Action Stations! It’s all go at Clarity!!

Action Stations! It’s all go at Clarity!!

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
It’s a busy day here at Clarity.
A load of us are up here in Harrogate, 
setting up for the Parchment Show 
which takes places tomorrow, Saturday 21st October,
 at the Cedar Court Hotel from 10-3.30.
You can get tickets at the door (£8.50).
There will be a wonderful exhibition of traditional parchment art, and many very talented artists will be displaying their art.
And what are we up to? 
Clarity, Groovi and Pergamano are set to entertain!
We’ve got Tina Cox on her 3-D Flowers and general brilliance, 
Linda Williams on gold mica paint, glitter and more beauty,
Churchie getting Groovi,
Linda Page creating fab 3-D houses, grids and all sorts
Maggie Byford on Snowflake duets
Glynis, Josie and Chris on the Snip Clinic,
Rosie and myself doing free Groovi Make n Takes 
BLIMEY !!!!!
And in the meantime, our Maria will be on HOCHANDA
on Saturday (early start!) 7am 12 noon and 3pm
showing off those wonderful framers in Groovi
You know the ones – there are 7 of them….
Thank you
So this year on the stamp front, 
we combined the framers NOEL, PEACE and JOY
with some exquisite illustrations from Linda Williams and our Jim.
Prepare to fall in love with the stamps! They are so loveable!
As Dee so rightly put it, I predict a riot !!!
Here are just a handful of lovely samples by some of our lovely Design team – and what a team we have too!
Linda Spencer
Jane Telford 
Wendy Thorburn
Shelagh Metselaar

So there you have it.
Busy Clarity people all over the place.
Oop Norf, Darn Sarf –
and even in Middle England !!
Feeling grateful here.
All that creativity everywhere.
Got to be a good thing, eh?
Love and hugs,

30 thoughts on “Action Stations! It’s all go at Clarity!!

  1. Love these. Tonight I am sitting with the Clarity Glasgow girls drinking wine in the Cumbria grand hotel looking forward to Jo's retreat tomorrow. We are listening to the entertainer sing.

  2. Wow! It is all go! And I'll be popping in to the parchment show to have a nosey tomorrow!
    And yes I think those Robins are one of my favourite stamps now! Although my favourites section is getting larger by the month!
    See you tomorrow all at Harrogate!
    Love and hugs

  3. Recorder set for Maria, Sat Nag ready for Harrogate, purse…check, credit card…check…yup think I'm ready! See you all tomorrow! Xxx

  4. Hello Barb, wow, what a busy Clarity weekend, love the look of the framer plates and the stamps too. I think it will be more than a riot. Take care everyone, travel safely and enjoy. Bx

  5. I am watching Maria now and the Groovi plates and stamps are all terrific, and the robins look such fun! I hope the show is going well too. x

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