Dave, Donny Michael AND Marc in my bedroom at the same time..

Dave, Donny Michael AND Marc in my bedroom at the same time..

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Friday’s blog a private peek, right?
Well I want to take you back to my teenage years.
I was having a really good chat with lovely Lisa at work today, 
and this just came up, because we were talking about wallpaper of all things!
Remember when we were teenagers, we used to get a magazine every month which had a life size pullout pin-up of some super star or other. I even remember the name of the mag:
David Cassidy,
Donny Osmond (cringe), 
Michael Jackson, 
Marc Bolan 
David Bowie
to name just 5. I plastered the bedroom walls with them – much to my dad’s displeasure. From the ceiling to the floor. 
Favourites at a kissable height… 
Go on! Admit it! Tell me I wasn’t the only one who used to snog Marc Bolan’s poster!
The thing was, they were all quite short, weren’t they? 
Even Bowie was only 5’ 8” – same as me. 
And I had quite a few life size posters, like full length, so to speak.
So I used to hang them about a foot above the skirting board, 
so they weren’t quite so short!
Anyway, Lisa found this highly amusing today.
Cor blimey, that takes me back…
Remember Top of the Pops on a Thursday evening, 
after Tomorrow’s World?
Used to stand in the corner of the living room and dance away all by myself, while Dad hid behind the newspaper.
Hahaha … those were the days..
my friend, I thought they’d never end, 
we’d sing and dance for ever and a day.
We’d live the life we choose,
we’d fight and never lose.
those were the days, oh yes those were the days…..
Do you know, I just wrote that out without flinching. 
Some things you never forget.
Come on! Singalong!
You will feel brilliant afterwards, especially knowing hundreds of us all remember every single word, and we’re all having a go!

Where did the time go, eh?
Love & hugs,

67 thoughts on “Dave, Donny Michael AND Marc in my bedroom at the same time..

  1. Oh blimey, me too! David Cassidy was my favorite but shared the wall with Donny. I had Jackie mag every week too, had the Jackie annual a couple of years ago for Christmas and the Jackie CD with all the relevant music. They certainly were the days and I remember the words too. Then there was the Cherish LP I bought for Mothers Day for my Mum because….. I wanted it LOL!! Those definitely were the days…..

    Had great news, it looks like a Groovi class might be set up near me in Oxford ….. can't wait …… !! Xxxx

  2. That brought back memories.I had The Kinks all over my walls, used to think they were great much to my mum's disgust. Loved Top of the Pops as well, dad secretly watching with me. When Fred and I started dating we used to go to a club in Birmingham to watch a lot of the top groups, just a small room really. Sit quite close with our drinks, these days it is a big arena and mostly only see anything on a TV screen. Yes those were the days xx

  3. Oh boy Barbara you did bring back memories. I even share my name with the magazine which was named after Jacqueline Wilson the author. Thank you for all the happy memories. Yes I did know all the words too. Where did all the time go? Hugs Jackie

  4. Remember those days well donny osmond and 😍David Cassidy was my favourite even joined Davids fan club so excited when reciev d it hehe 😂 those were the Days we knew how to live xxx

  5. I sang along….. 🙂 But my era was a lot earlier than yours, Barbara ….Elvis …Cliff…Billy Fury…..Why can I remember the words to all their songs, yet I can't remember my own phone number???? Where does the time go to….the years get shorter the older you get, so enjoy every day as if it was your last! And sing along at every opportunity!!! xxxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Yes I know all of the words as well! Used to get Jackie and then Fab208 which I used to love as well. Even made Mam and Dad trawl around Luxembourg City until we found the radio station headquarters but they wouldn't let us in!!! Loved Marc Bolan and TRex, gutted when he died, moved on to The Moody Blues – oh Justin Hayward was gorgeous! Happy memories. Love and hugs Alisonxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well my new v cut picot tools came today so had to have a play with them. Used them to edge the anniversary card I have been making and although my little finger kept getting cramp from doing all of the picot cutting ( it's an 8×8 card) , I am really chuffed with the result. The tools are fabulous! I even did the template like Tina suggested to work out which tool to use and it worked out fine – I would never have thought of that myself! Hope you've all had a good day, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  7. I loved Slade spent all my pocket money on mags , used to stick loads of pics of them in scrapbooks ( so that's where that started 😳)
    Yes loved the glam rock ❤️❤️❤️Happy days

  8. Marc Bolan was my hero. Had a fab poster on my bedroom wall with his hair made up of snakes & lizards etc also to my dad's disgust! Hours spent every Sunday trying to tape the charts show on the radio without the DJ's chatter – wore out the pause button & many pencils when the tape got tangled! Happy days, thanks for the memories xx

  9. Ah – 'Jackie' published from 1964 – 1993 by DCThomson in Dundee, quite local to my teenage home which was 26 miles away and the closest 'big town' where I went to buy the latest clothes – remember the midis which were always much more controversial than the minis or maxis – and footwear. Didn't need to buy the Jackie myself as I worked in a newsagents on a Saturday from the age of 13 and read the stock during quiet times. Ah yes those were the days! But I would not wish to return. ;~}

  10. Thanks for sparking those memories of our teenage years, only a couple of years ago of course!! Remember having to plead to change my weekly mag from Judy to Jackie when I moved to senior school !!

  11. Until the day I got married, I shared a room with my 3 younger sisters, so space was at a premium. As I slept on the bottom bunk bed, my posters were stuck horizontally under the top bunk, so I could lie in bed looking up adoringly at David Essex and the Walker Brothers! When my sister wriggled above me, I could even imagine them reaching down for a quick snog!😂 Thanks for sparking those memories Barb and have a lovely weekend.

  12. Ahaha OMG! I still sing that one in the shower! And no – didnt lose my starry notions on the way. Parchment designer friend of mine, Judith Maslen used to write and draw for Jackie too!

  13. Omg! Walk down memory lane or what!! I had all those posters out of Jackie plus some others. It was definitely the thing to do wasn't it plaster your walls with all sorts of posters. And it continued when I went to uni. However we were only supposed to have 3 posters up on the wall stuck up with blu tack. Well three was never enough so being resourceful and creative I went to the student shop and bought some sheets of sugar paper and cellotape and made a sheet the size of the walls, cut out the space for the window and then stuck these up…three big posters. Then filled it with all sorts of posters and pictures! One poster was Bryan Ferry… His eyes followed you around the room! David Essex was another favourite! And then Peter Gabriel especially after I was lucky enough to get to meet him!
    It's amazing when I think back to those days when I realise that it was so long ago yet those memories are still so vivid like it happened yesterday! Happy memories don't fade!
    Hope this weekend you make happy memories too!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  14. Oh those were the days! Thanks for the memories Barbara. I loved David Cassidy and the Partridge Family. I was also a great Elvis fan. Could never see the attraction of Marc Bolan though, sorry!!!
    Gayle x

  15. David Cassidy was my fave early 70s. followed by Rod Stewart and now it's Bon Jovi have seen all of them in concert which I absolutely love nothing quite like a live performance

  16. Oh happy days. Yes I had posters all over.. I remember seeing Marc Boland in Manchester when they were still tyranasaurus Rex before they became T Rex. They were the support for Jethro Till.
    I remember also posters of Janice Joplin James Brown.
    Loads of Biba stuff..we had a Biba boutique in next town

    Happy days

  17. Oh the memories that has brought back! My mum wouldn't buy me 'Jackie' but I used to get it from the girl who lived next door but one who was 3/4 years older then me. Sadly, sometimes the posters were already gone but I ended up with enough to paper at least one wall in my bedroom! David Cassidy was definitely a favourite. Mxx

  18. Oh, Barb, that has really evoked some memories! TOTP's on a Thursday night. When I left school at the tender age of 16, I went straight into unpaid apprenticeship, training to be a riding instructress and on a Thursday night, us girls had to prepare the horses for a Thursday night lesson for people who paid good money. But once they were in the very posh indoor riding school, we all shot back up to our little flat for TOTP's, just enough time to watch all the latest hits and then get back down on the yard before they had finished! They certainly were the days. Don't know whether this makes me sound old, but don't you think music was actually 'music' then? You've just rolled back the years for me and reminded me of some very happy times – Thank You xxxx

  19. Hi Barbara
    Oh what lovely memories, I had a big poster of Donny on my door ( dad wouldn't let us put them on the wallpaper), he was so dreamy. My lovely daughter found the poster online and had it blown up for me for my 50th birthday, she couldn't understand the attraction! I used to dance to top of the pops too while listening to comments such as ' he needs a good hair cut' and 'that's a man??!!'(boy George!). Oh yes those were the days. Now my husband has still got a bill board sized poster of Madonna rolled up in a tube, he wonders why I wouldn't let him put it on the wall! Have a lovely weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

  20. I lived in Australia and didn't get that kind of magazine, and as I wasn't a pop fan, didn't know many of the songs -but that one of Mary Hopkin's was one I won't forget, I first heard it walking back to the underground one evening after psychology class at Sydney Uni and liked it so much I bought the record. It was the only 'pop' record I ever owned. I wonder what happened to it??????

  21. Defo a trip down memory lane…used to get Jackie every week too! Still love to sing along while doing household chores…makes them seem less tedious! Xx

  22. It was Donny for me….and still is. I have been to all his concerts, in the 70's and all his concerts since 2002.
    I met him once, he was lovely and so kind. I even got a hug from him.
    My bedroom was also covered in Donny posters, the walls, ceiling, pillow case.
    My poor dad decorated my bedroom, painted it purple , of course (Donnys favourite colour)! And then I cover every inch with posters, scarfs etc. Dad asked me why he bothered painting it, in his words "because you can't see an inch of the dam colour"! LOL
    Thanks for the memories xx

  23. Donny Osmond and David Essex were my faves. I remember I dreamed one night that me and Donny met, fell in love and got married. It was one of those dreams were it feels so real, when I woke up I was devastated. I shared a room with my sister, and she woke cos of my crying, but I wouldn't tell her why I was crying cos she would have taunted me terrible, haha!!

  24. My bedroom was practically wallpapered with David Essex and Simon McCorkindale. David Essex is still gorgeous ��
    Jackie mag was great but I also used to get Smash Hits & Just Seventeen. I still have a copy of Just Seventeen from the 80's because I was in it!!

  25. I certainly remember Mary Hopkin though I go back a bit further than you Barbara. I was quite middle of the road and the first two records I bought were Downtown by Petula Clark and On The Beach by Cliff Richard and I also loved The Beatles much to my Mum and Dad's consternation, though secretly my Mum quite liked them I think. I always watched Top of the Pops too. Was it really that long ago, it seems impossible that so many years have passed. Thank you for reminding us. x

  26. Aww lovely memories. Donny and I were geting married, only thing was I don't think he knew! Played Puppy Love till I wore new grooves in the record I think. Loved everything Osmond. I can still remember my favourite Donny poster, he was in a boat on Serpentine lake in Hyde Park, I spent hours looking longingly into those eyes ahhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet dreams x


  28. A trip down memory lane indeed. In Germany the mag to get was BRAVO and the show to watch on telly was Disco (Germany's answer to TOTP) and after my first trip to London I got hooked listening to Radio Luxembourg at night and my UK pen pals kept sending me FAB 208 and Jackie mags…. Oh, and my bedroom was plastered with posters and all, too – David Cassidy, David Essex, Donny Osmond,too but also loved Glam Rock – The Sweet,T Rex etc. Still got my scrap books, too 😊 Mustn't forget Happy Days (remember the Fonz?) Oh yes, those were the days. Definitely! Thanks for the memories, Barbara xx

  29. Those were the days! I have the 45 single of this record. I remember saving all my copies of Jackie and sending them to Germany for my exchange partner to read. We used to record Top of the Pops on an old tape recorder. I can still remember years later and married getting so excited when my brother in law's name came up on the credits for lighting. He still has a Top of the Pops sign from the show at home. I can also remember being allowed to stay up to listen to 'In the Avenues and Alleyways.' I was so disappointed if it wasn't featured that week. Who still knows all the words to Funky Moped?

  30. Ahhh, what memories, what memories.
    Mine were the Beatles (the psychadelic posters by Richard Avedon – of course – still got 'em, but they are a bit dog-eared), Sonny and Cher and Twinkle – it was her white lipstick I liked.
    It's very sad to think of so many of our 'heroes' not being around any more, who'd have thought it!
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    PS – it was Terry that Twinkle sang – still got that too!!

  31. Gave me goosebumps listening to that, some great times were had in those days we were so fortunate to have all those great singer/ songwriters at that time.

  32. Hello Barb, I am right there with you, I had many posters, but my favourite was a giant poster of Elvis, On the wall facing my bed, so that I could dream of him. Thanks for sharing the video, one of my favourite songs. And thanks for sharing some of your favourite posters. Have a great day all. Bx

  33. It's all as clear as a bell, amazing, I loved that magazine, by the way it was the only one I was allowed, I even remember waiting for it to come into the local newsagent…..it was also the first time I read anything about an up coming model named Twiggy….happy days….x

  34. Those definitely were the days, with not a care in the world. I remember buying my big sister a special edition TOTPs LP which was made of yellow translucent vinyl for her Xmas prezzie! Probably worth a fortune now. Wxx

  35. OMG I had the same. I shared a room with my two younger sisters but had a huuuuge chest of drawers along the side of my bed to give me some privacy. Covered that with Marc, Donny, David and Michael. Pride of place however was the back of the bedroom door where I had a life size poster or Bowie as Ziggy it used to frighten my middle sister to death when she went to the loo in the night 😂😂😂😂

  36. That didn`t half bring back memories. When I was quite a bit older, I saw Donny Osmond twice in concert. But being Scottish it had to be the Bay City Rollers. Such memories. And just not about the singers, the people around us at the time and where we were

  37. Omg the memories come flooding back. It was David Cassidy for me, mum thought Boy George looked a really nice girl, her face when I told her that she was a he. I used to dance in the corner to TOTP too, dad said he could do so much better than Pans People and proceeded to dance around the front room pumping his arms up in the air until he managed to put his fist through mums brand new glass light shade. Us kids creased up laughing because it made a change from us getting in trouble for dancing around the front room and dad was in the dog house for ages. Those definitely were the days. Lol Lynne mills xxx

  38. Def David Cassidy for me, too – pin ups in my desk at school for when it got really boring – great memories.Clearly remember the impact that Bohemian Rhapsody had on TOTP – we could not believe something so amazing was happening right there.

  39. Me too Barb, I must be a bit older than you, for me it was the Bee Gees, not Barry like all my mates, but Robin. I can still 'do' the words to all the songs from that time too, if I had paid as much attention to my school work…… but then I might never have discovered crafting!

  40. Love David Bowie and Mark Bolan, very partial to a bit of Glam Rock but I moved my allegiance in 1975 to the new kid on the block Bruce Springsteen! Happy memories. I can relive them though as my son is always playing old covers of Bowie Life on Mars, Ziggy and Mott the Hoople too. Those were definitely the days

  41. I have no idea where it all went. I'm 71 now, and some of my well remembered 'pop' stars have gone. I loved the Everlies, and every month or two sees to tell us of the demise of another well remembered fav star. So sad.

  42. In my era it was Billy Fury who was my idol and before that Cliff. Had a full length poster on the inside of my wardrobe. Went to see The Kinks, Manfred Mann and The Hollies, your blog has brought back so many happy memories. I used to read Valentine, Mirabelle and Marilyn. Where did all those wonderful years go? Enjoyed that sing-a-long Barb.xxx

  43. In my era it was Billy Fury who was my idol and before that Cliff. Had a full length poster on the inside of my wardrobe. Went to see The Kinks, Manfred Mann and The Hollies, your blog has brought back so many happy memories. I used to read Valentine, Mirabelle and Marilyn. Where did all those wonderful years go? Enjoyed that sing-a-long Barb.xxx

  44. My walls were full of Elvis, Billy Fury, Roy Orbison, the Everley Brothers. MY favourite: the moody Elvis from the film Flaming Star. By the the time the seventies came I was into Bowie and Roxy Music but a bit too old to have pictures on the wall by this stage! Never could see the attraction of the Osmonds or David Cassidy, but then my teen years were long gone by then and I was teaching squealing teenagers who adored them,

  45. Oh boy, that has brought back memories. My sister and I had a poster of Donny on the back of our door, and had to hang our dressing gowns over it as the eyes followed you round the room!!! Of course, we couldn't just take it down like sensible people would! I'm sure I like paper piecing so much because of the weekly cutting out paper dolls from the back of my Bunty comic too. The age of innocence x

  46. So much nostalgia on one page, thank you all for so many memories. Did anyone else record the hit parade from the radio at the weekend, then spend hours writing out the words to all the hits? We had old fashioned tape recorders where the fast forward/play/go backwards controls were on a button you had to clunk forwards/backwards. It was so hard to pause it at the right place. We were so happy when they brought out the Smash Hits magazine which had all the lyrics in. Learning those words was so much more fun than doing homework!

  47. Well, I'll upset you… saw on FB today Donny welcomed his 9th grandchild this week, with 10 also due shortly….
    Anyone also remember the magazines which had all the song lyrics in them….. can't recall the name.

  48. ahh we had a proper childhood not like today .my first disco was in a church hall i felt so grown up and ill never forget they put the record on of David Essex ..ganna make you a star and the first record i bought a little before that we chirpy chirpy cheep cheep by middle of the road .my favorites were the new seekers and film soundtracks but yes i too had marc and david on my wall not forgetting Rod and he was at kissable height lol xx

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