories I am told by someone in the know are horrendous.


  18. Absolutely gorgeous cards – I can't get over how Emma does such beautiful picot cutting. I am lucky enough to have got into the Groovi retreat so will practice, practice and practice more til I get better. Well done Emma – and have a wonderful Christmas, along with all of Barbara's bloggy friends and Clarity family xx

  19. I am so fortunate to be able to attend a workshop monthly with Emma as she lives here in our wee village. How lucky is that. She is so inspirational, patient and kind. Her work is sensational.

  20. Emma they are beautiful and it is lovely to be able to be look at them on the website in closeup – you don't get to see them in any detail on the show, as they are so quick to move on to the next sample. Well done and I am so glad they arrived eventually. Kate x

  21. Such beautiful and detailed work and what a shame they didn't make it onto the show. You've done them proud here though and lots of us follow the blog so all is not lost. Will be watching out for the next book … (or books)!!!

  22. Hi Barbara
    Oh what beautiful artwork. I'm so glad they were just misplaced in transit rather than lost forever. Emma you are very talented, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us Barbara.
    Love Diane xxxx

  23. Emma is a wonderful parcher. She is also very generous with her expertise, never failing to help with great patience at what must seem to her to be inconsequential questions. Lovely lovely lady whose white work is just stunning. You surely do have a great treasure on your team and it’s obvious she is much appreciated. A happy, healthy and joyous Christmas to all at Clarity. Xxxx

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