Rainbow River – Take 2

Rainbow River – Take 2

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Remember yesterday we stamped Mel’s beautiful finch stamp on a sheet of the new, yet-to-be-launched-on-Sunday-at-6pm-on-HOCHANDA Rainbow River Designer Paper?
And I said we’d try the same stamp on the same paper design, 
but on parchment instead?
Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, 
all the paper pads come as parchment too.
So you get the colourful, original, wild backgrounds
 – but on the parchment itself.

Stamp on the front, the more matte side.
Allow to dry.
I ran mine through the mangle (aka E-bosser) to pressure blot it!

Flip to the back and lift the colour out of any area you desire
with a Pencil Eraser.

You can see from the front how the colour has been removed from the wings etc. Easy.

When you get in close, you can see that there are still some dark dye areas in the wings which won’t shift…

But that’s where the fact you are working on parchment comes into play. Flip over to the back and lay on a soft mat 
(No! Not you!! Get up for Pete’s sake!! Before Pete come in!!!)

No. 6 Balltool – the tool with the biggest ball – he’s your best friend for this job! Gently stroke the parchment where you want to whiten it. See how it is stretching?
Whitework from the back on the soft side of your mat.
Colour from the back on the hard side of your mat.
Perga Colours (pens)
Perga Liners (pencils)
They work really well together too.

Haven’t got hours to do the whitework today.
But you get the picture.

I even added a little colour from the front with the Perga Colours,
to make it more vibrant.

There you go. Go compare with yesterday’s.
You will see.

The thing about this designer parchment Vs the regular designer paper is you have got the beautiful background which you can stamp straight on too, but you’ve also got the translucency and stretchability properties of parchment. 
The two pads, the parchment and the paper, were designed to sit together actually. When you overlay them, they match up perfectly, which is brilliant for card making and picot cutting out areas within a design. But they also work really well alone, as you can see here. 
It may be more expensive than the paper, but oh boy! Is this Designer Parchment worth it! Tune in on Sunday. 6pm.
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Love & Hugs

18 thoughts on “Rainbow River – Take 2

  1. Hi Barb,
    Love,love,love this! Just beautiful. Yes, the parchment is more expensive than the papers, but it is just stunning and worth every penny. Really looking forward to Sunday (& Monday if there's any left!) . Love and hugs Alison xxx

  2. Didn't have time to comment yesterday but I was so fascinated to see the colours in the Rainbow River. You can't beat nature for stunning colour combinations. The stamp looks great on the parchment, really looks 3 dimensional. Looking forward to seeing the rest on Sunday xx

  3. Oh dear bank card already groaning in readiness for weekend and there was me trying to resist until your calendar is available! As I found out at Harrogate resistence is futile lol! Xxx

  4. The parchment definitely gives a more dramatic look to the finished piece Barbara, and it is lovely to be able to erase some of the colour and and then add some pencil colour and highlights and shadows which gives it a very defined and polished look. A lovely foretaste of what's to come. x

  5. Hi Barbara
    This is so beautiful, stamping and parchment working in perfect harmony, amazing isn't it. Oh you do make me laugh, how did you know we were all lying down on soft mats! Haha.
    Love Diane xxx

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