The Busker

The Busker

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in and taking the time to read this blog.
I know it takes me a lot longer to write it than it does for you to read it, and at first glance one could easily be lulled into believing that you are the passive reader, the audience, the less significant.
But actually, you are crucial.
If you didn’t pop in every day, would there be much point in my blogging? Would I actually still spend hours daily, making art projects, taking photos, teaching and sharing if you weren’t here for me to share anything with?
I wonder whether the busker on the corner of the street asks himself what for, if there’s nobody passing by, nobody stopping to listen, nobody throwing a copper in his cap.
But I think I would keep playing even if you didn’t stop by,
because bloggy play is good exercise for me too.
It is the quintessence of mindfulness, and great for humility.
Just as I’m sure the busker also sings on, because he can, and probably also because he lives in hope of an audience, of a crowd.
It’s not about numbers, or popularity, or ego.
(Edging Goodness Out)
No no no.
It’s enough for me to know that my Dad reads this blog every single day! How cool is that?! And he reads it out loud to my Mum too !!!
If only one person stops to listen, 
the busker suddenly comes to life, and performs.
An audience of one is all it takes.
I know my audience is bigger than that nowadays.
But it wasn’t always that way.
Which is probably why I mostly stop and give the busker time and a little money. I’ll always buy the CD for a fiver too.
So yes. When I always thank you for popping in, 
I really really mean 
Thank you.
Love & Hugs,

68 thoughts on “The Busker

  1. It is always a pleasure to pop in and read your blog Barbara – from fabulous art work to family celebrations – to Dave's stunning art projects to just reading your fun fabulous words each day – wouldn't miss it. May not always comment but always always read it. Keep up the good work. Xxc

  2. Thankyou Barbara , love reading your blog every day always something to inspire us ,make us laugh or make us think.I don’t always comment but I would not miss popping in to see what’s going on in Clarity towers or in your eventful life .Thankyou x

  3. I have said before and I'll say it again… Reading your blog everyday is like having a friend drop by sometimes to craft and sometimes to chat. But it feels right whatever you blog about! I know I don't always comment but I do always read! Thank you for taking the time to do it Barbara!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  4. I always look forward to reading your blog Barbara
    Even though I don't always comment but always read it to see what is happening in your little haven
    See you at Harrogate on Saturday have a safe journey up north

  5. Your blog is always worth reading Barbara as you always have something interesting to say and your artwork is the same, very individual and very 'you'. I must admit that I am more inclined to give when the standard is good but perhaps I shouldn't discriminate like that and will try to at least stop and listen if I can and think about the person more. x

  6. I love to read your blog, sometimes I don't comment but it's become part of my day to pop by here and see your fantastic artwork. You always hit the right note x

  7. I love having you dropping by every day, to tell me your news, or to make me think about. Often we will have a cup of tea, tonight we are having dinner. It is aslo good when my bloggy friends pop in too to add to the conversation. Thankyou for taking the time to pop in every day. xx

  8. I never miss a blog though may be a day or two late at times I always catch up. My phone won't always post a comment but I'm with you in spirit. Just read yesterday's. You have a lovely way with words in so many contexts xx

  9. I love reading your blogs everyday and I find them inspiring The blogs make me confident to try new skills which you explain so well So Jeep The blogs going Varavara with love them with a passion X

  10. Bless you Barbara! I would like to thank you actually – popping in here to read what you are doing/thinking/saying is all part of my day now and I enjoy it very much. I felt as though you were a friend, by being able to share in your life on here. It was wonderful to actually meet you at Leyburn and to give you a hug – you are such a natural person and very modest with it. Keep on doing just what you do – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  11. Read your blog everyday and comment on most too, although haven't for a few days as I have been feeling grotty! I love reading your thoughts and ideas and of course you always give such great project ideas too. Glad to have your blog in my life. Xx

  12. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Been trying to keep very still over the last few days, sinuses are blocked after a short cold and now my face is throbbing every time I move! Such joy! Xx

    1. I really feel sorry for you, such a horrible feeling. My sister had the same thing for a few weeks and went to the doctors who recommended a sinus douche ( which sounds really weird I know) . She didn't like doing it but persevered and now willingly does it every day. She loves the fresh feeling she gets. Maybe you should try it. Anyway, hope you feel better soon, love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Love your blog Barb, really look forward to reading it and thank you, thank you for taking the time to give us all a little piece of you! I too, do not always leave a message, but it’s sort of comforting knowing that you’ll always be there on my iPad with your warm comforting words to brighten our day, especially on a dull old day. I hope you get as much pleasure from ‘blogging’ as we get from reading it. I always give to the busker too, actually, they’re pretty good! Love, Angie xxxx

  14. Cup of tea and a catch up with a friend, that's how I feel when I read your daily musings! Love the artwork and step by step but also the way you express in words, when the chips are down, usually what the rest of us struggle to say. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday xxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    I really need to say thank you to you. I love reading your blog every day and nearly always comment as you know. I have met some very lovely people through this blog who I now count as friends (yourself and Dave included in that) I would really, really miss this if you decided not to blog so I reiterate what I started with – THANK YOU! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Had a great day today – went to my final Wellbeing session and have lost another 4 pounds! Only 5 to go, but I did phone the consultant!s secretary to ask if he would be willing to go ahead with op anyway. She phoned me back to say that I will be given an appointment for the next clinic where he has vacancy to discuss way forward Yeah! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. That's good news. Boys ate at school thisvwerk so it's just breakfast dressed and school then collect and tea. Next week will be full on when we bring them back to ours xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    It's always such a pleasure to read your blog, I can hear your voice talking as I read. As others have said it's like having a friend round for a cup of tea and a chat. Hello Barbara's mum and dad, I know you've said before Dad always reads the blog, it's lovely isn't it. There are some really good buskers about in our local city and they have a week in July where all sorts of street entertainers perform all over the place which is fun to go and see. The Morris dancing teams performing in May is also quite a treat. Hope you have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. You are the one we need to thank for the daily blog. I can hardly wait each day to read it. Although I seldom comment, I read it daily and don't know what I would do without your insight and inspiration on a daily basis.

  18. I love your blog and you always manage to either make me laugh, think deeply or dangle a carrot in front of my creativity! Thank you for creating such an interesting variety of blog posts and not having just another formulaeic, pre-written offering x

  19. when the music makes me skip a step, makes my feet want to dance, the musician gets a thank you and some money – of course, he´s not there solely for my pleasure ;O).

    Thank you for making my paintbrushes dance and for letting my stamps skip!
    I love to read your blog – not every day, but very often. And more often than not, I agree with what you write.

    I am very blessed – by being able to read, by being able to use the internet and by having such informative, wonderful blogs like yours to enjoy.

    Greetings to your parents – they must be very proud.


  20. Hi Barbara, I love your blogs, your enthusiasm, your willingness to share your expertise and your inspiration, I can't thank you enough for bringing Groovi into my life, both you and your team are fantastic xxx

  21. I really enjoy reading your blog every evening so thank you for taking the time to make it such a good read. Always something interesting whether it's an arty blog or an insight into your life. I also enjoy all the comments. I knew I was poorly last week when I realised I hadn't read the blog for 3days!! Just a cold but felt grotty, back to normal now xx

  22. Hi Barbara, I have read your blog since day one, I have never missed a day, rarely comment because of my spelling and grammar, its only with spell check I am sometimes compelled to speak, I love this blog you say what think and are passionate about your art , I love hearing about your family ,your very lucky to have your mum and dad , ( hello Barbras mum and dad ) thank you for your time to take to write, and thank you to all the lady's who comment I enjoy reading them as well.xx

  23. Hi Barbara,Long time no see,always love your blog ,even cant open foreign website,but i have found a VPN,it is very useful,so i am coming again…exciting.@@@

  24. It works both ways, Barbara – this is a lovely place to come to to see your beautiful artwork or hear about your ups and downs, and your lovely family life. It cheers me that you not only still have your mum and dad, but that you appreciate them so much. Again, a love and regard that clearly go both ways! This is a very human blog as well as an archive of fantastic artwork. I've been reading it since your very first days of blogging – how nervous you were compared to how far you've come is inspirational! Thank you! x

  25. We love your blog and you Barbara! I don’t always put a comment but I read it every day. Your inspiration is always so helpful, and I love learning about your family and what you you get upto in your personal life! It’s always good to see people enjoying themselves. I got my design club goodies today too! Love all three. But I always do. Love happy post. Keep making us happy Barbara x

  26. So enjoy reading your blog, if I miss a day, I always look back. It's so nice to feel part of a family, especially when there are none of mine anywhere near. You are amazing, writing every day when you are so busy. Wish I could get to one of the shows to meet up with you again. Hopefully one day Love xxxxx

  27. I love reading your blog,read it most days, always find it uplifting and positive. If only we all took the time to write and share like you do we'd all feel better about life!xxxx

  28. I don't often comment but I do stop by to read Barb and really enjoy your lovely blog. Blogging is and should always be fun…the day it stops being so is the day to stop! It's a lovely journal too, your Mum and Dad must love reading it. Thanks for taking the time to write each must be a big commitment xx

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