Artistry Inks and a Butterfly Tree

Artistry Inks and a Butterfly Tree

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Thought I would have a look at the Artistry ink pads today.
I was asked several times at the weekend Ally Pally Show, 
whether these ink pads were water soluble.
So I decided the best way to show you was to spray them with water and let you decide for yourself!
Here, I have simply smeared 4 colours onto a sheet of water-colour paper. If you want ink to move with water, then use the surface best suited:
Spritz well with water, and watch what happens.

Soak up puddles with a paper towel.

Spritz again if you want to move the ink some more.

Then leave to dry.
I flattened it underneath a heavy book.

Here’s a smaller one, using the same colours.
Which colours?
Rosey Cheek (RED)
Elegant Emerald (GREEN)
Wild Bilberry (BLUE)
Haystack (YELLOW)
Can you see the landscapes that I can see? In both pieces?
Let’s go with the small sample today.
Stamp the Butterfly tree into place, using Black Archival.

Add a butterfly from the same Butterfly Tree stampset.
Let’s use the ink pads to paint the butterfly.
All you need is a GOOD No. 6 Sable hair brush.
Not, not a hairbrush! A sable hair PAINT brush!
One brush does all. It’s all I ever use or need.
Expensive, but well worth it.
Add a little blue colour to the black tree too, 
where it wasn’t solid black.

Now for the backing.
And here’s where I let you into a little secret.
When I designed the Northern Lights Papers a few months ago, 
I used a very limited colour palette.
In fact, it was exactly the same as the colours listed above.
Pretty much prime colours.
Which means that most of the Northern Lights papers will work perfectly as a frame.

I think I will pull out the turquoise and the lime green blend 
which occurred quite by chance. 

Needs a little definition methinks…
A make up sponge and torn paper will do the trick.
Our Spot on Sponges are what it says on the packet – SPOT ON!
(£2.99 per pack)
Very dense, top quality, washable.
click here to buy 7 packs for the price of 5

Now you can see the stream and the meadow and the hills, right?
Mounted and signed.

Time to stop for an hour.
Still recovering from the weekend!
And it’s Leyburn this coming Saturday.
Now THAT’s a long haul, up to North Yorkshire.
But worth it.
We have got a BIG EVENT planned this year.
Put it this way: there are 18 of us booked in for our Clarity evening meal on Friday! Demonstrators and helpers!
If you fancy a trip out to Tenants the Auction Rooms in Leyburn, it is a fabulous venue. And the reason we can extend ticket sales to 
at-the-door, is because we booked twice the space this year!
Get there early to book in on the 
FREE Make & Take mini workshops 
with Linda Page and Jane Telford,
 and the FREE Snip Clinic, 
with Glynis Whitehead and Chris Walker!
I think it is going to be superb.
Love & hugs,

19 thoughts on “Artistry Inks and a Butterfly Tree

  1. Great artwork today as ever Barbara. I do like that stamp and the butterflies that go with it!
    Really looking forward to seeing you on Friday and Saturday!
    Amy is coming home after work for the evening which will be lovely!
    Just going to catch up with Rosie's shows now as I missed them this morning!
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Beautiful effect tree with butterflies coming out love it and goes perfect with this effect. Wish was coming this Saturday but cannot do everything and did have great day on Sunday with you xxx

  3. Very pretty, you always make it look so easy, my problem is "seeing" the landscape. You've just reminded me that I need to note down my ink pad colours ready for Saturday, I'm getting more excited each day xx

  4. Love the demo Barbara. The colours are superb. Have a great time Friday evening, I'm sure there will be lots of laughter. Safe travelling. I hope Leyburn goes well. xx

  5. Hello Barb, love your artwork, the colours are perfect together. Have a great time this weekend, I am sure all the attendees will, and no doubt there will be some hilarity on Friday evening. Take care all. Bx

  6. The inks move well with the water and the Butterfly Tree stamp looks great over the inky background Barbara, and the extra hills and colouring on the butterfly finish it beautifully. I'm sure Leyburn will be a big hit as usual. x

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