Blooming Beautiful Cornerstamps!

Blooming Beautiful Cornerstamps!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Late late blog. Sorry.
Been at the studios.
Wow!!! What a day again!
Have nearly sold out of the Groovi Go!
Groovi Go Came-  and Groovi Go Went!!
Back a 9am to see what’s what, so I do hope you can join me.
Tina and I also had a super show, and her new stamps went down a storm. Not suprisingly though – they are exceptional.
Tina’s floral swirls set No. 1
Tina’s Floral Swirls 2
Here are the copy paper pattern building sheets I rustled up during the second hour. I thought if you could see all the possibile permutations, you would be impressed. 
And you evidently were!
Remember to turn the paper , not the stamp.
Here’s your pattern to transfer onto parchment too!

Stampset No. 2.
Superb designs. So lovely. Such a pleasure to use!

Blooming gorgeous!!
Really enjoy playing with these stamps today.
Delighful to use. 

And Groovi Go! Well, other than being happy and relieved you can see what we can see, I can’t wait to see the new generation of groovers get fired up and motivated.

Love & Hugs,

24 thoughts on “Blooming Beautiful Cornerstamps!

  1. Loving all new goodies still deciding what to get first want it all but penny's won't stretch loved seeing you doing corners and patern building what beautiful stamps thanks Tina xxx

  2. Watched the shows on catchup tonight, absolutely brilliant. Loved the pattern building, you were certainly in your comfort zone, amazing. Great new products and the kids will love the Groovi Go. Nearly a sell out. You must be shattered. Look forward to tomorrow's shows if you have anything

  3. You certainly have two very enthusiastic followers of the new plates for children, with the added bonus of having their pictures and their work on TV. Charlotte and Rosie had a ball with the figures and could not put them down. As far as the light box is concerned, I was in the situation at parchment class today where I had lost my glasses and forgotten to take my light box. To say I struggled would be a serious understatement, even on plain parchment. Got home,dug out the light box and it was a different world. To anyone struggling to see, a good light source is absolutely key. Looking forward to tomorrow's shows. Hope Paul has been practicing his dancing. Sleep well. xxx Maggie

  4. Great shows, love the 'Go' idea..the figure plates are fab..sooooooo different to what's expected for parchment! Tina's new books are a must have, roll on Harrogate show (bought the plates at Leyburn!). Stamps are lovely too xxx

  5. Great shows today Barbara, such inspiration from you and Tina. I'm not surprised the 'Groovi Go' is proving a success, it is useful on so many fronts. My 8yr old granddaughter has enjoyed using the original Groovi system and this will help her to develop her talent. Looking forward to tomorrows shows. Sleep well. Glad you all enjoyed the wedding.xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    We really enjoyed your show with Tina this afternoon the stamps and groovi are fabulous. It was great seeing you stamping and pattern building, something I know you love. I haven't seen the groovi go yet, I will catch up in the morning – if there's any left! Glad it's a huge success, those plates looked great fun. Hope you have a good nights sleep.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, I've been trying out a snowflake today, pricking and groovi went well, outside pricking not so good ( did Jose say straight or diagonal plate for pricking round?). Picot cutting looks like I've gnawed it with my teeth but I've done it, that's the main thing. Hope everyone is ok xxxx

  7. Fabulous stamps – I think I may NEED these!! What a fab show Barb – have the others on record as are todays shows as I shall be at work. Boo hiss – hey ho only 18 working days to go!! Hakuna Matata!! Xxxx

  8. Great shows yesterday and I will be watching today. I have two of Tina’s plates, so now need the others and the books, as they are beautiful. They will have to wait, as I am off to Vancouver for 3 weeks next weekend, to visit my daughter and 3 grandchildren. Hope I have some money left to buy them when I return!
    The Groovi Go is such a wonderful idea for young crafters and one that will grow with them, even into adulthood. It will be finding its way into many Christmas stockings, I am sure.
    Enjoy today.Annette X

  9. Brilliant shows again yesterday. Absolutely love the new stamps designed by Tina. Thanks Tina. They are so beautiful! Really enjoyed watching you and Tina demoing – and the atmosphere seemed very relaxed,too. As for Groove Go, what a fab idea! Not surprised it's been flying 🙂 Sadly spent too much money at Ally Pally (especially on all your wonderful stamps and beautiful papers and parchment!)so my wishlist for Christmas is getting longer 😉 Hope you had a good rest. Will be tuning in at 9 am. xx

  10. Great shows, love the stamps, just wish I had more money. Best of all though has to be the young design team, well done to all of you. It is so nice in this electronic age when most, even very young children have either a mobile phone or hand held device of some sort are getting into good old fashioned (with a new twist) crafting well done clarity for designing and producing this. I look forward to seeing more young designers.


  11. Barb….thank you so much. It's nice to find out about new products and techniques, but it's also nice to be on familiar territory to help 'absorb' all the new stuff. One of the first Clarity things I learnt were the corners, so I'm loving you all over again.


    Maggie (Yorkite and eigel champion)

  12. I saw yesterday afternoon's programme but missed the Groovi Go launch, so if it's not on later today I will use catch up. I loved the stamps and they are definitely on my wish list as you showed how versatile they are. x

  13. Those corner stamps are just beautiful. Will have to wait until my folks go back to London to watch the recorded shows, as I intend to spend every minute I can with them whilst they're visiting. Hope there is some stock left when I eventually get to place my order!!! Delighted your new groovi products went down so well x

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