Time to speak my truth.

Time to speak my truth.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Up with the lark this morning.
Had 3 important things to do before heading off up to London 
for the Ally Pally set-up:
1) Get the stewed apples out of the fridge to have with our yogurt for breakfast.
2) Check over my German blog for typos, and get that posted.
The bad news is I could check it a hundred times and there will still be mistakes!
The good news is most of you don’t speak a work of German, and will never know!
The BIG news is WHO CARES if I spell something wrong?! 
It’s not an exam!
3) Chat to you for five minutes, and tell you I appreciate your reading this blog every day. I really do.
Mine is not a blog attached to adverts, which makes money off clicks.
It is not attached to BOTS (robots) who click up the clicks automatically to increase them – to make money.
It is written from the heart by me, Barbara. 
Not somebody else pretending to be me.
That is important for me. 
This HAS to be genuine, otherwise what is the point?
Money? Virtual popularity?
The money will come if I keep my Clarity house in order and never tire of doing the next right thing.
Virtual popularity? Well, that’s a load of bollocks.
(Can’t think of a better word for it)
It’s a con, and the day I have to resort to pretending I am popular, 
to create the impression that I am more than I am, or get people to shout about how great I am and what amazing things I have achieved, is the day I should retire, put away my brayer and get off the stage.
Thanks for listening. 
That has been brewing inside me for days.
Love & Hugs 

114 thoughts on “Time to speak my truth.

  1. Morning Barbara,still sitting in bed with my early morning tea and enjoyed reading your blog (as I do every day). You're so right too! Please never change! Must get up soon. Lots to do before we're heading backto the UK this afternoon after our 11 days in Germany. Looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally on Sunday xxx

  2. The thing is Barbara, the people who know you and that have known you for over 20 years like I have don't need to be told these things because they already know them to be true. I love reading your blog and the little letters that come with the club packages because it is like reading a new chapter in a book and gives us all a little insight into the life of Barbara Gray. I don't know how you cope with the negativity that is thrown your way sometimes – most of us would have folded many times over I am sure – but you just keep on going and I for one am so glad you do. Keep being you and ignore the negativity. We love you. Xxx

  3. I am so glad that you don't have pop up adverts etc. it means I can read your blog without any invasion! I was reading an article on a blog the other day ,not on your site, and the flashing adverts were so much that I had to cancel reading it! Shan't visit that site again! Keep blogging just as you are, it's great!x

  4. Well said Barbara. Never change. We all love you. Look forward to reading your blog every day and the letter that comes in with the club package. Looking forward to seeing you at Leyburn xx

  5. Yay! Well said Barb and in the immortal words of Brucie "you're my favorite!" Wishing you a fabulous time at the 'Palace'. No doubt you'll be knackered, but it'll be 'happy knackered'! We love you xxxx

  6. Morning Barb! You're an inspiration to me and I love you just the way you are. Have a great time at Ally Pally. Can't wait to catch up with you and all the gang a Leyburn. Only 8 more sleeps! Love xxx

    1. Anne and I are on 'countdown' too, really looking forward to seeing everyone again and in such fab surroundings too! Hope the restaurant staff have been given the 'heads up' for the onslaught – lol! Xx

  7. Im clearly missing something…… I read your blog every day…..have done since you first started – I may not leave a comment every day these days – but do when I feel I have something to say to you – so I am clearly missing out on whose blog is not the real person and full of adds – as I don't read one like that – that must be why I don't know who it is – so am sure like me there will be plenty of others who haven't a clue.

  8. Morning Barbara, that's what I love about you and your blogs – straight talking, no patronising buzz words ( anyone whose blogs or posts contain any of my 'dreaded trio,' I refrain from reading.) Enjoy the Pally. See you soon. ;~}

  9. So true ! I read every day and try and comment, in Crete at the moment so reading from the sunbed, at 9.45 a.m. (We're 2 hours ahead of course!). Been wondering why my blind hasn't gone up at home then realised that it's not 8.10 a.m. In England yet ! LOL !!! I enjoy all your blogs for inspiration and a bit of fun, with a pinch of seriousness when it's needed. Have a great day and good luck at Ally Pally, never been there …. yet. We haven't had our visitor yet a pregnant pussy – hoping kittens don't arrive while we're here. We're feeding her well and it's only the start of our 2 weeks, she's a regular visitor as we can tell by the visitors book. She's so friendly, we reckon she haS a proper home too with people who go to work so she comes to us for company. That's what we like to think anyway ! Have a good day everyone ! X

  10. You speak from the heart and that always comes across on your blog, in your monthly newsletters and seeing you on TV. Come to read your blog everyday and have enjoyed saying hi since the very beginning, hope those negative thoughts brewing inside can be blown out on the journey to Ally Pally. Xx

  11. I read your blog every day Barb. I don't often comment but today I had to. The reason I love your blog is that you write from the heart and you are transparent in your blogging. You are a kind generous blogger, happy to share tips and ideas with no hidden agenda…. a girl from my own heart. Keep it up and I look forward to stopping by the stand at Ally Pally xx

  12. Love your daily blog Barbara, look forward to hearing what your up too , learning new things from your tutorials but most of all being part of the clarity family . I have health issues like a lot of us in here and it's great that you all listen and give support . Best blog ever xx

  13. Anyone who has met you will know what a real, genuine person you are. Being nice to people is more important to you. So please, don`t ever change. We love you just the way you are

  14. I read your blog most days, and always admire the way you write from the heart with total honesty. You've made me laugh and on occasions cry with you. Never change Barb.
    Have fun at Aly Paly. Xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Well said! I wouldn't want you any other way! ( hope that doesn't sound creepy!) I love the blog and the club newsletters as it gives me an insight into your very hectic life. I honestly don't know how you do it all, but I am so glad and thankful that you do. You have been a huge inspiration to me (& continue to be) and I have learnt so much from you. I would certainly have been better off money wise if I'd never heard of you or Clarity but so much poorer in my quality of life ( I hope that makes sense). Have a good time at Ally Pally. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  16. Ain't that true that's why we love you and respect you, no falseness enjoy your apples and yogurt. Hope all goes well with set up today looking forward to coming to see you on Sunday and katie well she is high hasn't stopped talked my about it. In Katie's words Barbara Gray is the best. Have a good day everyone xxx

  17. You is you and me is me and that's the way it has to be!
    Don't ever change who you are Barbara…. I'd get confused.
    You're right about your blog! I love reading it because it's a little piece of you and I can in my head hear you reading it to me and I feel like my friend has popped in for a chat! Very calming and makes me feel happy.
    Your blog has a whole little community around it. But more importantly I have made so many really good friends through my love of crafting and all things clarity and that is down to you! You make things happen Barbara and we all love you for that!

    Have a great show at Ally Pally and I'll see you next week in Leyburn! Looking forward to that! Xxx

  18. Good morning Barbara
    Glad you posted this it us important to be yourself or like you say why bother
    I always visit your blog I may not always comment but I love to read of your exploits
    Your success speaks for itself and your commitment to your Clarity family is second to none
    I look forward to seeing you at Ally Pally and at Layburn…..
    Safe travels to London Hugs T x

  19. Hello Barb, you are an open and honest person, with an amazing insight and view of life. Don't ever change, because we love you just the way you are. I for one love your blog, whether it is just words or artistic creativity. Bx

  20. Sadly, we live in a world where lies, deceit and manipulation are tolerated, but honesty and the calling out of liars is often frowned upon. It is a joy to read your blog Barbara, and to be a tiny part of the Clarity world – which has more integrity than all our politicians put together (as well as being more honest than a lot of other crafting companies). Have you ever considered running for parliament?? 🙂 Keep up the (exceptionally) good work! Xx

  21. Well said Barbara! Thank you for making the time for us in your busy schedule. I really enjoy reading your blog and all the comments. It's nice to know there are so many like-minded people out there. If I am having a bad day I can always count on your blog to cheer me up or make me think in a different way. Thank you.
    Hope you enjoy Ally Pally and don't wear yourself out!!
    Gayle x

  22. Barbara you are nothing but genuine, honest and most import A REAL CRAFTER and grafter not many left like that these days in all walks of life and it lovely to read a blog by someone who is honest and as a term I don't like much "keeps it real" Sally

  23. I am sure that the number of posts so early on just proves you are doing the right thing !! I love reading your daily blog, I don't always leave a comment but do when I feel I have something to add to the conversation. You always have time to speak to everyone at the open days & shows, even if you are repeating something over & over it never appears to be a problem to you. Stay just the way you are with your fantastic team working behind you & Clarity will go on & on. Through Groovi Worldwide on Facebook I am going to meet up with 6 other like minded ladies in Bromsgrove every fortnight, I can't wait !! we are just waiting for confirmation of venue & date. If anyone on here lives nearby & have missed the post from Sheila Billingham & are interested either search FB or ask me here. xx

  24. Well Barbara – sounds as though you really needed to get that off your chest! I have no idea which blog(s) you refer to, but please have no doubts that we all love your blog just the way it is. It not only gives us the chance to learn SO much – but you allow us to share your life. This is a great privilege for us all and we thank you for this. Adverts on blogs are SO annoying & often I will not bother to carry on reading those blogs. Have safe journeys & I am SO looking forward to meeting you all at Leyburn. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – not long now before Leyburn! Really looking forward to meeting up with you all. Diane I am so pleased that you are coming up to Leyburn. Not sure how we will know each other. I am relying on Pam for some introductions! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly. Barbara got us all together last year suggesting we all meet at a certain spot at a time which was brilliant. I am sure she'll do the same again xx

    3. Hi Gilly it's possible I will be wearing a grey fleece with tigger on it but it's a little early to say! That will probably be my relaxed I'm going to a Clarity day wear! I might just say who I am to random people, you never know who you might meet!!! Xxx

  25. Said from the heart Barbara ❤️ I so look forward to reading your blog everyday even when on holidays like Poland and Malta this year 😊 We love you for you and all you do for us 😘 Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow – with credit card at the ready!!!

  26. I always look forward to reading your blog, I don't always comment but I enjoy reading it. Just carry on as you are, have a great weekend at Ally Pally and I'll see you and your fab team at Leyburn x

  27. Hello Barbara I look forward to reading your blog everyday although I don't always comment. You have made my day often ,you are so down to earth and often say what we are thinking. Please don't change a thing. Have a good weekend.xx

  28. I couldn't agree more and I LOVE that you had the nerve to say it all, so many are so worried about upsetting all and sundry, it's a refreshing relief to come to your blog and hear what you really think and not what some expect and I really believe that's what has made you more popular, people can see through an act, thanks Barbara, your a treat…x

  29. You are a business lady Barbara but you don't let your business head take away your underlying decency and kindness and your feeling for your fellow 'man' which is why we all respect and love you. Just continue to be what you are and what you have always been, a lovely lady! I don't need to say I hope all goes well this weekend because I know it will. x

  30. You can count on one hand how many blogs I follow, but yours is the only one I have to read every day. Even if it's when I go to bed, and it's the very last thing I do. You and your company have always come across as a caring, honest company. You're not out to rip us off, to make mega bucks from poor quality goods, and not give a damn. Just the opposite, and we all know it, no need for you to worry about that!!
    Have a great day at Ally Pally, and….. It's looking like I may be able to come to Leyburn after all. Yippee xx

  31. Has someone tried to give you a knock down again? If so you've only got to look at how many of us are there for you and appreciate you and all the Clarity team which you have built. You are very much loved, respected and appreciated by so many. See you all at Leyburn, one of the highlights of my year xx

  32. Well Barbara all these comments today must certainly speak for themselves. You should be so proud of the fact that everyone of us love you just as you are. A loving, honest, no aires and graces, reliable person who gives all of herself to us in the form of her wonderful blog. Keep bring yoi. See you soon, so looking forward to it.xxx

  33. Love you just as you are Barb so don't change …. we all read your blog everyday because you ARE genuine. It's refreshing when we can read something and feel – 'yes, been there/done that or I feel like that too'. You make me smile so many times on days which are a bit grey (that's grey not gray!)… even downright laugh out loud many a time and that makes my day! Love the blog – I hope someone hasn't been dragging you down to feel like this. Have a great day today Barb regardless of whatever it is … hope to hear you're more relaxed now you've got it out of your system xxx

  34. Hi Barbara
    I love reading your blog, you respond to the events of the day, tell us a funny story or what has got your goat. We've held our breath with you when Grace was poorly and celebrated when we knew she was ok, cried tears of laughter with many hillarious moments, met some amazing people and shared some lovely holidays with you too. Along with all that you show us some outstanding artwork, hints tips and ideas. You are such a lovely friendly genuine person, don't ever change. We love you just the way you are. Yep blog definately written by you, not preprogrammed in advance to pop up every day at the same time. We sit at the kitchen table with you as you peel the spuds or sit on the sofa next to Dave waiting for poldark. The lovely Paul steps in to give us a laugh and a cheeky sale item if the internet plays up once in a blue moon. Just keep being you Barbara and enjoy yourself at Ally Pally.
    Love Diane xxx

  35. I love reading your blog. I too blog – but nowhere near as often as you, and no I don't earn money from it either – I just do it as a reference of things I have created (even my failures – lol!) If people have found it so be it and I don't care whether they comment or not. I blog for me – although I do know some cousins do follow me to keep up with what I am doing, which I think is lovely.
    So keep up with the blogging. I love reading it just for inspiration xx

  36. You are you; please never change. One of the reasons I blog is because I was inspired by you and I try to create a small work of art every day to share with others (whether many people read it or not). I enjoy it and that's what counts. I laughed out loud at point 2 on your list; I know that feeling, although I don't blog in German. Hope you have a great time at Ally Pally and that Leyburn goes well. Unfortunately I can't make either but I'm sure there will be plenty of your friends there (that is how Clarity treat their customers after all. Hugs xx

  37. Who knew there was so much intrigue and subterfuge in crafting or blogging? I thought the only thing you had to beware of was getting so much ink on your fingers that it wouldn't come off! Don't change Barbara – You're great just the way you are, and no-one makes me think, laugh or dare to try something different like you do. Thank you x

  38. 'Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.' Dr Seuss
    Just do what you're doing, Barbara. Don't let anyone put you off. I know little of other blogs but I read yours everyday Mxx

  39. Love reading your blog every day. Right there with you. Would be great to be at Ally Pally, but the trains are up the wall again. Have a good time. X

  40. What I really like about you Barb is that you are down to earth, what you see is what you get, you don't suffer fools gladly and you are honest. Just my cuppa tea! Never change! Barbs X

  41. As been said above wonder what brought this on, not sure a pretend blog could make so many twists and turns and digressions from the path. I know I read it every day precisely for that reason, it is you and we all get to sit in your head that day with whatever is there. It's like sitting down for a lovely cuppa and a chin way and why we feel in some small way connected. Long may it reign, I say. Enjoy Ally Pally, hope attack in Parsons Green does not cause too much trouble for you and the gang. Have fab time. Karen xxx

  42. My day is not complete until I have read your blog. I don't read any other blogs as I seem to be completely hooked on Clarity products and I get so much inspiration from you and your design team. I love the little peek into your day and enjoy reading all the comments (and what a lot of comments today!).
    Lovely parcel arrived today with my wedding Groovi and plum parchment, can't wait to get started on a card for my son and his bride-to-be . xx

  43. I also find my day is not complete until I have read your blog. I seldom comment as usually all the lovely people on here have already said what I would like to express, but today I felt I really should. Through your blog and monthly newsletter I feel I have a real connection with you although you wouldn't have a clue who I am. You have inspired me in my crafting and to try to be a better person. We all love and apppreciate you just the way you are. X

  44. I know kind, honest people, talented people, some who are hard working, determined and charitable. Some who make me laugh when all I want to do is cry and cry with me when there is no other option. I have friends who would go to the ends of the Earth for my son and me. I have family who are proud of me every day – I have only known you a few years but I can honestly say that you are all these people rolled into one beautiful person and I am so lucky to know you xxxx

  45. I rarely get to comment these days, but never miss reading your inspirational blog. Everything you do comes from the heart and you always make time to blog daily, not just have a stack of posts pre-written. You are passionate, compassionate and absolutely honest, which I really appreciate and admire. You have introduced me to people and things I would never have discovered and some have made a difference to my life.
    Of course you are also a business woman, but you make time for the important things in life as well and you are not afraid to admit that sometimes you have got it wrong. Thanks for being you. Annette x

  46. Can't fault being open, honest and caring can you. Love it when people 'tell it like it is' which is what you do, don't need anything else so just keep being you! Xx

  47. I feel sad that you felt you had to write these things, but I hope that getting them out has helped you. Like others, I first met you well over 20 years ago and have followed your career (and bought your products!) ever since. Yours is the only blog I read every single day (BTW can it be sent to my inbox?) and will continue to do so.

  48. I don't know what lay behind your blog today but I don't see any evidence of you being anything other than a completely and utterly inspirational person, fantastically creative crafter, astute business woman, and all round good egg! We've only met a couple of times (at your retreats – now the highlight of my year) but you treated me as a friend from the outset and I'm proud to call you my friend. Keep up the fantastic blog (however do you find the time to inspire us all every single day?!) and don't let anyone get you down! Lovely, lovely lady xx

  49. Hi,
    I like some others are obviously missing something. I hope you feel better for getting that off your chest. I'm generally one of the quiet ones who reads your blogs without commenting. I can hear your voice as I read your words. You help keep me going when times are rough, without even knowing it. I enjoy your work, you and how you describe your daily life. You feel real to me. You inspire me when I'm low. I feel that you're a close friend even though you don't know me.
    Thank you for all you do
    Big hug Barbara ��

  50. Just continue to be you.we love your originality your personality and the fact that you always have time for people and share your talents with us all please don't change. We all think you are fabulous

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