Roast lamb

Roast lamb

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Cor dearie me!!
All this partying is hard work!
I shall be glad to get back to work for a break!
The birthday celebrations continued this morning with 
Breakfast at the Spa! 
After which we finally waved tataa to Mum and Dad.  

Aunty Esther and I took a slow stroll down Mount Ephraim to the Pantiles. We had no choice there,
because Mark had gone off with my car keys!
But the sun came out, and we spent an enjoyable hour together, before she caught her train back home too.

Just enough time to get home, get the lamb in the oven, 
and set the table again for the next guests:
Grace’s best friend Lizzie and her fella. 
I know the kids love a good old English roast, 
and there’s nothing like a grateful eater – or 4 !!

So it was my absolute pleasure to cook for the kids.
So while I’m whizzing round the island, trying to dish it up hot,

Grace sees the comedy sketch in it.
You KNOW how hot I am getting here,
because you KNOW that this is the crucial part of the job.
Have already kicked the slippers off, burnt my fingers sharing out the roast potatoes quickly, and am now ladling the gravy double smart….

And here’s my No. 1 helper. 
Cool and collected, ready to assist, to stir the gravy, 
be the royal taster – whatever it takes.

Ahhhh .
But it was worth it.

And bless Grace!  “Nothing” she said, “nothing any restaurant could ever serve, would ever beat my mum’s roast lamb.”
Now that is indeed a compliment.
But guess what?
My Mum, the lady whose birthday we have been celebrating all week, taught me how to cook. And I know for a fact, that Grace could serve this meal beautifully too, if she were of a mind to.
I know a Sunday Roast is not a card, not a craft project.
but there are those who would argue 
that serving an English Roast is an art of sorts!
Love & Hugs,
Barb and the Happy Eaters!

31 thoughts on “Roast lamb

  1. A beautiful looking dinner. I am sure that it tasted as good as it looks. It is always nice to sit with friends and family and share a good meal together.
    Today my hubbie and I have enjoyed a very quiet day watching films and enjoying not having to take kids anywhere as they have both stayed in their flats in edinburgh this weekend.

  2. Hi Barbara – so pleased that you have all had such a fantastic weekend. Neill cooked roast lamb for us today too, bless him! He also cooked plenty of roast parsnips too – my favourite! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  3. Nothing but nothing beats a good Sunday roast and yours looks mouthwatering. If only I lived around the corner – I'd have snuck in the back door and nicked a few sprouts. So all there is left to do now is to sit back, relax, enjoy your guests and let Dave do the washing up!!! (Sorry Dave – couldn't help myself. Lol xxxxx

  4. Looks lovely! Now that sprouts are back in season, it's about time I tried out the new oven – roast-wise, although we always pot roast beef, in butter, heart attack on a plate but delicious every once in a while. Glad your mum and dad enjoyed their special time. ;~}

  5. oooh absolutely! We've had beef n yorkshire pud today! We have a fantastic butcher down the road who rears his own cattle and they are grass fed. Can't beat it! We love lamb too!

    Have a lovely evening xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, I must protest, cooking, preparation etc is an art form. Just getting it all ready to be eaten at the same time and hot is also an art. Well done on both counts. I'm sure all of your guests enjoyed being spoiled. Enjoy some down time before you have to return to normality. Best wishes Bev xxx

  7. Hi Barbara, glad you all had a good weekend and lovely for you to be with your kiddiwinks again. Nothing like your own roast dinner – I very rarely have a carvery out as there’s nothing to beat your own ! I’m sure they all appreciated it. Xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Your roast dinner looks fabulous. I bet it was more organised than ours tonight. Before going out to my Groovi session with Linda Page( brilliant!) I'd set the oven timer and told Dave to put meat in before he came to pick me up. Simple I thought! Wrong!!! He arrived to pick me up and when we got home, the oven was on but with no meat in it! Stupid hubby forgot to put it in! Honestly I could've killed him. Consequently meal was a couple of hours later! Roast pork which was lovely ( eventually). Still had a great day – thank you Linda. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Oh dear, how long did you keep him in the dog house? I have done something similar, I did manage to get the dinner in the oven…only trouble was I didn't actually turn it on! Wondered why it was taking so long. 😂😂😂. Xx

  9. That looks like a great roast dinner. I had a pork chop tonight as I am on my own but looking at the marine website I see my husband is on his way back to the harbour ahead of this hurricane that's on it's way so we will have our roast in the week. Batten down the hatches everyone, looks as if it might be rough. Hope there is not too much damage xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Yes a roast dinner is definately and art form, those yorkshires look amazing. You can't beat a mums roast dinner and I'm sure the kids ate every scrap. Ooh sprouts, saw some in sainsburys this week and thought I must get some. Enjoy your family time, I hope the kids are staying for a few days before they fly back again. Grace is looking really well.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. It looks delicious Barbara I would eat it any day of the week So happy for you that the weekend went well I wish Mark & Grace a safe trip home and salute you for the organisation of what seemed a spectacular weekend X

  12. I must admit being just the two of us we usually have a lamb leg steak or something, but there is nothing to beat a proper roast dinner and yours looks totally yummy Barbara and the kids will have loved it. Glad you have had a great time celebrating your Mum's birthday. x

  13. Definitely an art form, getting it all cooked and ready at the same time! I do Christmas dinner and I can tell you the first year was so nerve racking, trying to remember all the different bits. Serving it all up is also an art form, that's when I wish I had more hands! Glad you all had fun celebrating. Xx

  14. Cannot beat a home cooked roast dinner and yours looks amazing. Well done Dave doing the dishes. Yes definitely another work of art getting the timing right for it all to be dished up on time. Love and hugs to all xxx

  15. That looks delicious rounded of a perfect weekend hoe your evening was as lovely too. I know now the hard bit waving them both of again but soon be Christmas big hugs to you all and lots love xxx

  16. Hi Barb, now that is some roast dinner, wow and yes to get everything to the table warm is definitely an art! So pleased you had a lovely weekend, surrounded by family and friends, thank you for sharing the pictures with us. Take care all. Bx

  17. Dear Barb (and Barb's dad – because I know he looks at this blog)

    I've thoroughly enjoyed what you've been up to these last few days, what a lovely reason for a 'do' Mums are so very important.(I miss mine every day)

    Just a note on the grub. 'Oop north, we may serve the yorkshires separately. That was something MY Mum taught me!


    Maggie (I AM a Yorkite, 'wi nowt tekken owt!) –

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