Oh what a day !!!!

Oh what a day !!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Just got enough time before supper to tell you about our day in Leyburn…
This was yesterday evening, all set up 
and ready to go.
We were all pretty nervous this morning, wondering how it would go today. As I said, just before the doors opened, trying to calm the apprehension,
“We’ve put in the action, we’ve done all the prep we can. 
Now we have to hand it over, and relax into the day.”
Then everybody arrived and we lept into action.
Oh boy! Did we hop about!
But it was so excellent!
Having double the space was ideal.
The beautiful restaurant which opened straight into our hall was just perfect.
Hundreds of happy crafters!
Honestly, the atmosphere was just brilliant.
I was lucky enought to see loads of friends and familiar faces.

Theresa presented me with an exquisite piece of artwork…
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Which shall have pride of place back at base.

Look! Bloggy friends!
Gillyflower, Pam Kershaw and Jeanette Butler.
There were so many from this little Bloggy community there! 
We invited folks to wear their names, which I think was a great idea, because Facebook friends etc  who had never seen each other were able to recognise each other. 

Emma Burns was in town too.
Here she is with the Scottish Clan!
They were a real pleasure to spend time with.

I cannot express in words how happy I am that the day was such a resounding success.
And I’m not talking about money. 
The venue was lovely, the service was second to none,
the demonstrators were super, the snip clinic and the make & takes were fun and informative. 
All our hard work paid off, 
and hundreds of Clarity friends went home happy.
And that makes me happy. 
Like Theresa’s artwork says:
Love & Hugs,

52 thoughts on “Oh what a day !!!!

  1. What a fantastic day! Loved every minute, it's a great venue and everyone is so friendly and chatty. The demonstrators were fab, loads of new ideas there! And Barbara, you are the most generous lady! Hope all the raffle winners enjoy their prizes (Fabulous Fiona!!!!). Thanks to everyone involved in making this day such a success. See you next year, I hope. Xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Had a fantastic day today! The venue is fabulous and a big difference having the double room and restaurant – brilliant idea. It was lovely to see you, Dave, the team again, of course it was great to see bloggy friends as well – some new ones that it is great to put a face to a name ( Gilly,Barbara,Diane, Jane) and great ones from previous years ( Chris, Fiona, Su,Pam,Ruth,Emma,Heather) . It is wonderful to be surrounded by friendly, like minded people who are just there for a great time with no malice in sight – just fabulous, so thank you so much for making it all happen! See you next year! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Such a brilliant day! Fantastic to see you all and hope you all enjoyed it as much as me. Fiona thank you for my little pressie – so kind of you. Chris thank you for coffee & lunch! Had ice on my knee and at least the swelling has gone down, but wouldn't have missed going for the world. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx.

    2. Good to see you too…name stickers were a great idea bur p'raps I should've said I'd had my haircut – lol! So many great bargains, great demos by our fav crafters and so many lovely hugs and hellos from the blog 'crew'…looking forward to doing it all again next year and also the Harrogate Parchment Show in a few weeks xxx

  3. Thank you and the team so much for a lovely day and for your generous offers. The names were a brilliant idea and I was so pleased to meet blog friends from last year again and to meet Diane and Gillyflower.
    I have been stroking my new papers and can't wait to have a few crafty sessions with everything. Safe journey home to you all xx

  4. Thank you Barbara for a truly fantastic day! I have been waiting for a very long time to be able to come to one of your Open Days. It exceeded all of my expectations! Also thanks to all of your fabulous team. Have a safe journey home tomorrow. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – it was an amazing day here in Leyburn. It was lovely to chat to so many like minded and lovely people today. The name badges were such a good idea and so many people asked me if I was from the blog! So to those lovely people who told me that they read but don't comment – please just come and say Hi! Anne and Anne to name but 2! It was SO very nice to chat with you! Like so very many of you – I am looking forward to playing with my new goodies. Special thanks to Chris and Glenys for their patience and encouragement at the Snip Clinic! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  5. It was a fantastic day, many many many thanks to all involved in putting the whole day together. It was lovely to see so many crafty friends. See you next month in Harrogate xx

  6. Had an amazing day, Jane Telford told me my colouring was lovely and Glynis said my snipping just needed practice as I was doing nothing wrong other than putting my tips in too far, she gave me tips on how to put it right and I will practice when I get home like she suggests. Had a great day and look forward to ne t year. I shall start saving now for then. Thank you very much Barbara for this day. As soon as you know when it is next year I shall be booking my hotel. I really enjoyed my self today.

  7. What an inspiring day at Leyburn – to Barbara, Dave, Paul and all involved – thank you very much indeed as this does not happen overnight or without huge amounts of time spent in the logistical planning. Wonderful to meet up with all of you who were until today, names on an e-page. Kind regards, best wishes and many thanks to you all. ;~}

  8. Good evening Barbara
    I had an amazing day today thank you so much for organising this day Up North
    I spent far to much money but I love my crafty stash
    The artwork was my pleasure to give you it’s not perfect but what is in this world.
    I like the photo it’s no a bad one for a change.
    You try to relax and chill thank you 😊 again for a wonderful day at a brilliant venue
    Hugs Theresa x

  9. Sounds like everyone had a all what a wonderful venue it looks lots space another goal to get to a one of open days. Could done with it had couple bad days could done with laugh and hugs lovely seeing all those smiley faces safe journey home everyone and good news get sleep of to bed know xxx

  10. Thank you all for such a wonderful Clarity day. Tenants is such a fabulous building with great facilities and the extra space was very welcome, especially when there are so many friends to meet for an annual catch up. I loved Jane and Linda's Make & Take…very pleased with my result and thrilled with my new skill at snipping thanks to Chris & Glenys. Thanks to Paul and the gals in the middle keeping us inspired and to all the team running around keeping things running smoothly. Barbarara, thank you so much for bringing us all together again and bringing the Clarity team oop norf for another year. Love the photos and thanks for the hug. This day was just what was need after a very sad week for me. Safe journey home tomorrow. Love and hugs, Jeanette xx

  11. Thank you for creating an amazing day. I am still happy dancing while looking at my raffle prize – thank you.
    I am looking forward to getting home to play with all my new products to create some lovely new things.

  12. Greetings from America to my friends in the UK and Barbara, of course. It all looks amazing and brilliant thanks to your FEARLESS LEADER. You have no idea how I wish I could have shared this day with you….truly….but grand job!!!! I can appreciate it from here although hands on would be even BETTER….ta dah.

  13. Greetings from America to my friends in the UK and Barbara, of course. It all looks amazing and brilliant thanks to your FEARLESS LEADER. You have no idea how I wish I could have shared this day with you….truly….but grand job!!!! I can appreciate it from here although hands on would be even BETTER….ta dah.

  14. Hi Barb

    just wanted to thank you and 'the Team' for such a lovely event. Paul let me have a go at Groovi, which I think may lead to more!!
    It was lovely to have a little chat to Dave this time – and I will be ringing the office tomorrow (Monday) to organise getting the rest of the stamps which were on my list (Dave kindly confirmed that would be OK at no postage cost). Thank you again.
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    PS – didn't get chance to ask you if you know the German for hedgehog please and also (more importantly) how is Grace?.

  15. I don't know about Grace's wellbeing Maggie, but I as I wanted to know the answer to your other question myself, I googled the translation into German for hedgehog and it is….Igel…not quite as descriptive as the English word I think.
    Glad you enjoyed the Open Day x

    1. Ooh yes Maggie, once the Igel has got his Viking Helmet on, he'll be a fearsome little fighter, as long as he protects his soft tummy! That French translation is certainly new to me. I don't remember Madame Johns teaching us that in our French lessons! Take care,

  16. Great day, thanks to everyone who made it happen, it takes a lot of work for everything to run so smoothly so just wanted to say how much we appreciate your efforts. Thoroughly enjoyed the Make'n Take with Jane and Linda and I'm sure the Snip Clinic was helpful to those who took advantage, whether it was to try out the different scissors/snippers available or to perfect their technique (Emma and Tina helped me last year and Emma confirmed that I've 'got' it when I showed her a piece of work when I met up with her this time around!) Blew my budget (and then some) but it would've been rude to turn down the bargains. Had lots of warm hugs and hellos from the blog 'crew' putting new faces to names and reuniting with those met last time Looking forward to doing it all again next year…anyone joining me?! Silly question isn't it? Xxx

  17. Sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves immensely Barbara, and how great to meet so many bloggy friends and Theresa's artwork is wonderful. I have been to Richmond and agree it is lovely. x

  18. Unfortunately I had to leave early. I was horrified when I recover a wedding invitation for the same day and told my husband that no way was I missing Leyburn! So it was an early start and I left straight after lunch got home at 15:05 a rapid change and left the house again at 15:15. Made it with 10 minutes to spare��. It was worth the rushing and I'm already looking forward to next year and of course Sams workshop on the 7th October ��

  19. I had a lovely time, and the venue was just fabulous. Loved seeing friends Jeanette Butler, Linda Page, Jane Telford, Maria Simms, and Cindie when I tracked her down. Didn't see Stella at all though. A thoroughly enjoyable experience xx

  20. Mum and I had a fab time, I spent time at the parching snip clinic, think I’ve got the hang of it! All the demonstrations were amazing. There was a great vibe and Tennants certainly made us feel welcome. Here’s to next year up north! Thanks Clarity TeamX

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