If only…..

If only…..

Hi there
Thanks for popping in.
Had a little play today, with one of the Northern Lights papers 
and a new stamp set which I am in love with:
Mmm…. I see a landscape coming on….
Perch the ladder on a cliff top.

Erase a little blackness from the moon with a pencil eraser

and add a little whiteness with one of our Pergamano white pencils.

Use a black Micron pen to secure the ladder to the clifftop…

then trim back and add the words.
Craft knife and C-Thru ruler 
with a strip of our Groovi Grip attached to the back, 
so you don’t slide around.

Highlight the letters with a white pencil
(any one of the twelve will do the job!)

Time to add the background.
Use the black Micron pen to define the hillside and the cliff.
And now let’s add a lake.
Masking tape,

Make-up sponge and a turquoise ink pad

Now for a mountain in the distance…
Grey or black ink. Archival ink sits better on this paper.

Edge the edges with a Sharpie pen.
Can you see the waterfall now? White pencil again…

So just by finding a landscape in the paper, 
I was able to bring it out with a white pencil.

If only we had this paper in parchment!
Imagine that. Then you could add whiteness from behind…

And wouldn’t it be great to have some new colours too, just like the Northern Lights Collection, but another lovely selection.
Mmmm…..if only……
Love & hugs,

35 thoughts on “If only…..

  1. Beautiful absolutely beautiful, and a hint of teasing I suspect.
    Yesterday's blog too was brill I've been thinking of all things on my bedroom wall in the 70's!!! Xxxx

  2. That is gorgeous! I'm going to give it a go, got this stamp at the retreat I liked it so much! I think you've got something brewing in that head of yours – something to do with parchment????? Hope you're having a lovely weekend xxx

  3. Are you sure you've put a lake and mountain? I can see the cliff of Dover and the sea from where I sit….. Is your last sentence a hint for some new papers on the way??????
    Stunning card as usual.
    Take care,
    Laurence xx

  4. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Just got in from London, athletics this morning was amazing! Finally got to see Bolt run so I'm happy. Last session tomorrow evening, can't wait! ☺☺

  5. Great step by step – got the Northern Lights pad (got the full set actually!) still at the 'stroke and look' stage with them (ooh er missus that sound a bit dodgy!). Like the stamp so it'll be added to my Leyburn shopping list me thinks and as for the 'tease' re Northern Lights parchment…. sounds great, bring it on! xx

  6. I love how you see things in the abstract art on these papers Barbara. I'll have to practise squinting at it, like I did when those magic eye pictures were all the rage.

    At the risk of looking really stupid, I have to admit that I didn't understand what the phrase "you hung the moon" meant, although it was obviously a compliment. I looked it up and in case there is anyone else who is as ignorant as me, it's a phrase that apparently originated in Texas in the USA many years ago. It means you are extremely wonderful, amazing or good. Several singers over the years, mostly country singers, have incorporated it into their lyrics, namely Drew Holcomb, Kelly Triplett, Jessi Colter, Patty Smyth and Elvis Costello. Dave has kindly offered to sing a medley of these at the next Open Day.

    So, sorry if I was the only one not to know the phrase, but just in case there are others who didn't, there you go! And Barbara and the Design Team, …..you all hung the moon xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous! I wish I could see what you do! Looking forward to the new paper pad but Northern Lights parchment, now that would be something! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. I love it when you do that! Done a bit more Groovi today but my head has been spinning with the memories stirred by yesterday's blog & comments. Remember Kiku perfume & gorgeous yellow dusting bowls, clackers, cats cradle (aka inky pinky ponky!), milk shakes in the Wimpey Bar, striped socks with platform wedges, wallpaper covered school books etc, etc, etc!!!!!

  9. I think there is a little teasing going on here Barbara, maybe you should have added 'watch this space'…lol. I think you are fantastic at seeing a scene in a background and with a few deft flicks there it is, how pretty. x

  10. You're not alone Judy! I didn't know the phrase 'you hung the moon' either. I didn't have the sense to look it up though, so thanks for sharing the meaning of it. Another lovely card Barbara has created. Using a sheet of patterned paper and a stamp I wouldn't have created so wonderful in a month of Sundays! Pam x

  11. I am in awe of your talent. You just make everything come alive. As someone commented, I wish you could sell imagination, as mine seems to go on strike regularly. Thank you for your daily inspiration, be it crafting, memories or a new way of thinking. X

  12. I would also like to buy a bucket of imagination, I can see it when you point out the scene but I'm blowed if I can find it on my own. Gorgeous, gorgeous artwork. Just love the Northern Lights pad, I will have to go and look at it again.
    I hope you don't mind but I would like to share a little story with you all. A young lady who lives locally (14 years old) was being bullied at school and became very unhappy. However she was introduced to athletics and became proficient at javelin and discus. The charity group I belong to raises money all year round and gives it to local causes. We heard that she was raising funds so she and her chaperone could attend the World Dwarf Games in Canada so we invited her and her mum to come to one of our meetings when she brought a fistful of medals won in the UK. We gave her a cheque and I heard on the radio yesterday she won 5 bronze and 1 silver and has the Tokyo paralympics in her sight. Only met her once but feel so happy about her achievements.
    Sorry to go on so long xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Isn't this lovely, it's great how you see things in the northern lights paper and just pop a stamp on to suit. I'm sure it takes much more planning than that! It's not an expression I knew either so thanks Judy. Sorry for my lateness, went to check if you had posted today and realised I had looked last night and had fallen asleep before I commented! Whoops.
    Love Diane xxx

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