Gray Friday/Saturday – Beavering away…

Gray Friday/Saturday – Beavering away…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Well, it’s the Gray Friday WEEKEND!
The phone lines are still hot, 
the website is still rocking,
and we are going like the clappers here!
It’s not till you get into the picking area that you see just how many new Groovi plates, Stamps and Clarity products we actually make and sell!
I don’t know how useful I have been this morning, picking. 
I’ve only managed 3 orders .
But hang on. It’s all relative, innit.
What if I told you all three orders were each over £500?
Yep. I kid you not. 
No wonder I decided to slope off and come and chat to you for a bit! There are loads of the Clarity team in today.
Tom and Becca
Little Steve





Then there’s Pete on printin..

Paul on printin..

Leigh on Stamps
Simon on Cleanin…

Jim on testing something new –
and making sure the website doesn’t keel over!

Big Steve on Groovi

Crazy Busy here.

Looks Manic.

But we have a system!
There is a plan!

Jeannine & Laurent
I’d better get back to pickin pick pickin….
The postman’s going to need a Juggernaut on Monday !!!
Where’s Dave? I hear you ask.
He’s got the flu. Really rough. Coughin and splutterin.
So he gets to stay at home.
And finish the Porsche! Last seen making a beeeeeautiful oak bench. But when he put it in the Porsche, our wellies didn’t fit underneath! Back to the drawing board….
Life is good.
But brilliantly good.
If you haven’t been over to the website, there is a 33% Blanket Sale on EVERYTHING CLARITY, GROOVI and PERGAMANO.
As we are selling out of things, we are making more.
Thank you so much for supporting our Gray Weekend Sale. 
Last Year’s Gray Weekend Sale gave us the money for the deposit on Pergamano. This year will pay the balance. 
Now THAT’S what I call brilliant. 
We didn’t have to borrow a penny. 
Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, but Hard Graft and No Overdraft certainly makes for a better night’s sleep!
Love & Hugs,
PS. Sale ends Midnight Monday.

41 thoughts on “Gray Friday/Saturday – Beavering away…

  1. Nothing like having no debt for peace of mind! Order in as soon vas the sale began but may have to add to it before Monday's deadline! Happy packing – should have been there – after 18 international moves, I'm a bit of an expert! ;~}

  2. Well done, Barbara, I am so glad Pergamano has gone well for you. It certainly has for us. Your dedicated fans really appreciate your hard work. If only other companies operate the Clarity way. I can but dream.

  3. It's lovely to see photos of the Clarity Team, to put names to faces, especially the team on the phones. Thank you to all of you I put an order in on Friday and got a message to say it had been dispatched yesterday! Only problem it has to go straight to hubby to wrap for Christmas! Hope Dave feels better soon…….man flu is the worst! 😜Xx

  4. Wow! You are all busy at Clarity Towers and doing a fantastic job! could all o with a holiday afterwards, eh? Poor Dave having the flu 🙁 Do sympathise with him as I'm currently also nursing a nasty cold, coughing my little heart out it seems. But it's dangerous sitting at home, wrapped up warm and having so much time to look at all the fab Gray Friday offers 😉 Dangerous for my bank account – lol! Honestly, thought everything on my wishlist had now gone but now I find more things I need (well, my boyfriend says it's more want than need 😉 ) Keep up the great work! Oh, and of course, get well soon, Dave. Xx

  5. Wow they were great irdersno wonder you have only done 3 if that amount they are going to have very happy post lots goodies there is lots bargains to be had when I look I realise how much I have already got but then been collecting long time. Hope Dave is soon better and you all stay well hugs Joy x

  6. Wow! Haven't you done well! Mind you as you say hard work really does pay off and you are an expert at that Barb! So pleased that the orders have flooded in, although not at all surprised! Gosh over £500 – I thought I had spent lots but maybe not. Should I go and have another look? Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – we have been picking Mandarin oranges today. Eating them straight off the trees. They don't come any fresher than that! Some friends have a small farm with lots of these trees. They only charge 50 cents per kilo! I hope that you are all as well as can be. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      How fabulous! Only 50 cents/ kilo for fresh off the trees. Wish I was there!! Glad you're enjoying yourselves. I think you should go and have another look! I was sure one of the £500 orders would be yours! Before you ask – no I didn't spend that much ( plenty but not as much as that!!) love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Glad you are doing well Barbara and the team are fantastic, and as you are always saying 'teamwork makes the dream work'. Sorry to hear Dave is suffering but perhaps he will have re-jigged the bench by the time you get home…lol. x

  8. Glad your sale has been such a success for you all. I was laughing about the £500 orders – makes mine look like a minnow in the pond! Wishing Dave a speedy recovery x

  9. How lovely to see the Clarity team, they all look so happy in their work, you will all need a rest after this Gray weekend. Hope Dave feels better soon. Just off to have another look on line!!!!x

  10. Lovely to see the Clarity team, I've spent the afternoon looking for first baby club plate that is AWOL, so as not found, will add it to my next order, (it's bound to turn up then, isn't it!) still, better to have 2, than none at all. Hope Dave feels better soon. xxx

  11. Busy little elves eh? I would love to work at your company if I lived in your area packing everyone’s lovely post. I’m putting in my order so keep going you lovely lot! Good luck to you Barbara, you deserve to do well. If I order a calendar, are you still signing them please? X

  12. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant that you are doing such good business in the sale. Great to see pictures of the team too – although I do think Dave must have passed something on to you! Hope he feels better soon. Had a great Groovi workshop with Linda Page today, really enjoyed it. Thanks for everything, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all managed to stay warm today – very cold here today. I was even cold in Crafters Companion shop. Had a good time at Linda Page's Groovi class today. We were using the cogs and clocks plates with the men's ones. Chris, hope you enjoyed Maria's class. Fiona, hope sale went well. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  13. Hello Barbara, Firstly give my best wishes to Dave….just got over a second bout myself so I wish him all the best. Secondly, glad it is all going well. The team are doing a fantastic job. Lots of happy customers. Love Xxxx

  14. Get well soon Dave, not placed my order….yet! Got my eye on a few 'needs' so will be checking my list off tonight or tomorrow…thought I'd wait a little while just in case the website 'melted' lol! Or am I waiting for my big lottery win…surely it must be my turn tonight (well I can dream can't I?) Meanwhile back in reality…. xxx

  15. Fantastic bargains, Barbara – so lovely to see a REAL sale when there's so many pretend ones out there. Yours is definitely worth waiting for. My (first…) order is on its way, which is great. I'm delighted that my contribution will help with Pergamano! Brings a warm glow to my crafting. 🙂 xx

  16. That is an amazing achievement to pay off the Pergamano debt. As you say can sleep better knowing it is all yours. I did tell Fred about the large orders, helped to put my little one in the shade. You have a lovely team, the best firm to deal with. xx

  17. What a fantastic sale, took me ages to go through all the pages. Think I have decided what to order now but I may have to look again. As Joy said it made me realise how much I already have!! I think my New Year resolution must be to weed out all the wooden stamps I bought years ago, they take up so much room and I don't use them since I discovered Clarity. Hope Dave recovers soon and that he doesn't pass it on to you. Lovely to see the Clarity crew , such a dedicated group of people. xx

  18. After sad news this morning, I cheered myself up this afternoon in the Clarity sale. I finally went for the rhyme plates, in fact those and a little bit too much else I think but never mind it’s only money and I can’t take it with me….. xx

  19. Hello Barbara

    Well done on all counts. All your loyal customers appreciate everything you all do at Clarity Towers. I hope Dave feels better soon and keeps his germs to himself. You don't want that rushing through the workforce.


  20. Evening Barbara! Glad to hear everything is going well with the sale! I did do a very little order of things I definitely needed! I may have another look to see if there's anything else I want!
    Sorry to hear that Dave is poorly! Let's hope he shakes it off quickly.
    I do love seeing behind the scenes! It's nice to put a face to a voice and name!
    Sleep well all.
    Lots of love and hugs! Xxxx

  21. Brilliant that you have done so well managing to completely pay for Pergamano. You deserve to do well. You have a great work ethic Barb. Lovely to see photos of your amazing team of helpers. Love to Dave and hope he feels much better soon. You'll need a rest too after your humongous sale. Thank you for all you

  22. Hi Barbara
    It's lovely to see behind the scenes and put names and faces together. Everyone looks happy in their work and of course the boss is joining in too, just how it should be. My order from Tuesday arrived today, thank you, looks like the order from Friday won't be long either, brilliant service . I hope Dave feels better soon and the Porsche gets finished without too much rethinking. Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

  23. Hello Barb, what a great team, love seeing the photo's and wow how organised. I have done my little bit to add to the kitty, not much but every bit helps. Take care everyone and enjoy your purchases. Bx

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