Snakes – Everywhere!

Snakes – Everywhere!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
It’s been a funny old day thus far.
The TV trailers recording are going swimmingly, 
and while Rosie does hers, I have slipped out to chat to you.
The storm has moved through Florida now, and I was much relieved to hear that my new friend Jenny was shaken but not stirred. Trees down, 12 ft deep sinkholes and a brutal pounding from Irma.
But she and her husband are safe and – wait for it – trying to help their neighbours.
Their worst problem now is 

Now THAT makes me shudder. So in the floodwater, in the garden and the streets outside their home there are poisonous snakes hiding everywhere! People have been bitten too.
Mmm. You don’t read about THAT in the papers, do you?
So not only has your home been smashed up by a hurricane, 
but it’s dangerous to wade through the flood water too,

There’s a solution in there.
Can you see it.
Shut the front door and the windows tightly,
get your stamps out, or your Groovi stash – and craft!
And KEEP crafting until you can see the grass underfoot again!

Puts my stuff in perspective, I can tell you.
The only snakes in my life are two-legged, 
their teeth aren’t their own, and they live miles away! 

Must dash, said the Mexican – 
My turn to film again !

Love & Hugs,

PS The International Craft Awards are open for voting today.
If you feel we are worth it, please go tick some boxes :

Thanks xxxxxx

24 thoughts on “Snakes – Everywhere!

  1. Ugh !! the thought of snakes sends shivers down my spine but to think of them lurking in the flood water just doesn't bear thinking about. Stay safe everyone who is affected. Look forward to seeing the end results of the filming.

  2. I hate snakes and I think that this is worse than the hurricane as you don't know where they are !!
    At work just now enjoying lots of baby cuddles while the three year old is at nursery. We had an adventure on the train this morning to go out for lunch.

  3. Voting all done. As for snakes, I would be having the screaming habdabs at the thought of snakes on the loose like that. Huge spiders are doing my head in at the moment, so snakes would be far far worse. Being without power and clean water and having your houses trashed by that storm must be soul destroying. Hugs to all those affected. xxx Maggie

    1. I heard a tip the other day Maggie, spray peppermint oil mixed with water around your door and window frames and it's supposed to stop the spiders coming in. I haven't tried it yet so can't vouch for it but it came from a friend who has. Xxx

  4. Glad to hear your new friend is fairing well and helping out those in need. I remember visiting Australia after their flooding, and there was a plague of jumping mice (like mini kangaroos). When I said something to the guide about mice in the tent, he replied "you should be glad you didn't visit next year – there'll be a plague of snakes fuelled by all the mice!". I didn't complain again!!! Just off to vote now – and I'll keep my fingers crossed that all your hard work is rewarded by a nice shiny award x

  5. Horrible not keen on snake🐍🐍keep crafting door locked sounds good idea the whole things is just devastating when look at news😥😥. Glad your feels going well and your having good time xxx

  6. Its also the alligators lurking in the flood water, so glad we don't have to even consider things like that in flood water over here. I don't like snakes, not much that makes me shiver but snakes is definetely one of them. Glad to hear Jennie is OK and trying to get back to normal. XX

  7. You certainly don't think about things like this but it must be horrendous. We are lucky that the only poisonous snake we have is the Adder and I don't think I have personally ever seen one, and long may it remain so…lol. Glad your friend Jenny is safe and sound Barbara. x

    1. Hi Pat, my parents had a summer house in one of the Scottish glens and this was where we spent not only our summer holidays – it was close enough for Dad to commute to work – but every weekend from Easter until October. May was around the time we started to look for adders around any dry stone dykes or ruins and having an old derelict croft within a hundred yards, it was a prime location to watch them basking in the sunshine. Usually they saw us first. Only had a couple of run ins in over a decade. ;~}

  8. Oh Maggie, I thought about you this morning. I had done my showering and was wrapped in a towel. When I came to put the towel down, they had been a huge spider inside it with me! Gave me the screaming abdabs and no mistake. I said to Pete thst whilst that one is bothering me, it's leaving you alone. As for snakes – I would follow Barbara's prescription and hide in the craft room until normality resumes.

    Glad your pal is okay Barbara xx

  9. That was exactly my comment when Houston braved the onslaught – where did all the water moccasins slither to? I used to watch them cross the Buffalo Bayou from lounge and dining room view points. At least you can get an inkling where the 'gators are – used to see them too. I'd be treading carefully around storerooms, garages, porches for a good spell. In the Far/Middle East over ten years got used to the the slitherers – usually in the monsoon drains, scorpions – they liked my wardrobe and the very large, some not so nice spiders – so why do I go loopy when I see one of our not so large in comparison arachnids scooting around the conservatory?Got the awards notification earlier today. Voting complete! ;~}

  10. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the update on Jenny it's good to know she and her neighbours are safe. Oh my goodness snakes! They would really give me the heebee jeebiees! Please send Jenny our love next time you email her.I Hope you are having fun with the filming and a good catch up with Rosie. Off to vote now.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Voting done! Snakes – no thank you…even pics or on TV…nope just make me shudder and feel sick. Was so thankful when visiting my brother and sister in law in South Africa that I didn't meet up with any, especially on the game drives we did…don't know how I'd have coped! xx

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