A puffer flower and some forward planning…

A puffer flower and some forward planning…

Hi there,
Thanks for joining me!
I have been up above the garage all day, 
making papers for 2 more Northern Lights type books….
Now these ones here are not for next week, you understand!
No no no. Those ones (which I was teasing about yesterday), are already back from the printers, and waiting for launch when Rosie and I take them on Hochanda’s Birthday bash on Saturday 26th !
Very excited to be bringing them to you – I think they will be very VERY popular! My only fear is we haven’t made enough.
No. These ones are all set for the next production run,
because these production runs can take up to 10 weeks !
It’s not us – it’s the parchment manufacturers who can’t keep up!
So if we’ve got to wait that long, then we may as well plan ahead!
In fact, I had the meeting with the printers on Friday, and am already organising a repeat order before we’ve even sold a single new Designer pad. I just have a feeling…..
Right old mess.
But you know how it is when you’re in the zone…
Sunday Roast chicken got moved to Monday’s menu, 
Dave got into his music –
and I just kept on truckin’!

I tried something different today, which was really fun, and I think I could get the knack of it with a little more practice. 

Alcohol ink on Yupo spread with a puffer. 
Like working with a straw, but without getting lightheaded!
Added a little interest with a pencil and ruler, 
which was far easier than making a stalk!

Yes. I reckon this is very achievable with a little more practice…

If you want the Yupo Paper, click here.
If you want the blending tools and felt, click here and here
If you want the Alcohol Inks, click here.
If you want the existing papers, click here (special offer)
Time to go find Dave and go for a walk.
It has been an extremely productive day.
Work? I suppose so. But wow!
What a job, eh?
Love & Hugs

45 thoughts on “A puffer flower and some forward planning…

  1. I'm so glad you had a satisfying day and the new papers look very exciting. We will be on holiday for the shows and it will be too far ahead to set the recorder so I hope I can get Wi-Fi at the cottage to watch rewind. Enjoy your walk xx

  2. Hi Barbara & ladies, well you have been busy! !!!! They look amazing and the papers do make the parchment sing.
    Try and have a relax full evening.
    looking forward to the shows next week.

    Hi ladies, hope you all have had a good day.
    No parchment done today but will try and fit some in next week.
    Have a good week all.
    Lynn xx

    1. Hi Chris, I am trying to do Christmas cards all going well, but as you know parchment cards do take a little longer but they are looking a lot better than I had hoped.
      Keep well .
      Lynn xx

  3. What a gorgeous picture, just love it exactly as it is. So many exciting things happening at Clarity. I can't keep up. Hope you enjoyed your walk, I dragged Fred out this afternoon probably did me good but legs are saying different at this moment. xx

  4. those new papers look very interesting !! You have certainly had a busy but productive day. Enjoy your walk, it is a pleasant evening here so hopefully the same for you.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day, and the chicken will taste even better tomorrow! It's so much fun when you get in the zone like that and just can't stop – I have another day off next week, and my sale goodies are now sitting on my desk ready for playtime. Yesterday I was in my kitchen playing, and now I have a new, super-moist, delicious lemon, almond and blueberry muffin recipe!!! Do you think they would survive in the post if I sent some down to Clarity-towers? x

  6. Ooh I lurve this. Fabby colours and can't wait to see the new papers. I love love love the quality – trouble is I hate to use them!! Lol. Hope you enjoyed your walk – and Dave too. Xxx

  7. Wow Barbara – it all looks amazing! You must be really pleased with your progress today – obviously we are looking at future sell-outs here! Hope that you enjoyed your walk with Dave xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – finally back here to comment again, thanks for your kind comments the last time I was here. I have been sorting out my craft cupboard today, and put aside some things to get rid of. Neill was on cooking duty today – he is now out of pain with his knee! He has taken over the cooking, shopping and driving again – which is allowing me to get lots of rest – bless him. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Good to have you back. That's really good news about Neill, I told you that the pain would go! Pleased to hear that you're getting some more rest now that will be good for you. Sending love and hugs to you both, Alison xx

    3. Hi Gilly, hope you're clear out of your craft room went well.
      I must have a go at mine but reluctant to throw things away just in case I need it.
      Glad to hear Neil is on the mend.
      Hugs Lynn xx

  8. I do love the results you get with the alcohol inks and yupo paper, those pretty flower shapes look fabulous Barbara. Hope you enjoyed your walk. x

  9. Hi Barbara
    Look at you tempting us with papers for the future, they are gorgeous. I love the flower, what a great idea, the ruler and pencil really finish it off don't they. Haha I thought it was just me who went cross eyed and blue in the face when blowing through a straw! I orderedsome yupo paper in the sale so hopefully I can have a play myself. I ordered some of your papers too just in case my efforts were rubbish! Hope you had a lovely walk, it's been a gorgeous day here.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. Looking forward to seeing the new papers, trying to be good so can spend at ally pally but not doing very welll must try harder sounds like you had a great day creating today hope you enjoyed your walk night xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    You have been busy! The papers look fabulous and as for the flower- lovely! Really like the colours you've chosen. Can't wait for the shows – my order will definitely be going in quickly! Hope you had a lovely walk with Dave. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. Hey, love the line art achieved. Ruler and and a pencil – neeeeeed to try this! Hope you got your walk. Ours was earlier than anticipated as due to an RTA, we did an about turn and travelled south. Only wildlife observation on the incoming tide – seals of the grey kind. ;~}

  13. Oooo gorgeousness alert! Fantastic!
    I love making backgrounds but when time is of the essence these papers are just perfect! And now we have even more choice!… Or we will have! I think you'll sell out very quickly looking at what they are like Barbara!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  14. Not looking….not looking….no….I looked! The new papers look fab, love the huff/puff flower too. Roll on Leyburn! Our Sunday lunch has also turned into Monday lunch too! Youngest son went off to his brother's to watch the footie so hubby and I just pleased ourselves! Xxx

  15. Hello Barb, I think you have us all in a bit of a tizz now! what beautiful designs. I absolutely love the puffer piece, may give that a try myself. I would love to be able to call this my job. Take care all. Bx

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