Day 3 Clarity Birdwatch….PIE TONIGHT !! MAGPIE

Day 3 Clarity Birdwatch….PIE TONIGHT !! MAGPIE

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
The filming’s done
and the van’s loaded for Ally Pally set up tomorrow.
Major boxes ticked there!
And now all I want to do is blog you a lovely 
Day 3 Clarity Birdwatch offer again, 
and then I can kick back with Dave and Rosie for a couple of hours
before the London weekend. 
So what’s on the menu today?
Mag pie and chips please!
I love magpies. 
(Taste like chicken…)
Whenever I see one, I can’t relax until I see No. 2 for joy.
We have them as stamps, 
Told you I like them!
Melanie drew these. Wonderful to work with.
I shall do a simple project using the stamp, because it is the quickest, and time is of the essence today.
Find a Gelpress background done using a 6″ x 6″ Gelpress plate,
acrylic Buff Titanium paint and scrunched up paper.
Stamp the Magpie Montage into the area where there is next to no paint, using black archival ink.

Mask off the central image and use a make up sponge to sweep Tumbled Glass in around the edge.
Or a light blue dye based ink of your choice!
We have sponges now!
They are SPOT ON!!
Add a little blue colour to the wings.

Add a little Old Parchment to the inside

and a little green to the base.
Mount on black card.

Mount on white card.

Upon closer inspection, You will see that the dye based ink sweeps off the acrylic paint. It only stains the card around the paint. 

That’s why the outer edge is so bright and shattered.

I wanted to show you Dee’s masterpiece too.
What a beauty.

Made using the 3 baby plates.

Yes. There’s something for everyone, isn’t there?

And the stencils?
I did a very cool project on Youtube using them.
Let me load it here for you….

That’ll do nicely.
Each of the Magpie sets is substantially reduced in price if you fancy them.
Love & Hugs,

25 thoughts on “Day 3 Clarity Birdwatch….PIE TONIGHT !! MAGPIE

  1. Hi Barbara. Loved the demo but the sound is not good. Your entry music is perfect but the moment you start to speak it sounds as if you are on the moon and lots of watery echoes – I can't hear what you are saying! X

  2. Tastes like chicken indeed!!! 🤣🤣🤣
    Love the projects – may have a go at that gelli plate one as I have these stamps already lol. Enjoy your chill out and hope the show goes fabulously. Xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – day 14 of our Clarity road trip and we spent a lovely few days with one daughter and family. Their new home is fantastic and our Grandsons are settling into their new school very well. We have had a beautiful sunny day with just a few showers today. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  3. Hi Barbara, love both projects and Dee's Groovie card is amazing. Safe journey for tomorrow. We came to Denham outside of London today to be nearer to Ally Pally ready for Saturday. Haven't any of the magpies groovi, stencil or stamps as yet, but will do at some stage, they are beautiful looking birds.xx

  4. I have these stencils and love them. I've seen the you tube video before but thought I would watch again, agree withe SerenePolly, not that I have been on the moon yet, but definitely watery echoes and I watched on my tablet, or! could! that have been a dissolvable tablet, hence the watery echoes. I do not apologize for my wicked sense of humour, it is merely an affliction of my age and long may it continue. Enjoy Ally Pally it's been quite a long time since I have been there.


  5. Magpies are amazing birds but always need to be in pairs or more!
    Your artwork is brill as is Dee's.
    Enjoy your evening with Dave and Rosie before the trip to Ally Pally!
    It's not long to go now to Leyburn! Really looking forward to it!
    Love and hugs xxx

  6. Lovely! I must admit to saluting them when I see them. Remember the song – 1 for sorrow, 2 for joy, 3 for a girl, 4 for a boy etc. I love to see the sun shining in the feathers – that oil on water thing going on. Beautiful!

  7. Hi Barb,
    Lovely pieces of artwork for us today. I've got all of these already, and enjoy using them. Magpies are not my favourite birds though – nothing to do with being Sunderland supporters either! Hope you have a safe journey to Ally Pally and that there are no mishaps with the stand like last year! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everything is ok with you all. Swimming day today and knocked 2 seconds per length off my time , I was so chuffed! Finally got around to making some Christmas cards that I was happy with – it's only taken me 3 days and even do I only made 2! Only 148 to go! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  8. Lovely blog Barb – as always. THe Magpie montage was one of the first stamps I bought and I've used it many times with its text, a lovely stamp to work with. I've also got the stencils but haven't played with them much – will have to have a play. I hope Ally Pally is as successful as usual although unsure whether it will be able to come this time. xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    What a great card, it's amazing what you can achieve with a geli scrap isn't it. These stamps are lovely and so are the groovi plates. I prefer to see them in 2's or more too! Good luck with the set up tomorrow, bend at the knees and mind your backs. We won't make it there this year unfortunately but all being well will see you in Leyburn instead. Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. We don't see many magpies down here in the south west but used to have lots when we lived in the south east. They are the big brutes of the bird world but are beautiful at the same time, and they look fabulous on your gelli background Barbara and also on your You Tube video and thanks for showing us these techniques again, which reminds me that I haven't used my gelli plate for ages so must rectify that. I hope all goes well at Ally Pally tomorrow, looks as though you are well prepared and on top of everything as per usual. Now I really must go to bed! x

  11. Hello Barb, I love the magpie collection, so much you can do with them. We get loads in the garden and I always start saying the rhyme. Love the card and the background is fabulous. Take care all. If you are going to Ally Pally, have a great time. Bx

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