Sending Hugs – Stamping on Parchment project

Sending Hugs – Stamping on Parchment project

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Sat in a hotel in the Harrogate vicinity,
all ready for the Parchment Show Set-up tomorrow.
Show’s at the Cedar Court Hotel on Saturday.
Yep, day to get up here,
day to set up,
day to do the job,
day to get back home and recover.
It’s a good job I love the people I work with!
Who cares about being sandwiched in the middle of the van cab 
for 7 hours, when you’ve got Paul and Dave for company ????
Mind you, we nearly came to blows.
Food was a farce today. 
Talk about tempt the poor cow on the diet!!!
I had M&S prawns and strawberries for lunch,
they had sausage rolls and pork pies.
Then for tea, I had sushi, satsumas and water
they had burger king, chips and coke.
It is so hard to stick to a diet regime when you’re on the road, 
but this time I am adamant.
There’s a particular dress I want to get into next year…..
let’s craftabit!
Let’s play fill in the blanks…
on the b – – –  of a sheet of P – – – – – – – -.
Use a b – – – –   a – – – – – – –  ink pad.
Stamp the W – – –  C – – – –  into the centre, and allow to d – -.
Flip to the b – – –  of the p – – – – – – – – and place on a 
 P – – – – – – – –   E – – – – – – – –   M – – .
Do some w – – – – – – – – . 
Let it rest between sessions,
and try not to be i – – – – – – – – !

Make a  f – – – – around the stamped image using the 
n – – – – –   s – – – – – –  G – – – – –  p – – – – .

Working on the b – – – , 
use the No. –  tool to emboss a h – – – – – – – – on the letters.

See how  w – – – –  it is!

Let’s   d – – – – – up on the frame!

Use an e – – – – –   p – – – – –  to rub out the colour in the leaves.
Then colour in again with a  g – – – –   p – – – – -.
Do this on the b – – -.
T – – –  the parchment with a  r – – – – and b – – – -.
It really helps if the r – – – – has a strip of  G – – – – –   g – – – attached to the base!

There we are!!
Mount on  w – – – –  card, and then on  m – – – – – – –    p – – – -!

n – – – !

T – – –  F – –  B – – !!
Love & Hugs,

26 thoughts on “Sending Hugs – Stamping on Parchment project

  1. So hard trying to diet when others are just eating anything they like. Fred keeps buying all the wrong foods and eating them in front of me.Wonder what special dress you have in mind !!. Tease. Hope the show goes well, you are going to be on the road a lot in the next two weeks. xx

  2. Too late for the grey cells to be working, will try again tomorrow to fill in the gaps. Some of them I succeeded. Just in from babysitting, what a wild night. So pleased you are safe in your hotel. Diets are a struggle at the best of times but particularly so away from home. Well done for sticking to it. xx

  3. Good evening Barbara good luck with the food this weekend..i shan't even try whilst I am enjoying the escape! But fully understand😉😉😉

    See you tomorrow looking forward to it xxx

  4. What worries me is how easily I understood all of that. Now, which dress might that be, I wonder? Are you teasing us again? By the way, Sam Crowe, how can you afford cheese on your toast while the rest of us are on dripping begged from our less crafty family and friends? Barbara, just ask Paul about those iced buns last week. Have a great weekend up at Harrogate. See you when you get back down to the NEC. xxx Maggie

  5. Looking forward to some fruit and healthy food haven’t been to bad been drinking lots water hot and cold as been away all week but back home to healthy eating to many takeaways bit Katie is happy been to her favourite holiday camp haven she loves the characters and kids activities haven’t been since we lost Sandie as she lived for going there and found it to hard going back but for Katie sake we did so she is one happy girl we will be happy to return home tomorrow. Safe travelling hope you have an enjoyable time. Oh and you said dress 👗 I wonder you do love teasing us hope you get to wear that special one we are all waiting to see !!! Love the puzzle and need to buy those stamps night night xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Oh you are a tease! What dress is that going to be then?!!! Beautiful artwork and yes I managed to read it all through too with just one or two hiccups!thought there might have been a b— instead of a f—- at one stage bear the start but I might be wrong. Well done on being so good on your died, I hope you don't get led too far astray. I am with Dave and Paul on the pork pie front though! Have fun tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Loving the combination of stamps and Groovi. Need more archival inks…..will look on website. Looking forward to picture of you in the dress……know you will get into it. Have fun at show, would have been there but for back operation. The new clubs are brilliant, thenks you x

  8. Hi Barb,
    Ooh, special dress! I wonder! I feel for you sitting between Dave and Paul while they're eating those pork pies and sausage rolls! Mind you you need to make sure you eat enough. I managed to get to the end of the blog having understood all of the instructions which was satisfying I must say. The background paper is gorgeous. Really looking forward to the new pads coming out next weekend. Hope today goes really well at Harrogate. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Hello Barb, I feel for you sitting in between them two scoffing all their food and you on a diet. I think you have us all intrigued about "a particular dress". Loved playing fill in the blanks, if only it was that easy for me to create such a beautiful piece. Love it. Enjoy the show, take care and travel safely. Bx

  10. I managed to get the drift of your word puzzle Barbara and the finished piece speaks for itself f——s! I take my hat off to you trying to diet whilst away but wearing that all important dress will make it worthwhile and we will all look forward to seeing tbe photos. Good luck with Harrogate. x

  11. Filled in all the blanks,lovely project! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Harrogate, good to know you're there safe and sound. Xxx

  12. A lovely piece of artwork, and great fun trying to find the right words. Very clever. Now must get off this iPad and get busy with a card for yet another granddaughter, so many at this time of the year. . Hope the show tomorrow goes well, so want to get to one of these. . Your diet food sounds good. Love xxxxx

  13. A s—— d—- heh? G— l— w— t– d—. If you want something enough you will achieve it. Sorry, had to give up with the blanks – too much concentration required for a Friday afternoon! x

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