Oh Irma!

Oh Irma!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Thought it was time to come away to my little haven above the garage, and spend an afternoon in thought and prayer.
In the wake of the shocking hurricanes which have been battering little islands and huge states across the pond for days and weeks since Harvey ripped into Texas, it feels inappropriate in my heart 
to be blogging about kingfishers today.
I am sure you agree.
So here’s a little canvas I made out of a scrap
It’s not about the art, whether it’s pleasing or effective.
It’s just my way of expressing what is weighing on my mind.
How frightening for ANYBODY who knows what’s coming, 
but can’t get away.
So I just got with my hands and focused my thoughts on all those poor people either in the eye of the storm, dealing with the aftermath, or bracing themselves before it hits them. 
Can you imagine?
There you are, sitting in your lovely home, your world.
And there’s a massive wall of water coming your way,
being pushed by winds which will probably blow your little 
A-Frame down, and take you with it. 
You have been told to evacuate, but there’s no petrol anywhere. 
The pumps are dry. You can’t get out.
Or you can’t drive.
Oh Irma.

So all you can do is wait. 
Barricade yourself in and hope that it passes you by.

There will be blue skies again.

There will be calm waters.
And there will be a tropical haven again.

How ironic it is that a lady from Florida called Jenny contacted me out of the blue a couple of weeks ago, just to tell me how much she was enjoying my Youtubes. We struck up a dialogue, and have been pinging emails back and forth since. 
I asked her where abouts in Florida she lives, as you do, and so on.
They live in a beautiful Retirement Village, north of Orlando.
Then Irma appeared on the radar.
Jenny told me that they couldn’t leave because there was no gas.
That they’ve stocked up as best they can, but that they are trapped. She told me about her frightened neighbour who lives alone.
How they got together and watched Dean Wilson and me with the shrink plastic to cheer themselves up.
Distraction and company. 

The last email I received was at around 1pm today.
Surreal, isn’t it? 
How powerful are these forces of nature!
Here we are, selling brads and parchment, and there they are hanging on to their lives and their homes.
So please can you pray, send positive energy 
and vibes of hope across to Jenny. 
And EVERYBODY who is being hit by hurricanes.
Love & Higs,

42 thoughts on “Oh Irma!

  1. I am praying Barbara x I had the news on early and I must say I saw red a bit when a young British man on Cuba talked to a reporter to say just how much hardship it was to spend the night in a hotel room without aircon!!! The thought occurred that he could be really envious of the people who's little shanty had blown away and left them in the cool! Anyway, I am bending God's ear big time for people's safety xx

    1. I thank each of you for your prayers and concern.

      Can't write much now. The sounds surrounding our home is deafening with rain and wind. Threats of looming tornados.

      I am sooooo grateful for Barbara. Well above her artistic ability. Morrso because of her empathy and sensitivity and humor which brightens all of our lives. She is one in a million. I will forever cherish her as I'm sure each of you do.

      Pray hard for all of us.

      Let His will be done without complaint and may His grace be sufficient.


  2. Praying VERY hard for all those in the path of Irma…I, too, have a FB friend in Florida. She has just posted to let me know that she is OK…for now! We can do nothing physically to help, but the power of prayer is a wonderful thing.
    Jo xx

  3. That is one of the many things I love about your blog, the way you make it respond to what is truly important. I have only visited Florida once and stayed in a hotel on the beach at Cocoa Beach, but one of the things that lives with me is the number of signs directing you to the evacuation routes. I just hope that all those who could not escape have found a safe haven. xxx Maggie

  4. Thank you Barb, a lovely blog that made me sit up and think of those poor souls. I went to Florida a few years back. We spent some time with some good friends or ours who live in Tampa, I do hope they're OK. Also, makes you so appreciative of what we have in our little corner of England, wouldn't want to live anywhere else than good old blighty! Although, having said that, we're in Venice at the moment on our honeymoon. Yep, bit the bullet again! Ha! Hope he knows what he's let himself in for! We have been together for 20 years, I like long engagements! The roads are flooded here every day! Ha! X

  5. Evening Barbara! Just watching the news. So scary to see the devastation that's caused by the wind! And now in Cuba the winds have passed but people are having to contend with looters taking advantage of the damage caused by the hurricane!
    But now our thoughts must be with those still to face what is coming their way! Let's pray for their safety.
    Your artwork is very fitting.
    Love and hugs to you Barbara! Xxx

  6. I know of someone who was in the Dominican Republic when the hurricane went through. Couldn't even describe the relief when I heard that he and his wife were ok. Just don't have the vocabulary.

  7. It is unimaginable really unless you have been in something like this. The big storm in the south east in Oct 1987 was bad enough but is nothing like as bad as Irma and that caused a lot of devastation. I can remember going up to Toys Hill in Kent and the whole of the exposed side of the hill had lost all its trees. All we can hope is that loss of life is minimal and that most people manage to stay safe. x

  8. My family are from St. Kitts and my mum now lives back there since retiring. Managed to hear from her on Saturday morning, no electricity so sparing use of mobile. Power came back on Saturday evening. Got a further message this morning, thankfully no deaths. The worst damage has been half a roof lost, all repairable.

    I'm thinking of those still to face this and their families and friends who watch on powerless. I hope the majority manage to stay safe. x

  9. It's horrible having no control of what the storm will do roping people's homes to bits. My daughters friend is on Honey moon in Cuba that's a honey moon you won't forget. Went to get breakfast and cowling came down in hotel been told if windows blow to lock thems loved in bathroom till ends. Agree all we can do is pray xxx

  10. I cannot begin to feel what these poor folks are going through – those who have already been hit and those still waiting. Having been in Florida a few times when hurricanes have caused a bit of a battering and not knowing what was coming I can have a small inkling – fortunately each time the winds dropped and did not cause too much damage – but nonetheless frightening at the time.
    I too have wondered what do you do if you physically cannot evacuate – have no where to go – no money to evacuate – just awful. What about all the holiday makers stuck in its path – be they from the UK or elsewhere in the world – very frightening indeed.
    So I find you right – not time to bring the wonderful Kingfisher out

    Kim x

  11. Yesterday I was ruminating over my own problems when the news came on. It really does make me appreciate what I have and how little my problems are. My thoughts are with those who are affected.

  12. I have also been thinking about all those poor souls in the path of Irma and feeling very grateful that we live in a country which doesn't experience such dreadful weather events. A few years ago we did a Caribbean cruise and visited some of the islands affected. I particularly liked St Maarten and enjoyed wandering around the little streets of the little port. Now those streets are destroyed. We have a charity in Cornwall called Shelterbox and they send volunteers out to places when disaster strikes and the boxes contain a tent,blankets, cooking utensils, water purifying tablets, some basic tools etc. At the moment they have people waiting in Panama to go where they are needed. I remember waiting to board a plane to the Dominican Republic and seeing 90 of the boxes being loaded on our plane for Haiti all those years ago. xx

  13. It must be amongst the hardest things to face, not knowing wether you and your home will survive, and if it does, will there be food, water, electricity etc. Will your workplace be able to continue? All these uncertainties for all those people. I am praying that they will ok and that in the aftermath that they will come together to rebuild their communities again. It certainly makes you thankfull for what you have.

  14. Cannot imagine the unbelievable power of nature and the fear of the unknown these people must be going through. I am guilty of moaning about the early onset of autumn this year but I can just turn on the light & put the heating on. Sending positive thoughts & love to all in Irma's path…..xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    You are so tight, not the day for kingfishers, they will have their time. We've been watching the news on and off throughout the day, we were on holiday near Naples a couple of years ago and can't believe that beautiful area could be hit by the hurricane. So frightening to be trapped and unable to do nothing but sit and wait and pray. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. Jenny I hope you stay safe with your neighbour, I'm sure Barbara will let us know you are ok.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello Dianetics,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. The evening was horrific as one might imagine. ..not being able to see; only hear the terror that surrounded us. While we were spared the full wrath we still have debris to tend to when we can get outside. It's also a time to catch up on sleep. Florida was spared mass casualties which is nothing. .NOTHING short of a modern day miracle. Thanks to everyone who sent thoughts but mostly prayers. Again, miracles were EVERYWHERE. Jenny

  16. Hi Barb,
    I cannot get my head around the size of Irma – the size of France for heaven's sake! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by this. I was watching tv yesterday with the roads blocked by traffic and wondering how I would cope in that situation. I'm hoping and praying that it burns itself out very soon as my relatives live in North Carolina which seems to be in the path of it. I hope that Jenny is safe and sound. Sending positive thoughts and prayers across the ocean to everyone over there . Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Alimecca,

      Thank you so very much as well for your kind thoughts along with everyone else who posted. We are fortunate to be alive. We are still under curfew and not a shop of any kind is open for many miles. It's a good thing my husband and I like peanut butter. There's jars of it in the pantry. .. Please feel my gratitude.

  17. Please God protect all those people in the path of Irma and keep them safe. Been saying prayers since yesterday. Nothing we can do except pray, you feel so helpless. They must be so terrified. Hope Jenny and her friend are ok and that her and othersxp all get through this. Pray also for the people in Mexico in the wake of the earthquake. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.xxxoo

    1. Barbara has such a wonderful following. I for one would March down any street waving a banner for her. I am in America. Florida to be exact. Not pretty at the moment but we are all helping one another and coming together as one huge community. My husband Steve and I want to thank all of you for your good wishes.

  18. My boyfriendand I are currently on hols in Germany and though we wished the weather was better (it's cold and wet) watching the news about raging Irma we're not complaining. Oh my God, what chaos she's caused and she's still raging! All those poor people! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone caught up in this. xx

  19. Irma was terrible. I was actually in Florida when she arrived. I've never been so frightened in my life, a very scary time. The winds were constant above us for almost 5 hours. Luckily we managed to keep power, though it did go off a couple of time, but only for a matter of minutes each time. The winds were still very strong up until early evening the next day. The rest of the week was beautiful with hardly any breeze at all. We lost 3 days of our holiday, but at least we're here to tell the tale. My heart goes out to those people in the islands who lost everything xx

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