Las Vegas.

Las Vegas.

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I said I would blog the men-in-tights-cowboy-card I didn’t get to finish this morning. But that was before I heard about the Las Vegas mass shooting
Not only would it be highly inappropriate, 
but I also feel shocked to the core about the senseless and terrifying massacre of so many innocent people yet again.  

I want to scream at the American government – don’t they see that their second amendment – the right to bear arms – is insane ?! Can they not see that if they don’t introduce stricter gun laws, this will happen again and again and again and again and again and again and again ? 
And yet STILL there will be American people even reading this blog, even after yet another lunatic was able to own and use as many guns as he could afford and/or carry into the hotel, without having to even register himself as a gun owner, who will insist that I don’t know what I am talking about, that the American people should retain the right to own guns and use them.


So can I bring myself to craft? Can I make a piece of artwork to express how I feel about the Las Vegas killings yesterday night, and the carnage and devastation which is still going on now, about the 500 + people – I’ll spell that out again SLOWLY 
who are in hospitals, and many of whom will not survive?
No. I can’t. Not today.

Jamie Martin (former CEO of Hochanda) was in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. He is my friend. Thank goodness he got out alive after many hours of being on lock down in darkness in the hotel theatre with dozens of others. Didn’t see that coming when he went to Las Vegas for a break, I’m sure.

How many more people have to be shot and killed before the US gun laws are changed? Just a question. And not one that ANYBODY can answer. It’s open-ended.

And so we pray for the poor people caught up in this nightmare.

Love & Hugs,

63 thoughts on “Las Vegas.

  1. All so very true Barbara, just cannot find any justification for the loose gun laws. As you say so many innocent people and families devastated at what should have been a happy occasion. My thoughts and prayers reach out to all those sadly affected. xx

  2. Nothing more to say really is there? I agree with every word. So many victims and so many families now totally devastated by one lunatic who had the right to bear arms!!!!! Bloody lunacy. Glad Jamie is ok too. Xxxx

  3. Sadly I know a fair few Americans that agree with the lobbyists that support all this madness…. why why why? More Americans are killed by fellow Americans than any terrorists… mind bogglingly stupid. They want Countries to disarm yet approve all and sundry nut cases to have not just one gun but many ��

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I have been deeply affected by the news today, as my daughter and her husband left Las Vegas on Thursday, the day the gunman arrived. They were there for a friend’s wedding and stayed at the MGM, one block down from the Mandalay Bay. When we Skyped on Sunday, she told me that when walking down the strip, she thought of what a target it could be (thinking terrorist attack). Little did we know how prophetic her words were. She is very shaken today, as she had left her 3 under 5’s in Vancouver with their other granny, while they had a rare break for a couple of days. There but for the grace of God!
    She was living in London and on the tube behind the one with the bomb on 7/7, so I can only assume that a Guardian Angel is on her shoulder.
    I am flying out for a visit next week and shall say a prayer for the families of the victims who aren’t able to see their children. Annette x

  5. You have said what a lot of us are thinking. I cannot understand why anyone would want to own a gun. My heart goes out to all those affected by this latest attack.
    Gayle x

    1. For protection from the crazies , and god forbid a government like in world war 2 . I hope you will always remain safe in your country but let none of us forget the lessons of history .

  6. I read that when the declaration about the right to bear arms was written it was at a time when guns had to be loaded with powder and a musket ball, people would only be able to fire one shot every 40 seconds, not the sub automatic mass killing weapons of today! I don't know why or how guns that fire so many rounds a second can be lawfully sold to anybody. My heart goes out to the people in Las Vegas and surely now the time has come to think about that law again. XX

    1. Donna ,they are not sold legally to anybody . It's all illegal . This guy illegally modified the gun . It is impossible to control these crazies , just like it's impossible to stop someone from using a legal car and running over people on à bridge , just like someone who buys legal chemicals and builds a bomb .

  7. A very sad day indeed! Those poor people out to enjoy themselves didn't stand a chance!
    And yet already I saw on the news Americans still insisting that it's their right to own and shoot a gun! There was a sickening image of a young child being taught how to hold and shoot an automatic weapon! It's a disgrace. And with mental illness on the increase it doesn't take a psychologist to realise that guns and an unstable mind is asking for a lot of trouble!
    For those who are injured in hospital I pray for you and you're healing! For those who have lost someone I send you my deepest condolences.
    I am glad Jamie is safe!
    Love to you! Xxx

  8. There are no words just heart break for alll those people and there families so much loss. How can anyone think that is right do do such an act think they are doing Gods will monsters all of them it's a sick world out their. Lots lovely be and hugs keep safe xxx

    1. There is no ease to getting a gun legally , illegally yes . Walmart also require the law to be followed . Maybe Barbara when you come to New-York you can try to buy a gun and see how easy it is . The gun violence on NYC and Chicago ( my home town ) is the highest in the country and yet imagine this , — They have the strictest gun laws . You all have been reading too much liberalm news !
      Told you ,you should stay with what you know and not get yourself into nvolved you n USA politics .

    2. Barbara ,your comment about guns next to lawnmovers is very misleading and unfair . Try and buy a gun and let US all know how successful you are . Stay with art not politics unless it's the uks .

  9. Had this argument out with an American woman after the last tragedy. She honestly felt that more people needed to arm themselves for their own protection! Who could protect themselves from that kind of attack. The only solution to it is simple – get rid of the bloody guns! Like you say Shelagh, outdated right indeed! Lord be with those who need your comfort and healing at this time. Amen x

    1. Sorry eve , if you keep honest people from guns the only ones tomhave them will be the criminals . Sad to say but that is the state of affairs here n the USA . We are a big country with a lot of despicable people .

  10. Sadly, with the present incumbent in charge, things seem unlikely to change. As so many have said, the right to have guns is seriously outdated and there will continue to cause such tragedies until someone has the courage to stand up to the gun lobby. I cannot imagine the horror and devastation, and the widespread grief among those involved in so many ways. My heart goes out to them all. xxx Maggie

  11. I am looking forward to hearing What Piers Morgan has to say on tv tomorrow. He was vilified in the States for his anti gun views, but he is so right to have them.
    When you can buy firearms in supermarkets and without a license or permit, it beggars belief.

  12. I can understand some people needing a shotgun – like many farmers do. I even accept people who want to shoot clay pigeons as a sport. But I can't for the life of me understand why anyone outside the military would need a semi-automatic or automatic weapon. The issue is really the ease with which anyone can purchase a firearm, including those with mental health issues because there are no checks in some states. How big does the sickening body count have to be in order to change attitudes towards the types of weapons being sold and who can buy one.
    Thoughts and prayers go to those injured and the families of the bereaved.

    1. Two forms of identification are needed , and submit to a background check by local federal and state . police in all states to insure you are not a criminal or mentally ill . Please do not post false information until you know all the info and facts . Thank you so much for your concern . Jan

  13. Hi Barb,
    I really think you have said it all. I cannot get my head around how this can happen and why Americans (& other nations I assume) still insist on this being their " right" . It is all just senseless. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those people who were caught up in this massacre and to the families and friends of those poor people who sadly lost their lives today. Xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      I hope you are all well. Just got back from Mull last night – lovely time- & then heard this dreadful news. The world has gone mad. Chris – a package is on its way to you, enjoy! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  14. Barbara, this has been my favorite time of day to read your blog for many years . I feel like I know you and your family like my own . I must make a statement here in response to your comments about us Americans being bloody mad. I have calmed down enough to not scream back at you but I hope convey my message calmly . My husband and I are republicans ,conservative , gun owners ,members of the national rifle association and firmly support our constitution and the second amendment . We have very strict gun laws. Unfortunately guns can be found illegally and this would not nor could ever be stopped . Take the guns from law abiding citizens and then only the bad guys would have them . I take great offense at your political statements,and your insulting words when you know not of what you speak . I'm so sorry that today you turned this blog into a rage against those of us who value our rights for self protection . That is what has made our country the greatest place to live despite the evil ones like this maniac man . London and your subways do not seem very safe lately . Let us all live in understanding ,kindness, and may there one day be peace on earth. Janice Stone proud American

    1. Hi Janice, thanks for putting the 'pro-gun' side of the story. I can understand the idea of right to bear arms in relation to self defence and hunting, but please explain to me who un the general oubluc needs autimatic weapons whose only purpose is to kill people. I know there are stricter procedures to be followed to obtain them, but they're more to do with a short time delay and minimal checks than anything else. I really would appreciate you explaining just why any member of the public would need them for self-protection. Thanks.

    2. No one needs an automatic weapon and they are NOT legal . You can't buy one . If this killer used one it was illegal . He's obviously crazy . We have a gun and had to go through a background check . You can't go into Walmart and buy a gun as you would a lawn mover as Barbara said . That is false and misleading . Strict gun laws and background checks . Please inform you friends .

    3. I know this Maggie . But you cannot buy one without a background check so not just anyone or any kid can buy one . We have gun stores also and can purchase there or at the military store if you are a veteran or active military but not without credentials and checks etc.

    1. Don´t get me wrong.
      I meant killing idiots like the one in Las Vegas.
      But the argument of self defence??? To me it concerns a lonely farmer in the outback. But how should this work in case of the killer in L.V.???
      Do you mean 30.000 visitors of the concert should have a gun and shoot back?
      Are you serious?

  15. I am with you 100 per cent Barbara. Last week my son and daughter in law were in Las Vegas for a wedding and I had my granddaughter staying with me. My blood runs cold at what might have happened if they were there just one week later. My thoughts and prayers are with all those caught up in this tragedy and I cannot comprehend the mindset of people who feel the need to own weapons. My son commented only this weekend that he was shocked to see bullets on sale in Walmart alongside groceries etc. Can we feel safe anywhere these days? That said I love going to America and the people I have met there have been very welcoming.xx

  16. I couldn't agree more with you Barbara. I have family in Las Vegas, I'm very lucky and know they're ok, but they have lost 2 very close friends, both of whom I've meet while visiting, such a waste of life which has left so many families ripped apart.

  17. Hi Barbara
    Yes I agree, such a sad day and such a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families. Thank goodness Jamie is safe, that must have been an awful experience for him.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. My thoughts are with all those affected by the gun shooting in Las Vegas. I think the USA needs to rethink their gun laws after this even if they only make licence/permits mandatory in all states so there is some control. Anyway on to groovi, love the new plates, tried to resist but couldn't.

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  20. This sort of shooting makes one feel very sad and horrified too, but as I know nothing about the gun laws in the US I am not going to comment further, except to say that the owning of a gun for protection I suppose I can to a certain degree understand if not agree with, but why would an automatic weapon be necessary for any ordinary citizen to own who just needed a gun for their own protection.

  21. What thee is a difference between an utomatic and semiautomatic gun . You cannot legally buy an automatic weapon in the USA , and you are correct ,there is no need for one . There is much speculation at this time .

  22. Janice, you say our tubes and trains are not safe – this is due to acts of terrorism and a very different thing to citizens carrying arms.
    I know that this is primarily a craft blog, but unlike some, where posts are prepared in advance, Barbara takes the trouble to post daily and as a caring, compassionate human being, she would not be able to comment without talking about such tragic events.
    By the way, there may be gun laws, but in Nevada they obviously don’t prevent a man buying 41 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and the equipment to convert a semi automatic weapon into a fully automatic one.
    Sorry for ranting, but this has really got to me. I despair of our world and wish we could all live in peace.

    1. Well said. I have taken the trouble to read up about gun laws and the issues around them. It appears that the FBI are supposed to do the checks, but have refused. Also, according to all the American information, the Laws in Nevada are the most lax and are rarely applied. When someone can acquire that amount of weapons, legal or illegal, then surely that shows that something is very wrong. Rather than increase the numbers of legal weapons, it is time to stamp down hard on all weapons,legal or illegal. There is a large volume of research showing that many people are actually killed by their own weapons, either through accidents or through criminals snatching them and turning them on the owners. After the tragedy at Dunblane in Scotland, further restrictions were placed on gun ownership in the UK. xxx Maggie

    2. If this were a perfect world all you say would be true . We can wish ,and we can pray and we can Enforce the laws , but sad to say it will not prevent such tragedies.why? Because we do not live in a perfect world . Where there is evil and hatred individuals find a way be it a gun or a truck or a knife ,or a bomb. . My remarks to Barbara ,whom I have been following and learnt so and spent so much money is that her comments about us being bloody mad should not be used to an audience that has ameicans present unless she doesn't mind my retort . We are all entitled to our opinion and in the USA we also have the Right to free speech . Be careful of the articles you read about our laws ,president and people , they may not be correct and unless you live in a a country of 180 million you cannot know or pretend to know . Thanks for listening and please have joy now. Jan

  23. I completely agree with you Barbara. My heart goes out to all those who are injured or have lost someone in this tragedy and all the others. I don't see America changing its gun control laws any time soon (and, like many laws here, these are a joke; they don't control much). Sadly, the sociopaths and psychopaths seem to be in charge, and their mindsets are exactly like militant Islamists or extremists of any cause: reason does not prevail. Too many of them like the violence. And, legal or illegal, if someone wants to go on a killing spree – they will. If my memory serves me right, that psychopath, Thomas Hamilton, who massacred children in Dunblane in Scotland had only legally licensed guns. So the checks in this country didn't work then either. It's all sick and sickening.

  24. It's a sad, sad world we live in today…so many lives wasted. Violence and war solve nothing and only serve to create more violence and war to waste more lives!

  25. Barbara, I don't often comment on blogs, but feel as though I must add my support to yours (and many others') views about the craziness of needing to carry a gun in this day and age. As your other (pro-gun) comments states you need to have a background check – this crazy guy had no police record and has never been in trouble – so any check would have revealed nothing and he would have been (and obviously was) sold guns. The fact that you can buy a device legally which converts a semi-automatic gun (legal) to a fully automatic one (illegal) is sheer madness! My heart breaks for those people bereaved and injured in the terrible event in Las Vagas. Please carry on venting your spleen – after all we have free speech and it is YOUR blog……. peace and love. Jean.x

  26. I've just read through all the comments here and want to add my full support to what YOU say Barbara – on YOUR blog. Added to which, you're 100% right! Di x

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