Joan of Arc – still a legend.

Joan of Arc – still a legend.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Can’t stop long – it’s 7 am, we have to get to work at the Parchment Show in Harrogate, Cedar Court Hotel (be there or be square!)
and I know I won’t get a signal later in the van on the way back to Kent, to write to you.
Some names in history stand out, don’t they? Like Joan of Arc.
We read about her at school, and unfortunately for her, the next thing you think of is that she was burnt at the stake. I mean, frankly I would rather go down in history for finding a cure for cancer, or be the first woman to fly from London to New York on a swan, or something. Being incinerated in front of a crowd would not be my personal choice. Nonetheless, she died a martyr I suppose, and I for one have always held her in high esteem, as a female who wasn’t afraid to speak out and be true to herself – even if it meant being fried alive.
So yesterday evening, we – the Clarity Team – were having supper, and her name came up. Don’t ask me how that happened, but Katherine the Great was added to the mix too! And somebody – I won’t say who – started slurring her good name! Yep. He said she liked horses – and not just for riding, if you get my drift. Well. I was mortified! My image of Joan was shifted radically, from heroine to kinky. I insisted this couldn’t be true, and that somebody had probably dreamt that scandal up to justify torching her from the feet up – so somebody else at the table piped up that Katherine the Great had the very same penchant, and it had killed her! Well, hardly surprising really, but I didn’t believe a word of it!!
Came straight upstairs and googled the two ladies.
Was it true? Did my heroine Joan actually ?
And the answer is NO. No, she didn’t. And neither did Katherine. 
In fact, Joan died a virgin apparently, although Katherine was a bit of a one with the boys.
Just thought I would clarify, and set their crowns firmly back on their heads, since they got seriously dislodged at Wetherby last night !!! 
Oh the things that get said! The untruths that get told!
Fake news? I hear ya!!!
You really can’t believe anybody 100% except yourself, can you? 
And even that is questionable sometimes!
Love & Hugs,
PS If you’re wondering what today’s blog has to do with craft, 
clearly it’s witchcraft !!!
Dave is thinking about reintroducing the ducking stool….

13 thoughts on “Joan of Arc – still a legend.

  1. I can think of some folks to put forward for the ducking stool, who would really deserve it. However, thinking more positively, I am sure you have all had a fab day up at Harrogate. Safe journey home and take care with the winds, the ones out there from Brian. Getting pretty rough all round at the moment. Off now to get my tea, fish and jacket potato with loads of wholegrain mustard. Yum. The mustard is tasty and less calorific that cheese *broke the cheese grater anyway). xxx Maggie

  2. Hope you have had a brilliant day.
    I have had brilliant day at Jo's retreat in Cumbria stamping and inking all day alongside the Glasgow girls that have travelled down. I am looking forward to making more tomorrow.

  3. Hahaha you are all a bunch of nutters! Did you know Kath the Great was veeery friendly with Frederick the Great. King of the Bulgars? Throw Voltaire into the mix too. Naughty Kath. Still, could have been worse by all accounts lol xxx. Safe journey x

  4. Hahaha. I can just picture you all st the table. The mind boggles lol.

    Was a brilliant day today and I would like to thank you all for the pressies card and cakes xxx

  5. See… that's just how rumours start and spread…especially when folks can come up with something 'naughty' lol!

    Thoroughly enjoyed Harrogate today, bought lots of lovely new things to 'play' with, including the Perga Glitters (you were right Rosie resistance was futile!) Did a great 'Make 'n Take' with Rosie, learnt lots from lovely Linda Williams and can't wait to try your robin techniques, had a great giggle with Tina whose 'floral' books are stunning and now in my collection. Beautiful work on display by Josie Davidson, Chris Walker, Linda Page, Dorothy Holness and Anne Quinn to mention but a few! Barb, Dave and Paul all on top form too with Heather and Len doing their bit for the Clarity team as always. Hope everyone had/has a safe journey home and look forward to next time. Thanks one and all xxx

  6. Sounds like it was a good day Barbara from all the comments, and I'm glad Joan is back on her pedestal, I'm not sure about Katherine Have a safe jourey home tomorrow. x

  7. Hi Barb,
    I can just imagine you rushing to get Google up and running for your research! I hope you’ve had a good day at Harrogate but more importantly have a safe journey home in the horrible winds. Love and hugs Alison xx
    Ps Maria’s shows were fabulous as always xx

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed Maria's shows today and as I already have the peace and Noel stamps (on handles, so glad you started selling stamps without handles) I will order the Christmas carol stamps. They are so gorgeous especially the robins and angels. xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Thank goodness for google! I'm glad you got the girls back on their peddle stools again and pushed their crowns straight!!! What a laugh you all had around that table! I hope the show went well and you had a safe trip home last night. Lazy day for you I think! Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. Hello Barb, well that was another bundle of laughs. It is amazing how things get twisted, and that is true in life too. Hope the show went well. Safe travels back home. Take care all. Bx

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