Day 2 of Birdwatch – a Gift for my Deer Friends….

Day 2 of Birdwatch – a Gift for my Deer Friends….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
How’s you?
Been busy here, so it was good to retreat to blogland 
for an hour or so.
Day 2 of our Clarity Birdwatch Week.
And today it’s stencil time.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these two stencils. 
They are a pair really, they look so right together.
When you make Christmas cards, it’s cool to have different but similar designs to play with, don’t you think?
So I shall work with the doves today,
but give you the deer stencil as a gift 
should you choose to invest in the bird stencil….
Click here to buy
Here, I have dragged Texture paste through the stencil 

This Viva Decor Paste is good gear.
See what I mean about the two stencils belonging together?
Let the paste dry completely.

In the meantime, clean off the stencil, reposition it on the paste picture, once it’s dry, and pound some cool blue through the stencil around the edge. I went with Ocean Reef.

Looking good…

If you’ve over-cooked it with the blue, 
you can take it back a little with sandpaper.
Tip: Mount the sandpaper on a Clarity mount, so that it is rigid, 
and doesn’t scratch the black card.

Layer up on a matching blue piece of paper 
and edge with a black Sharpie pen.

Add Peace on Earth underneath the art.
The Word Chains just fit with everything…

All done.

Thought I’d catch that lovely outside light at around dusk,
and look who just got home!

Photo Bomb!!

Time to call it a day.
Rosie’s coming down tomorrow.
We’re all filming new TV trailers.
Becca and I have been cleaning the room in readiness all day,
and prepping stuff to do. Don’t know why I’m nervous!
That’s absurd!
Very strange place, this mind of mine.
It can flip from calm to chaos in a nanosecond.
You really don’t want venture in there alone today!
There’s a dragon lurking at the back of the cave.
Best stay out here in the open…
Love & Hugs,

32 thoughts on “Day 2 of Birdwatch – a Gift for my Deer Friends….

  1. Aaaawwww doves! Birds of love! And then Dave appears! Oh that's just perfect!
    Have a great day with Rosie tomorrow! I bet you laugh….a lot! Xx
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  2. Great Katie has the doves well she has both she loves anyrhing with hearts love them with hint blue just right enjoy your time with Rosie sure you will have lots fun xxx

  3. Great stencils, must add them to my need list, it never seems to get shorter! Got my sets of parchment papers out today so I could see which one to use on a get well card…decided to use something else in the end! Looking forward to seeing Maria on TV tomorrow, just hoping my recorder records them this time. Xx

  4. Beautiful card Barbara How can you be nervous about filming. Just don't start laughing or it will be added to your out takes
    Mind you the one wher you just lost it made me LOL. Hooch luck with the filming x

  5. Hi Barbara
    I love these stencils, I haven't used texture paste and a stencil for ages, I must change that! The paste looks great on the shiny black card doesn't it. That's a great tip for keeping the sandpaper straight and not ruining the card. Good to see that Dave managed to get home in daylight today, did you manage a walk before it went dark. Enjoy your filming session tomorrow, you'll be ok once you get started I'm sure. I bet you both get the giggles, we know what you are like. Please show us the outtakes, wecould do with a laugh. Have you heard from Jenny, is she ok and safe after the hurricane? Been thinking of you Jenny.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Diane, thank you for your concern. Wish I had the time to do some of Barbara's projects. For that matter, I wish I could see her videos. As I'm Florida all i can find is her"vintage" You Tube spots. I envy all of you who get her in real time. XXOOJenny

    2. Diane, thank you for your concern. Wish I had the time to do some of Barbara's projects. For that matter, I wish I could see her videos. As I'm Florida all i can find is her"vintage" You Tube spots. I envy all of you who get her in real time. XXOOJenny

  6. Those stencils are lovely. Look great on black gloss card especially with that gorgeous blue ink Not sure if I have them, can't order though as coming to Ally Pally Saturday, then Leyburn.l

  7. Hi lovely bloggy friends, Hope you are ok, looking forward to seeing some of you either at Ally Pally or at Leyburn, of coarse looking forward to seeing you too Barbara and Dave.xx

  8. I've got the paste and got the tools a little while ago just got to get the courage to have a go. You make it look simple but I'll probably end up very messy xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Love these two stencils, and you're definitely right – they belong together. The blue against the black card works so well. Really do like this. Good of Dave to get in on the act too! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you. Lovely day here although chilly. Have to say it has gone downhill now though! Two of my friends took me out for lunch today which was really kind of them. Hopefully I didn't put back all the calories I'd lost from swimming this morning! Going to have a crafty day tomorrow I hope. Really want to get some Christmas cards done and my sister's birthday card + a new baby card too. Not much then!! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  10. Hello Barb, a lovely card made with such a fabulous stencil. Laughed about the photo bomb, but I bet seeing him home made you smile. Hope the dragon has quit its lurking. Take care all. Bx

  11. Lovely card, never really got into stencils although I have a few. Must get out of my comfort zone.
    I ordered the wedding Groovi at the weekend and some plum parchment to make my son a wedding card, perfect colour for their colour scheme and I will be able to personalise it. Hope I can do it justice xx

  12. Those doves look so pretty with the texture paste on the black card Barbara and love the blue ink highlights and what a surprise to see Dave's smiling face in the photos. I have just had a lovely hour with Maria and those beautiful Chrysanthemums and butterflies. They are definitely on my wishlist. x

  13. Just lovely. I'm starting to get a little anxious that I've not really thought about Christmas cards yet – have only made one to try out my Jayne Nestorenko stamp, so I'd better get cracking soon otherwise I'll be buying packs again a week before the big day, and everyone who gets a shop bought card will be wondering how they've offended me!!! x

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