Chewsday – Jellyplate and Candyfloss!

Chewsday – Jellyplate and Candyfloss!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Do come in and stay a while…
the kids are on their way back to the States this afternoon,
and the house is pretty empty again.
Dave is working in the garden, and on occasions like this, 
a little arty playtime is a good distraction.
Out with the 8″x10″ Gelpress plate
Out with those fantastic strip stencils Mel designed.
Funky Island Strip Stencils
Strip. Now there’s a word which makes me shudder!
I have put on so much weight!
Talk about a foodfest for a fortnight!!!

I really must go on a diet.
Just bananas? I only like green ones though.

Spread some Banana yellow acrylic paint over the plate and stencils with a brayer.

Lift most of it off again with copy paper, 
leaving just a strip in the middle, like a midriff!

Scrunch up some copy paper and pat the midriff! 
Let it dry.

What about Candy Floss? Surely a little of that’s ok? 
It’s mostly air after all!

Blot the sides, leaving a wider band
– just as a reminder!

Pat gently with a paper towel
and let it dry.
Bananas and Candy Floss. Could be a winning combination!

Food on the brain!
If I don’t throw some Granny Smiths into the mix,

on top of the Bananas and Candy Floss,
and let it dry,

I will NEVER fit into my little Black dress ever again!
It’s not a good look right now, I can tell you!
Let it dry.

Bare my body on a Carribean beach? No no no.
Cover the lot with a layer of paint,

and while it’s still wet, peel the stencils off.

Flip the Gelpress on its Megamount 
and plant wet paint face down on the white sand –
er I mean card.

Flip it back,
rub the white card and peel it off.

Mega Print.
A right mixed salad!
Bananas, Granny Smiths – even a little Candy Floss,
and all on a Carribean Sea bed.

Let’s add a little colour.
Pick and Mix!!!
Use our Spot on Sponges to work the ink into the white areas.
(I’m still on the beach in my head!!!)
I would say gently massage into the gaps, 
but that would be wrong!

I love how the acrylic paint resists the dye-based ink.

Then out with the blade and ruler, and start slicing up the large piece into smaller portions of loveliness.
Like snacks, instead of a plateful.

The beautiful stencil shapes stand out more 
when there are less of them, see?

When you get up close, you really see the detail;
feast your eyes on just one skinny element!

And there’s plenty more mileage in that one arty cook off.

Musn’t forget to sign it and own it, right?

Thanks for humouring me and sticking with me to the end here!
Time to go cook a meal.
Crunch a carrot.
Boil a lettuce or something.
Dave? A little detox’ll do him the power of good.
Love & Hugs,

28 thoughts on “Chewsday – Jellyplate and Candyfloss!

  1. Brilliant! The artwork fab as ever but the running commentary made it! I lived every minute of it with you!
    Enjoy your evening
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Hi Barb, know exactly what you mean, I haven’t got myself on track since our holiday and it will get worse before it gets better I reckon ! Thanks for the gelli plate reminder, I have all the kit but not touched it except to stroke ! I got a Kansan kit (old one) out this afterternoon, I really have to use it up, but, did I know where to start – no I didn’t, a bit of decoupage and then it went back in the box. My Groovi came out instead, relaxing and straightforward as you want it to be, very small Christmas cards on the go at the moment. Really must do the gel thing though ! Have a good evening with your bananas and lettuce leaves ! Poor Dave ! LOL!! X

  3. 'Out of this world' and that's what the designs and colours suggest to me, anyway -as in something shining through yesterday's Saharan dust sky. As for food, we now never go for second helpings or 'finish off.' We've not cut out, just cut down and it has worked so far. ;~}

  4. Hi, I do so love reading your blog every day although I don't comment often.You are one hell of a woman. I love reading about how you think and realise I am quite normal after all or maybe we all think the same. Enjoy your evening , lettuce leaf or not. X

  5. Fabulous – loved all the foody references and the running commentary – just brilliant. Don't know why you worry about your weight Barbara because once you get back on the work treadmill it will drop off you. Xxxx

  6. I love the artwork and the asides Barbara….lol. Having had to keep to very low fat for six months and losing about 24lbs, I have had my gall bladder surgery and am getting back to eating all the foods I've been missing and am eating for England…lol, but must rein myself in when I have put another 8 or 9 pounds on as I don't want it to creep back to where it was before. I know the house must feel very quiet today but you're a great Mum with wonderful kids, and I'm sure they miss you as much as you miss them. x

  7. Oh dear the demon food. Wish I was a fussy eater would be so much easier. Does not help that Fred keeps buying rubbish and I have to resist. Still a bit of artwork can take your mind off it. Love those pieces but only once they were cut up. Could not see where you were going with it to begin with. Brilliant. X

  8. Yes folks, the last few days have been a bit of a 'foodathon' but now its time to stop ! At least until the next time…..Ah yes Harrogate Parchment show this weekend ….now there's food for thought ! x

  9. Green bananas for me too, can't stand the smell when they are too ripe, good for making banana cake though.
    Love the artwork, how do you think of it? When I am trying to be good foodwise I make soup, lots of veg chicken stock and lentils or chick peas, yummy. xx

  10. Thank you so much for the crafty food commentary and demo! It was so enjoyable and I know just what you mean about putting on weight – we did exactly the same thing on our month long Clarity Road Trip. Managed to get back on track now though. I used the wonderful Groovi Go including Tina's Doodle Flower Plates last night, to make a birthday card for our granddaughter and did most of the line art. I looked at it this morning and wasn't too happy to find that I had done it on the wrong side and have got the muted result. I was disappointed – but then I saw the (Northern) Light(s) – (paper)! I used the darkest one and gosh that has made SUCH a big difference – happy again now! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – back to normal drizzle here today, and noticeably colder. Got lots of little jobs done today. Tomorrow I am going to finish off the card for our Granddaughter. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      I was using the Groovi Go and Tina’s flower plate too – great minds think alike! I was making a coaster for my well-being tutor as it’s my last session tomorrow and wanted to give her a little thank you gift. Much colder here today too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. I only like green bananas too Barbara. My husband likes the ripe. So I eat bananas at the beginning of the week and he eats them at the end of the week. Any left could be fried in butter. Yum!

  12. Loved the commentary at art work agree with the green bananas cannot stand yellow ripe ones no go when get any brown so I eat on one day I buy them. Like banana sandwich xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Oh you do make me laugh! I loved reading this and also the artwork is lovely. It might be the jolt I need to get my Gelli plates out again – haven’t used them for ages. I’m not a massive fan of ripe bananas either. Love and hugs Alison. X

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Funny day today – things just kept going wrong! Started at the pool this morning – had to buy a new pair of goggles as I’d forgotten mine (£24!!!!) Got back, put my porridge in microwave only to find it had overflowed somewhat – I’d put it on for a minute too long! Decided to do some Xmas cards using the lovely candle outline stamp except the poltergeist has moved it ! Can’t find it anywhere. Then managed to spill a pot of glitter all over ( fortunately not my Perga glitter) – Scamp now very sparkly! Did manage to make a coaster though so that was good. Hope tomorrow goes better. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Oh you do make me chuckle with your goody comments. Sure sign you are going on a diet when all you can think of is food. It produced brilliant artwork though, I like the way you cut it into pieces, really makes each piece pop. I hope the kids get home safe and sound. Keep dreaming of that exotic beach and the warm sand between your toes.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Hello Barb, well that was a step by step mixed with a good laugh. How you come up with some of things you say/think and share with us, I have no idea. Love the images you have produced with your candyfloss fruit salad mix. Hopefully you had more than a carrot for dinner, that Dave does mind the detox and that Grace and Mark get home safely. Take care all. Bx

  16. Hi Barb,
    are you an Ernährungsberater (don´t know the english word) now?
    Good luck with dieting but it won´t work, sorry. I´m very experienced in this.
    Rolf xxx

  17. If only we didn't need to eat…losing weight would be easy! That said thyroid trouble doesn't help either. Wondered how the artwork would turnout with that mix of colours…it's fab… must try playing with my Gelliplates once the Christmas cards are finished.

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