A brilliant day out…

A brilliant day out…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just got in from a fabulous day with Mum and Dad.
We just had the BEST time.

Caught a coach with their local community and neighbours to Runnymede on the Thames.

Went on a boat ride up the river, past Windsor Castle.
This isn’t Windsor Castle by the way!
But check out the Sunflowers!!!

Beautiful warm sunshine all the way

Had lunch on the boat.
Then the coach took us to Savill Gardens, 
where Mum decided to chill and watch the world go by, 
whilst Dad and I went for a lovely walk around the gardens.
The rose gardens were so fragrant!
The sun shone warm and bright.

Then we joined Mum and the others in the restaurant for a super Cream tea with fresh out of the oven warm scones.

And THE HEAVENS OPENED. It tipped down.
It stopped raining just long enough for us to wander back to the coach, but OH BOY! Did it ever wash the bus ! ! !

Both ways, the three of us sat at the back. 
Typical Grays. We always do.
I mean, we did put the little waist safety belts on, but you always feel a bit rebellious when you ride at the back, don’t you….
Mum at the window in seat No. 1, Dad in seat number 3, 
so he could stretch his legs down the aisle.
And me sandwiched between the two in seat No. 2.

When we got to Savill Gardens, Dad was struggling to get out of his seat. Really having a hard time getting up.
My heart sank. Mum has been having a hard time being mobile for a while, but Dad too? I was gutted to see him unable to get up.

“Ahh,” he said, “helps if you undo the safety belt first!”
And with that, unclicked and shot off down the bus like a whippet!
Silly sod. Had me worried there.

It was so fab spending a couple of days with them. 
We all share the same sense of humour, and Dad is particularly dry.
So there was much hilarity, I can tell you. 
When I shared the Youtube video comedy of Jethro and Mildred
with Dad on my I-phone, we were wheezing like two errant school kids up the back of the class. 

But I must tell you about another highlight of the day.
I saw my very first Kingfisher in the wild.
It was amazing. 
A flash of turquoise skimming over the water, glistening in the sun.
It was magical.

In fact, tomorrow, I think I will dig out my old Kingfisher stamp and pay tribute to the most beautiful bird on the Thames today!
(Apart from my Mum)

Love & Hugs,

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  1. How lovely for the three of you. I had my first glimpse of a kingfisher a couple of years ago and of course no camera nearby – typical. They are the most gorgeous but tiny birds aren't they – so much smaller than we imagine. Xxx

  2. Sounds like an idilic day out with lots of memories to treasure.
    I spent today with my son who has come home after his first week of uni to get more things. He didn't bring any washing though! We have had lots of conversations about lots of things and a few wee giggles too. It is the small things like giggles that matter.
    My daughter moves on Monday into her flat, so hopefully will have more room again but the house will be very quiet without them.

    1. Fiona I feel for you, yes the house will be very quiet when they are both gone. Emma has been back two weeks, internet gets connected next week so we can have a good old natter rather than a coffee shop chat. Didn't he do well not bringing washing back. Sending hugs xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Sounds as though you've had a fantastic couple of days. I bet your Mum and Dad really enjoyed spending the time with you. Memories to treasure I'm sure. I've had the pleasure to see quite a lot of kingfishers over the last couple of years. I love them – the turquoise on them is so beautiful. Dave and I were at RSPB Lakenheath in Suffolk last year and we were sitting by a pond and there were 3 kingfishers. They were perching on branches at various positions near the hide we were sitting in. Every so often they would dive into the water and come out with a fish each. Honestly we sat there for a good half hour mesmerised by the beautiful little birds. I think that was on a par with being about 50 yards away from a Golden Eagle on Skye. Really enjoyed Rosie's shows today and yes you guessed – the brad borders and brads and some parchment just happened to fall into my Clarity basket!!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've had a good day. Enjoyed the shows today and spent as usual ( see above!) I've got the new parchment on my list for Leyburn! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  4. Sounds wonderful and so glad your dad was only suffering from a 'senior moment'! Only seen one of Rosie's shoW's so far (they're recorded so won't miss out) but I knew I 'needed' the corner plates etc and somehow the gorgeous parchment collection fell into my basket too…oops! Ordered direct from Clarity tho' as the plates had just sold out on TV xx

  5. Awww you do have a way of telling a story Mrs Gray
    What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday making all those special memories
    time with parents is precious. wish mine were here xx

  6. Lovely photos – your parents look quite well and great to be a kid again sat in the middle of them.
    Your account of your dad and the sear belt took me back several years to my days at Greenwich when I managed the Parking Attendants.
    Do you remember Elmer Fudd the cartoon character? Well we had a new guy called Patrick Muldoon who was the spitting image of him. One fine day, not too long in to him being with us, he was being transported to his beat for the day. Upon arrival we sat patiently waiting for Patrick to alight, being patient as it was still early days for him, and trust me the life of a Parking Attendant when you are new is pretty scary. Well, there was Patrick huffing and puffing trying to get out of the car getting himself in a right fluster, sweat pouring from his brow, until he suddenly realised he still had his seat belt on. Well as you can imagine like with your dad much hilarity ensued before Patrick went on his way.
    Sadly Patrick never made it through his probation, the stresses of the job too much for him – many people scorn Parking Attendants, but there is an awful lot to learn and Patrick struggled, so much so he lost huge amounts of weight and didn't resemble Elmer Fudd anymore.

    So from there on in, trying to get out of a car with a seat belt was and will always be known as a Patrick Muldoon… I often wonder what became of Patrick.

    Thankfully life is now slower, and working on a heritage steam railway, less stressful, although I'm sure I will encounter other similar moments like these!


    Kim x

  7. Glad you had a lovely day with your parents, I miss my Dad, out to lunch tomorrow with Mum and rest of family to celebrate great-niece's first birthday which was today. We had that sort of rain too, I eventually brought my washing in and finished it off in the conservatory. Funny about the kingfisher, I saw my first one this week when fishing at the lakes with hubby. I wouldn't have spotted it but hubby did. Laughing at your dad and the seatbelt ! X

  8. Dear Barbara… How lucky you are that you can spend a day with both your parents! I'd give anything to spend even one more minute with my mum and dad!
    Those sunflowers remind me of a house that Colin and I see regularly on our morning walk! They are the most wonderful flowers. And at this time of the year the centers ripen full of seeds. Once the flowers fade if you hang them in the tree the birds love to peck and feast on them!
    Looking forward to seeing the kingfisher artwork tomorrow!
    Love and hugs xxx

  9. I can see that you have had a great time with your Mum and Dad and life is obviously fun when you all get together, and some lovely photos of your day out including those beautiful gardens. I would love to catch site of a Kingfisher in the wild, and I don't think there is a prettier bird with their gorgeous irridescent feathers. Just treasure every moment Barbara. x

  10. Hi Barbara
    It's been lovely sharing your day out with mum and dad, thank you for taking us along. Your parents are looking really well. I had to chuckle at your dad's senior moment, what is he like! What a lovely trip out, gorgeous sunflowers and roses and a kingfisher too. I was lucky enough to see one when we were on a canal boat many years ago, I've got your stamps to remind me of the event. Take. Are
    Love Diane xxx

  11. What a lovely day, there is something quite magical when you spot a Kingfisher. I saw my first Kingfisher on the Norfolk broads with my mum and dad, very happy memories x

  12. Hello Barb, what a beautiful and loving blog post. So glad you spent such great quality time with your Mum and Dad. They say our parents are reflected in us. Take care. Bx

  13. I love chatting to your mum. Always seem to be able to catch up with her at the Open Day and do enjoy my time with her. Glad you had a nice day out and a cream tea to finish. Perfect. X x

  14. Sounds a lovely day having fun with Dad and Mum sadly I never got to have days like that with my parents as both died while I was teenager but love to here others making wonderful memories with there's breakers my heart when people moan about there parents . The scones sound delicious could see the he butteror cream melting in the warm scones xxx

  15. Enjoy every moment you can spend with your folks Barbara. I can't wait for my parents to come visit at the end of the month. They were married for 65 years this week, so we'll be having a special (belated) cream tea to celebrate! x

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