Going Global with the ODS

Going Global with the ODS

Hi there.
Thank you so much for popping in, and for watching us on HOCHANDA TV if you did.
You know, you can always watch LIVE on their website on HOCHANDA.COM You don’t even need a television! Just the internet and a PC or a phone or an Ipad.
All clever stuff, innit…
So here’s the Globe art I did at 6.
How about a quick photo step by step recap?
Paul is showing off the candles and the Groovi Nested Christmas Verse on LIVE TV as I write. We just thought it would make best sense for him to step in, and let me write to you before it’s pitch black outside, and I’m still working! There has to be a limit! Do you know that I am back up at 4am, in readiness for a live Dutch show at 7am?
SO here’s how it works.
Cover up two areas at the top at bottom of the sphere before inking up with black Archival.
Stamp your snow globe onto white Stencil card.

Mask off the outside with the mask, and cut out the stand mask too.

Make a scene with some of the little miniature stamps.
There are countless computations if you consider all the little mini stamps from all the outline stampsets now…

Make a mask to expose just the sky.

Use a brayer and make-up sponge to create a night sky,
and add a little of the same colours – black and blue mix – to the periphery of the whole globe.

Then mask off the globe and add depth and shade to the stand. 

Looks 3-d? Not quite yet….

Add a couple of white triangles to the left and right with a pastel stick, or white pencil, and some snow with white acrylic paint and a Groovi stylus.
Then mask the globe and stand again, and lightly brush blue ink back and forth where you left the blanks in the globe line art. 
THAT’s the trick.
THAT’s what makes the sphere jump off the page.


Mount on black and layer to finish.


And so is Paul.
He is just finishing the Groovi Nested Verse demo.
I LOVE these plates. The verse which is woven into the nested shapes is absolutely beautiful. A real original spin by Mel.
Yep. There we have it.
Teamwork make the dream work.
And what a team.
So Paul and I shall go and have Kentucky Fried Chicken.
It”s a tradition every time we do the late  night Sunday shows!
Sod the diet. 
I’ll tackle that again tomorrow.
Hope you can join me again at 9.
We should still have some left….
I’m going to make a canvas with you.
Well, that’s the plan!
Love & hugs,

26 thoughts on “Going Global with the ODS

  1. Just catching up with the shows after visiting my sister for the weekend. If these go like the new Pergamano tools earlier then you'd better practise a tap dance for the morning shows lol. Gorgeous all round and fabulous DT samples as always. Tina and Paul were stars too.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the shows today and yes I did buy the ODS – it would have been rude not to. Seriously though, I have the other four outlines and the all mix and match beautifully…and it's not like they go out of date! I think I've justified myself.

  3. Hi Barbara.. Just caught up on the shows from this afternoon and the show at 6. I'll catch up with Paul in s bit. And yes I'll be watching at 9am..it'll be a nice start to the day.
    Tomorrow it's a special day… It's mine and Colin's anniversary. Would you believe it's 35 years since we promised to love and to cherish each other!!! Can't believe where that time has gone.
    Enjoy your chicken and chips!
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Great shows this afternoon, I need to watch the 6 p.m. Show on catchup, I did see a little. Loving the plates. Married 34 years today and I decided it should be a Groovi anniversary, well pergamano tools in any case ! Enjoy your Kentucky Fried chicken- hubby's favorite and now I've mentioned it he wants it this week ! See what you started ! Have a good day tomorrow, I've got periodontist ….. xxx

  5. I just LOVE the new stamp sets. I may only be able to afford one so it will be the candle but then I like the globe too….
    I was actually able to watch online without you going stripey today so I was very pleased.
    Our friends went up to Durham yesterday for a few days. They called in to CC on the way and she got the Groovi starter set and a few plates.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's shows, enjoy your Kentucky xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous shows today. The ones with Tina were excellent – she did make me smile with her "oops" and talk of chocolate, chocolate and cakes and sweets! The card you were doing was gorgeous. The ODS is superb as are the Groovi plates. Sadly I can't afford everything – I might have to get some at Leyburn ( fingers, toes and everything crossed that I get there) . I think I will get the stamps now though. The snow globe demo was brilliant – I couldn't believe how you managed to get it so round! Looking forward to tomorrow's shows. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've enjoyed the shows today and not spent too much! Managed to get some Groovi in today, tracing out an anniversary card for my friend. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  7. Great to see Tina back on our screens looking well and having a few giggles, not ordered the new tools…yet! Have ordered the ODS tho' got the other outlines and love them so looking forward to the postie arriving to complete my set! Definitely going to give the snowglobe demo a try as think it's fab…Thank you for step by stepping it here. See you in the morning! Ooh yes…Happy Anniversary to both Jackie and her OH also Jane and Colin xxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, what a fabulous stamp set and who would have thought missing those two bits out would give the image such depth. I've got all the shows recorded so can watch at my leisure as I iron tomorrow ( I knew cricket and tree clearance would get in the way!). 4 am! Blimey thats before the crack of sparrows! People don't appreciate the work that goes on before they see you on tv uk time. I'm sure there will be lots of sell outs tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed your KFC.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the shows today haven't seen Paul's yet ,do that tomorrow . Don't know how it happened but I somehow managed to order the new tools whoops lol lol . Recording tomorrow's shows as got to be up by 5.30 for work won't be home til 4 …good luck with the shows not that you need it everything is flying .well done .

  10. This really does jump off the page Barbara and love the way it is layered up, this is so elegant and pretty. I think I would have to be up all night to make a 4am start…lol. x

  11. Well Barbara and team you worked your magic again. I love all the stunning samples from your design team and of course I purchased way too much. Feeling very inspired , thank you 😊

  12. Hello Barb, I have not caught up with the shows yet, but looking forward to watching them. Love this step by step, the depth you have achieved is incredible. Looking forward to seeing todays shows too. Have a great day all. Bx

  13. Brilliant
    Not caught up with all the shows yet just bits and pieces as dipped in while OH was watching the cricket! Was surprised when OH said, oh that's clever when he saw you masking off the globe. All recorded as I need to reference when I attempt to make mine as clever as yours xx

  14. That is amazing – it looks really spherical! Haven't had the chance to watch any of the shows yet, but they are all recorded ready for my pile of ironing this afternoon. Have really enjoyed seeing all the DT samples on FB – there is some fantastic artwork from everyone x

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