Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
I went to my creative space today, but the cupboard was bare.
Or should I say full?
I can honestly say that my head is so full, 
that there isn’t the space for anything new just now.
Art yes. Business no.
It’s been a gradual process, this filling up. 
Many years of gathering ideas, information, knowledge, crap, 
unresolved dilemmas, political debate, business deals, numbers – 
an endless daily mental pummeling.
There’s so much to think about, to consider and to deal with, 
that I am waking up tired just now. Even after 8 hours of solid sleep. There’s nothing wrong with me physically. 
Just need to clear the cupboard out, get rid of some old outdated stuff which is still cluttering up my mind.
I’ve got a really brilliant idea.
A real game changer concept. I’ve been thinking about it for not months, but years. Was about to launch into it when Groovi landed, so it got put on the back burner.
I KNOW what needs to be done to get it fired up, 
put the idea into action, make it a reality.
But I just have to do some serious spring-cleaning in my head before I can get my ducks in a row properly, sharpen my thinking,
map it out. 
Do you know what I mean? Surely I can’t be the only one whose head is full to capacity ?! 
Yoga? Meditation? No cheese? Perhaps.
But work which requires no great thought is mine for now. 
And that’s fine too. 
Time to coast for a while, stop pedalling so hard.
Then, when there’s a shelf clear in my head, 
I can formulate a new plan.
And fill it again.
Viva Activa.
Love & Hugs,

26 thoughts on “Overload

  1. I always think it is a shame we can't buy extra capacity for our brains – similar to installing extra memory on a computer. After all the brain is our own inbuilt computer! Wishing you success.

  2. Ooh it always scares me when you talk like this Barb – it usually means my bank balance is going to suffer……again!! Mind you, knowing you it will be something I really really need!! I hope you manage to clear the cupboard to make room for whatever it is you have in store for us. Xxx

  3. My brain was full when I was at work – mainly with other people's problems, it's still full but with crafty things to do and my own problems which aren't that many when I think about it. Look forward to hearing what your next project it ! Xx

  4. Evening Barbara! I know exactly what you mean. I get a bit like that when I have a lot to do and can't get ideas firmly set in my head! I need to write myself lists and notes more and more these days! And then I'll be lying in bed with ideas zooming round and the only way to deal with them is jot them down… Get them out of my head! I thought that once I retired from my job as a teacher I'd not need a note book….wrong! I use one more now than then!
    All you can do is what you can do! And you always come good in the end! So just try and relax … Walk with and talk to Dave, drink green tea and eat good food! And when possible sit in your garden and soak up some sun!
    Love and hugs xxx

  5. You are always so ready to help and keep having lots of wonderful ideas, often to help others but time to look after yourself for a little while. Take the time you need then you can throw whatever you have in mind at us. As Dawn says probably means our bank balance will suffer. Mine needs to go into recovery after an expensive time lately. Take care. xx

  6. Know that feeling a lot in past know lot frustration that cannot do so much. Would be great if was away of down loading head content and fefilling with what want when needed. Hope you get a bit of space to start doing what you wanted to start doing things you want to big hugs xxx

  7. Used to have that feeling a lot in my job for the NHS, but not so much in my B&B! Now a busy day is one when I have to bake bread, muffins, cake and biscuits. Sometimes when I didn't know which way to turn, or what to do, I'd have what I called a "Sit on it and see" period, which could last hours, days or weeks. Sounds like that's just what you need yourself!!! x

  8. Can't wait to hear what your idea is, so hope you get your shelf clear soon. In the meantime, take your time and be good to yourself.
    Gayle x

  9. If this idea is anything like groovi it will be a runaway success. Don't feel you have to rush to get things started though, you have had rather a lot on your plate with acquiring Pergamano and the way groovi took off. There are so many people that you can call on if you need help in this great big Clarity family, so use other peoples' brain capacity for the small stuff and allow yourself time for the big ideas! Hugs and best wishes and take care of yourself; a couple of months isn't going to hurt anyone!

  10. Yep, Barb, just take some time to 'stand and stare', take a deep breath – metaphorically speaking, brew it, like you would a pot of tea! Then, I agree with Sarah Brennan and slowly let it happen. Can't wait though, love your ideas. Love 'n hugs xxxxx

  11. Can't say I am surprised your brain is overflowing after all you have accomplished in the last couple of years. Every month you produce a one day wonder, design a stamp, stencil and Groovi for club members write a newsletter, come up with fabulous new designs and you bought pergamano! You do open days and retreats and blog every day. Try to relax, get some time in the garden – winter will be here before we know it xx

  12. Hi Barbara
    I hope you manage to do some spring cleaning and sorting in your head soon , it sounds like you are definately running out of space! Take some time to breath the fresh air and get some sun (or rain!! ) on your back. I wonder what you've got in store for us in the future, it sounds exciting! Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Any chance of some more delegation? You've so many people surrounding you, who are waiting to step up to the mark. Utilise them, be proud of them, and empty another shelf in that brain-store. I'm sure they are just waiting to be asked. Take care xx

  14. I think most of us have that 'my brain can't handle anymore' syndrome sometimes and most of us don't have as many things to juggle as you Barbara so do yourself a favour and ease off a bit and give yourself a bit of a breathing space, you deserve it. Less work time and more fun when you can. x

  15. Who knows what direction you will take next Barbara but one thing is sure, it will be interesting. Continue sleeping well and let your body relax and your mind empty. xx

  16. Hello Barb, I know the feeling, when there is just too much taking up your mind space, to be able to add one more thing. So I hope that you will soon be able to clear that shelf. Keep taking those walks and getting plenty of sleep. Bx

  17. I was a bit like that before we went to Mexico! I decided I had to switch off, nothing else could be done and I had to throw myself into holiday mode – after spending two months prepping ahead of time so I could relax?? I am back now and almost firing on all cylinders.

  18. I have to clear the Craftroom table and look at what I want to do. The table gets piled up when I get ill and other people pile stuff onto the table and I have no room and everything is all messed up.

    But I also have to tidy and de clutter my cupboard in order to be able to know where other stuff is. Like jewellery I am not doing just now but wanting to start my journal and getting involved in scrapbooking. Fix out good Stamps and dies for both, rearrange dies into orders I.e flowers against other stuff etc. And declutter lol.

    My head is fixated on a clear table and a good easy to find things in my cupboard so I am there with you. Dx

  19. I know exactly what you mean! I've got a theory that my brain is like a computer hard drive, & now I've reached a "certain age" the memory card is full. That means when I try to save something new it either fails, or I have to delete something else to create capacity. ……….. at least that's my excuse!!

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