When Traditional Parchment meets Progressive Parchment

When Traditional Parchment meets Progressive Parchment

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Been a great day, setting up at Leyburn with the crew.
Then we all went for a superb meal in Richmond.
If we ever move, we know where we are moving to now!
W E   L O V E   R I C H M O N D !!!
Anyway the scene is set at Tennants Leyburn,
for a wonderful celebration of all things Clarity tomorrow.
And Pergamano of course.
Please allow me to show you a piece of traditional parchment art,
which was kindly sent to me by Dorothy Holness,
a name most traditional parchers will be familiar with.
Last year at the Harrogate Parchment Show, Dorothy came and introduced herself to me.
She actually thanked me for breathing new life into the world of parchment with our Groovi system. She said that, whilst she personally preferred more subtle line art than the crisp Groovi line, she could see how Groovi was a great way of getting people started, and she was also genuinely happy to embrace our style, despite the fact that it was so different ot her own.

A little while ago she sent me this wonderful piece of artwork, and thanked me for being so complimentary about her whitework on a TV show. 

I am sure you will agree, it is breathtaking.
This gift meant so much to me.
How refreshing, that a seasoned, revered, traditional parcher  like Dorothy can see the benefits of the Groovi way, can be kind, gracious and respectful, even though it may not be her cup of tea. 
How lovely to know that she and I both share the same creative passion. We may approach parchment art very differently, 
from different angles, but without disdain or judgement. 
Just mutual admiration and respect. 
She appreciates how many people we have motivated to get excited about parchment, and I appreciate her talent, her skill.

Love & Hugs

32 thoughts on “When Traditional Parchment meets Progressive Parchment

  1. A very beautiful gift/card Barbara. Dorothy is parchment royalty! I agree wholeheartedly with Dorothy and you!! It's all beautiful!!! All forms of creativity should be respected and everyone should be gracious and respectful to one another no matter what form of creativity each prefers.

  2. Stunning parchment work. Just beautiful. How nice for someone to be so gracious – makes such a pleasant change from the sniping we have seen in the recent past. How refreshing that someone with such obvious talent can appreciate someone elses take on things and applaud that difference rather than bitch about the "new kid on the block". One or two people could learn a thing or two from people like that. Enjoy your Open Day you wonderful people. Sorry I can't be there. Xxxx

  3. Stunning white work from Dorothy. It's amazing!
    Early night for me so I'm ready to soak up all the inspiration I know I will be surrounded by tomorrow. Hope my Satnav gets me to Leyburn on time! Mxx

  4. What a treasure to receive! It is good to see such a renowned and justifiably admired parched so willing and happy to welcome what Groovi has done for parching. I love Groovi, but I also love adding the traditional skills to it. Long may it continue. See you soon. xxx Maggie

  5. Hi Barb,
    Wow, what a stunning, beautiful and awe inspiring piece of parchment work. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Richmond is a lovely little town isn't it? We would be honoured to have you move Op Norf, not sure you'd like the weather though after Kent!!! Really looking forward to seeing you and the team and fellow bloggers tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok and had a good day. Really looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones tomorrow. Safe journeys for those travelling to Leyburn, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  6. Dorothy's work is absolutely stunning and what a lovely gift to give, it'll fit in anywhere! Richmond is a lovely place and I'm sure you'd love living there but somehow don't see that happening anytime soon but never say never! Everything ready for tomorrow – sat nag, tickets, camera and cash/card. Off to bed shortly for an early start picking Anne up on the way…see you all tomorrow xx

  7. That's stunning and that's what I aspire to but without Groovi I wouldn't have even thought about doing anything with parchment!
    See you in the morning! Xxxx

  8. How absolutely beautiful. Many years ago when I first came across parchment craft our tutor arranged a master class for us with Dorothy while she was down here on holiday. It was such a privilege and I still have some photocopies she gave us of her white work step by step. She also introduced us to painting on parchment. Such a lovely lady. Sadly life got in the way and I gave up the classes and have now rekindled my interest since Groovi came on the scene. Hope you all have a great time tomorrow xx

  9. What a beautiful piece of work. I know I wouldn't have approached parchment without Groovi, oddly enough I've come across some parchment tools and a little book that I bought at the NEC years ago in my craft room and now I know, at least, what they are for and what they produce ! LOL !! Have a good day.

    P.s. Still in Crete and having withdrawal symptons from Groovi, home on Tues, we keep saying 10 days is long enough for us to be away but we have a few days left of our 14 and will enjoy the sun nevertheless ! Xxx

  10. Hello Barb, well that is certainly a beautiful piece of artwork, what a talented lady she is, and what a wonderful gift to receive. Enjoy yourselves, all that are going today. Bx

  11. What a stunning piece. The white work is absolutely amazing. Richmond is lovely, have had many a happy holiday nearby. Hope you have had a successful day.
    Gayle x

  12. This could be a rose or a peony but whichever it is absolutely stunning and the white work gives it wonderful dimension. I understand what you mean about admiring someone's skill even if the process used to get there is different to one's own. Traditional and Groovi both have their place. x

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