Can you keep a Secret?

Can you keep a Secret?

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Wednesday. The day we touch on matters of the soul.
Can we park crafting for a day and talk about something close to my heart? Something very close indeed.
In fact so close, you cannot prise it out of me – no matter what.
If somebody tells you something in confidence, 
can you keep it to yourself?
I can.
I have many, many secrets which others have entrusted me with over the years, locked deep in my chest. They will never see the light of day, never pass through my lips. They were told to me in trust, and I would not betray that trust – ever.
My conscience would not allow it. 
So if you told me something which you wish you hadn’t, 
lest I gossip, forget it. Relax.
It is not my story to tell. Never was, never will be.
Trust is the key to my life. It is a constant.
If you can trust me, you can love me – in that order.
When I die, I want people to remember me as trustworthy,
worthy of their trust.
Love & Hugs,

34 thoughts on “Can you keep a Secret?

  1. My problem is, my memory is so bad now, if I can remember the secret, I might not remember it *is* a secret. Luckily, now I've retired, no-one tells me anything 😉

  2. You have many fantastic qualities Barbara but think that is one of the most important.
    Two more sleeps until I'll be on my way to Leyburn! Really looking forward to it!
    Love and hugs xxx

  3. Spent 17 years as a clinical counselor – it just refined skills of confidentiality I already had, but it never failed to amaze me how much difference it made to someone to share something safe in the knowledge that it would never go any further. A quality to be treasured, methinks

  4. I am just the same – I just cannot share anything told to me in strict confidence. Nothing will get it out of me and I am proud of that. Sadly I don't know of many others who hold the same quality – maybe two or three and of course yourself. xx

  5. I wish the world was full of more people like you as trust is very important to me.
    As a nanny who works in other people's houses I have their trust with their children and belongings which I find increadable. As a result I have special bonds with those whom I care for long after I move on to my next family.

  6. That is a good rule to live by, I do not repeat a confidence. I used to work in a school and of course knew many things about some of the children, I would not have had my job very long if I had repeated all I knew. I have a few friends who are very trustworthy. xx

  7. Hallo Barbara,
    Geheimnisse sind bei mir auch gut aufgehoben und ich sage dem Gegenüber immer, dass es weder meinen Kopf noch den Raum verlässt.
    Und ich selbst suche mir die Menschen aus denen ich Geheimnisse anvertraue (dieses Vertrauen baut man über die Jahre auf) und mit der Zeit kann man sehr gut einschätzen wem man was anvertraut und wem nicht … bei diesen Leuten sag ich dann immer "dann kann ich es auch gleich in die Zeitung setzen bzw. die Spatzen pfeifen es von den Dächern".;-)
    Viele Grüße sendet dir Sabine

  8. I wouldn't doubt for a moment that you are a very trustworthy person! Sadly many people are not, as I am sure that many of us have found out, to our cost. I would never betray a confidence either. Love Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – day 20 of our Clarity road trip! We spent last weekend with our other daughter and grandaughter- making precious memories. From there we moved up to Cheshire to call in & surprise our sister-in-law for her birthday. We took her out to lunch yesterday and last night we moved up to a site in Knaresborough. We have spent today in Harrogate and the weather was kind to us. So that's another place I can cross off my list. Not long now until Leyburn – love and hugs Gilly xxx

  9. That is the sign of a true friend. Someone you can bare your soul to and know it will go no further. Your friends and family are lucky to have you and so are we.
    Gayle x

  10. Barbara could agree more I tend to put things in the very back of my mind when people tell me things don't want shared it's not are business to share it with others but sadly so many people do it's respect for others and there lives. Glad got a friend like you who know can trust xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    I am the same. I do believe that honesty and trustworthiness are two of the most important qualities.
    My Christmas carol plates came today and they are fabulous – thank you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. I've always considered you to be a trustworthy person Barbara, and anything told me in confidence is never passed on either. A good virtue to have amongst others such as honesty and consideration. Last day of having internet as no wifi on our next site when we move on to Leyburn tomorrow.xx

  13. Trust is everything…I never ever repeat things told to me in confidence, some people in the past have found this strange, fully expecting my nearest and dearest to know of what I was told and totally dumbfounded when realising I've not said a word of it! Like you's not my story to tell… Only a couple of days to wait for Leyburn now…must get Sat Nag programmed and finish off the shopping list! Xxx

  14. Hello Barb, that is something I believe very strongly in too. And the only time I would ever consider breaking that trust, would be if anyone could be in harms way. Take care lovely lady. Bx

  15. Couldn't agree more Barb – it's so nice and so refreshing to be able to talk to those few who are as trustworthy as this and to aspire to be the same for the sake of those around us xx

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