Rainbow River – a Liquid Rainbow

Rainbow River – a Liquid Rainbow

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Blustery but sunny day here.
The leaves are tumbling. The ginkgo leaves are the last to fall in our garden, so we should have a bright yellow carpet of them by the end of the week. Will keep you posted….
All this natural loveliness right outside the kitchen window!
We’re lucky – and we know it.

Speaking of beautiful colours….

The new Designer Paper and Parchment is in the building!
Being launched next Sunday on HOCHANDA at 6pm 
by yours truly.
Pretty sure I played with the new Shenandoah last week, right?
Oooh. She’s such a tease….

#chuffedtobits #clarityrocks #madebyme

Well, here’s Rainbow River – the other paper pad.

Linda Williams and her hubby Rob are staying with us this week,
because we are working on a new book of Linda’s, 
and we need her to put her finishing touches to it. 
So I can’t hang about here too long!
Got a chicken to roast and friends to spend time with !!
But let’s just pick a paper from the pad and have a play….

Ah yes. Nearly forgot to mention.
I’m also showcasing four super-beautiful new designs on the same TV show – both in Stamp and Groovi format, by
another good friend and very talented illustrator, Melanie Turner.
So let’s show you one of these fantastic stamp rounds, 
illustrated by Mel.
The finches are exquisite. 

Then of course, lovely Lisa has added her mask magic to the mix, 
so that I can add a drop shadow underneath with some black ink and our sponges.

Simple and quick – which is what you need when you’ve got a chicken in the oven!!
Pergaliner Pencils work beautifully on these papers;
just a little highlight will do nicely. 
Just pick similar colours to the background.

So now we’ve got 
Northern Lights, paper & parchment 
Indian Summer, paper & parchment 
Shenandoah, paper & parchment
and Rainbow River, paper & parchment
Wait till you see the offer on all 4 duets next Sunday. 
I think it will be time to invest in a stash!
Just in case you were wondering, Rainbow River is a place in Columbia. Watch this video. You will not believe it.
A liquid rainbow.

Tomorrow, I think I will get the Rainbow River Parchment Pad an airing. Let’s see the difference between the paper and the parchment, shall we? Let’s see what we can do with the same stamp, but on parchment instead.
Yes. I shall look forward to that.
Love & Hugs,

23 thoughts on “Rainbow River – a Liquid Rainbow

  1. I love the sneaky peeks of the wonderful new things coming up and will be watching next weekend Barbara. Enjoy your chicken roast with Linda and hubby. x

  2. Stunning! Glad you all got back safely. We did the workshop today so cream crackered now. Normality will be resumed tomorrow and I think me gammy leg will be glad for that. Xxx

  3. Gosh – totally stunning! What an amazing place Rainbow River is! Enjoy your roast chicken, even better to be able to share it with good friends! Love and hugs, Gilly xx

  4. Yikes, my bank book is going to take another big hit I think. So looking forward to the show. Always love watching you on the tv. Have been watching some of your YouTube Tuesday videos lately. Just love them. Enjoy your dinner and time with friends.

  5. Liking the look of those beautiful papers and stamps. Sadly, I just found yet another box full of patterned paper in my craft room, so I will have to resist for a while yet and just keep paper piecing until some of the stash is used up! Enjoy the chicken and time with your friends x

  6. Thank you for the sneaky peek Barbara, always intriguing. Fascinating view of the Columbian River. Nature is awesome. Enjoy your company. Looking forward to next weekend.

  7. Hi Barb,
    The Rainbow River looks stunning and have to say the pad looks awesome as well! Can't wait to see the parchment tomorrow. Mel has done a brilliant job with the stamp as well. Glad you got home safely and that you are able to spend today with good friends – even though you are still working. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Have had a super day today. Dave surprised me by taking me out to lunch! It's our Pearl Wedding anniversary on a Tuesday so he booked a meal at a fabulous restaurant called the Wensleydale Heifer near to Leyburn, when we were taken to our table there was a lovely surprise – a Happy Anniversay balloon, a red rose and a lovely card. It was really quite romantic!! Everyone wished us Happy Anniversary ( which was a little embarrassing. But nice). After the main course the owner came to talk to us about our anniversary. The meal was beautiful and really good value. I felt a bit sorry for Dave though as he couldn't have a drink seeing as how he had to drive as I'm still not allowed to drive because of my knee. On that note, I've reached the 2 stones weight loss( yeah) & have appointment to see consultant on 29th November to see when I can have op. Hopefully before Christmas. Love and hugs to everyone, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alsion – a Happy Anniversary to you both! What a lovely surprise for you! Congratulations on reaching your weight loss goal – you have worked so hard! I hope that all goes well when you see the specialist. Love and hugs to you and Dave, Gilly xxx

  8. Beautiful! All of them! I really had a hard job deciding on which to use!
    Those stamps and plates too are fab!
    Glad you all got home safe and sound and now you have Linda and Rob with you this week will be busy but a happy one!
    Love and hugs to you all! Xxx

  9. Hello Barb, the new paper pads are just as exquisite as the others, love the stamp and how you have combined the two. Hope you had a lovely dinner. Take care. Bx

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