Carpay Deeum – Bright on !

Carpay Deeum – Bright on !

Happy Monday!
Thanks for popping in!
It’s a beautiful sunny day, and we’re on our way out to Brighton as soon as Gracie gets back from the hairdressers!
She’ll only let my friend Carron near it, so by the time she gets home twice or thrice a year – she NEEDS a trim !!!
In the meantime, Mark is out for the count upstairs. The Jetlag hits you hard when you come east from California.
The fires are pretty shocking, aren’t they. 
So sad and sorry for the victims who have lost their homes, 
families – and lives.
Here we are partying and eating roast lamb, 
and there they are, in an inferno.
Mark lives south of the hotspot, in Oakland,
but friends and family have already been evacuated from Green Valley. Mark said the smell of smoke all around the bay when we left last Thursday was extreme. 
So tomorrow both Grace and Mark fly away again.
She to New York.
He to San Francisco.
I thought I would make a quick card to celebrate today with you though. Quick being the operative word!
Stamped out my two favourite stamps in the world
(I wonder why…)
on a lovely new Designer Paper leaf which is being launched by myself on HOCHANDA in a fortnight, on Sunday 29th October, 
the week before the NEC.

Trim and outline.

Mount on a white fold card.

See the wise old finger pointing the way?

I cannot wait to present these new papers and parchment papers to you. Look up Shenandoah, Virginia.
It must be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

#chuffedtobits #clarityrocks #madebyme
But now we are off to Brighton.
Got to make the most of it while they’re here.
Ain’t that the truth.
Love & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “Carpay Deeum – Bright on !

  1. Hi there Barb! There are so very many bad things happening in the world right now – down to both nature and man! Put them aside today and go off and play with your beautiful daughter – and son if he wakes up in time to join you! This card is stunning, as always and as for the new papers – fantastic! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I hope that you are all keeping safe, with this unusual weather which is around today. It has only just really got light here and although the wind is blowing – so far, fingers crossed, not too bad. Let's hope that it stays that way. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      It's very mild here but foggy, raining and miserable! Guess what will be falling into my basket in a couple of weeks!! Love to you and Neill, Alison xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, have a lovely day all of you. Papers look lovely, think I’ll wait till then for my next order then, there’s always something you forget when you put an order in isn’t there ?! X

  3. Strange weather here too. Odd, dull yellow light pervading everything, with lots of warm wind but no rain. Have a fantastic day with your family, Barbara. These times are rare and you're right to grab them with both hands. x

  4. Hi Barbara your card is stunning. I do love those stamps. I enjoy watching the birds fly in groups dark against the sky at this time of year they remind me of your gorgeous stamps. Have a wonderful time family time is so special. Take care. Hugs Jacke

  5. Hi Barb,
    Glad you've got a lovely sunny day for your trip to Brighton with Grace and hopefully Mark. It's a really miserable day here – fog, rain but at least it's mild. The new papers and parchment look fabulous named after one of my favourite films! Enjoy your time with Grace and Mark, love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. No sun here..just a very weird colour sky and wind is building! Enjoy your afternoon and hope that you make lots of lovely memories.
    Very big love and hugs! Xxx

  7. One of my sons lives in Mountain View = near to San Jose so not the same side as Oakland – but he's been affected by the smoke in the air etc.. So glad he (and your Mark) are not in danger but it is dreadful to hear of the devastation.

  8. Enjoy your day! I am so pleased that you said that about Mark. Missed Leyburn because of a holiday to California and Nevada, which we loved but my sleep pattern didn't return to normal for a week!! Thought it was just me.

  9. Seize the day! How right you are Barbara, and have a wonderful day with Grace and Mark. I'm relieved for you that Mark doesn't live in the danger zone but feel for those affected by the awful fires! I love your gorgeous artwork too and am looking forward to seeing these new paper and parchment designs. x

  10. Hello Barbara

    Loving the look of the new papers etc. Spent today putting a copy of each of my papers and parchments into a scrapbook (so much easier to decide which one to choose). I will need to buy some more leaves for the new ones.

    I hope Mark and Grace have safe journeys home and Mark's house is safe from the fires.


  11. Today I am over at my friend Heather's for lunch. We are also making a couple of canvases for Heather to sell for MS research funds, with the inspiration you gave her at Layburn. She is loving all the products and I am sure she will get quite a few orders for them. Before lunch we packaged up lots of cards that she is also selling for MS research funds. It is always nice crafting with a friend.
    Enjoy your time with the kids, creating lots memories with them to treasure until you see them again.

  12. What a beautiful day weather was. Lovely for trip to coast. We are other direction Great Yarmouth for few days Katie’s favourite holiday camp haven think I might have out grown the kids shows but she is happy xxx

  13. Weird here, never known it be so dark/yellowish tinge during all day…but so far quite lucky wind/stormwise although can hear the wind getting up now! Enjoy your time with Grace and Mark, a lovely continuation of the special time recently spent with your mum! New papers look great…oh dear think the bank balance may suffer again very soon xxx

  14. Hope you all enjoyed Brighton. I wonder if you saw the strange sky we had this afternoon, quite eerie. The sun was like a burning orb. Thank you for sharing your favourite stamps again. Safe travel Mark and Grace tomorrow. Sleep well tonight.

  15. Hi Barbara
    Hope you and the kids had a good day out in Brighton, it's a great place to visit isn't it. It's good to know Mark is safe where he lives, the scenes theyve been showing on the news have been awful. I feel for those poor people that have lost everything. I hope they both have safe flights home tomorrow. These stamps are lovely, and the new papers are amazing. I think they will fly out the door when you launch them. Take care.
    Love Diane xxxx

  16. So you have had your family for a little longer, I am sure they have had a great time with you,. My son lives in Danville. And flies private planes from Oakland. Hopefully will be there in January with the family. I love the look of your new papers, I think they will go on my wish list for Christmas. Love the card.
    Love xxxxxx

  17. Hello Barb, so pleased to hear you are enjoying quality time with Grace and Mark. I suppose one way to look at it, is that they need to leave to come back again. Hope your family and friends are safe in the US. Love your card, and the papers are amazing. Take care all. Bx

  18. That may be a simple card but it's very dramatic, the new papers look amazing. We had a very windy day but nothing like as bad as other places and it was really warm and we didn't experience the strange colour in the sky. Very dramatic pictures in today's paper. Hope you all had a good time in Brighton, lots of happy memories of visiting my aunt and cousin there xx

  19. The drive through Virginia and the mountains and into West Virginia in the Fall is breath taking . Close to me more or less since I am in Virginia Beach . Ah yes , the great country of the USA . A very proud American
    here janice . God bless us all

  20. Wow! Great job Barbara x. I looove the name of the new papers and their name is very close to my heart. My mother died aged 36 in 1974 when I was 14 and my sister 6 of secondary breast cancer. No one even told me she was dying but I kind of knew. In 1976 I received a scholarship to go on a school exchange to West Virginia. It was just the therapy I needed. Loved school, the kids driving, root beer, pizza….. And we also visited New York, Philadelphia and Washington. We were even allowed into the Oval Office. Wow Barbara thank you so much for re kindling those memories x

  21. You've just brought back a great memory for me. When I lived in the US, I went trekking in Shenandoah to a natural whirlpool, and there were some naturists bathing in it when we arrived. Three of us didn't quite know where to look, but my friend Kaye (from NC) just chatted away to the guys like she had met them in the supermarket!!! Love the look of the new papers, and can't wait to see the whole collection x

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