Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just ticking all the boxes here, and packing loads more.

Oh boy! 
Have we got a great line up lined up for you this weekend on HOCHANDA!

The main event on the afternoon show with Tina and myself will be the launch of 3 brand new Pergamano tools.
We have named them the Picot V Trio!
Designed by Linda Williams

They are a very simple concept, but really really just what I wanted! You see, I had finally cracked the art of picot cutting, and was wanting to create some lace edging. So I got out the Angle Tool, because it looked just right for the job. But instead of getting lovely Picot V’s, all I got was a row of castle turrets!
If you are a parcher, you know EXACTLY what I mean!
So I called Linda and asked her whether there was a Pergamano tool which would give me the perfect triangular lacey edging which I was after, instead of the little castle turrets.
“No” she said, “but I know what you mean, Presh. Let me think about it”.

Solution: A Picot V tool in 3 different sizes.
Designed to work together, next to each other, inside each other.
Absolutely blimming marvellous!

Check out some samples which our über talented Design Team has rustled up for your pleasure, using the Picot V’s….

Julie Owens

Josie Davidson

Glynis Whitehead

Linda Page

Karen Jackson

Karen Jackson

Amanda Williams

Emma Burns

Maggie Byford

High time they were on the menu, I say!!

They will be available for the first time worldwide on HOCHANDA, and at an introductory launch price,
so do be sure to take advantage.

Well done Linda!
It still feels pretty alien to say we ARE Pergamano International.
But we are. And proud of it too.
Join Tina and myself on Sunday between 2 and 4 pm, to see what magic tricks we have got in store for you!

Love and Hugs,

36 thoughts on “BRAND NEW Pergamano TOOLS – A PREVIEW.

  1. ooh I say, a must have I reckon. I have a half moon tool that I've not used yet, better have a look and see what I do with that and then order these three ! I just need to get on with it instead of thinking and talking about it! Just had a a heavy storm here, thunder, lightening the lot, I had to shelter in the Co-op ! Looking forward to your shows. xx

  2. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope you all have the sunshine, although a rather black cloud is just appearing over the hills! Hoping there is a set of these new tools and the ODS left for me on Monday. Xx

  3. Gorgeous work from the DT and what great tools to add to the crafting arsenal for those who parch. I don't indulge myself but I do love looking at this beautiful work, and I look forward to seeing you and Tina tomorrow Barbara. x

  4. Hello Barbara

    Fantastic! Just the effect I wanted when I purchased the Pergamano angle tool. Needless to say I got the turrets! Looking forward to tomorrow.

    Safe journey to you, Tina and Paul.


  5. Lovely samples, these ladies are so talented. My cutting is not up to these tools just yet but it's improving. I'm hoping there will be a snipping clinic at Leyburn.
    We have had friends to stay for 4 nights and managed to talk non-stop from 7.30 am to midnight! She is a crafter and uses dies and printed toppers to make lovely cards, but she has now fallen in love with Groovi after having a try with mine!!

  6. There is a snip clinic Chris M. Enjoyed using these tools very much to do samples with and I will be buying a second set to take to classes with me. They have become a firm favourite in my stash. Love them! What a clever clogs our Linda is! Xx

  7. They look brilliant wish could do it but pain in my shoulder is to great and had to give up groovi unless can get something to cure pain waiting to go to pain clinic something about a nerve block may help not getting rid of my groovi bits cause you never k ow or if get better with left hand sure going to be great hit looking forward to shows tomorrow and Monday xxx

  8. New tools, count me in! Samples are fab…design team youve done it again! Recorder set and family informed if not had lunch by 2pm then tough luck – lol!

  9. Hi Barbara & ladies hope you are all well.
    Beautiful samples from the Design Team, these new tools look good but will have to wait a little longer. My snipping get is getting better one I have the bold tool and new glasses do help so getting there and it does look better.
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow and what you do with these tools.
    I know the shows will be great.
    Take care .
    Lynn xx

  10. Amazing samples from the design team. Linda really is a star inventing these new tools. A must have when I get better at the snipping. Haven't used the angle tool yet or a lot of the others. Looking forward to watching you and Tina but will have to watch on catch up. I'm sure you'll have a sell out. Shame about your tree, the birds will soon find another tree that they like and a Greengage tree sounds delightful. My Kindle Fire is playing up and wouldn't let me comment yesterday, hoping it works tonight. So

  11. Hi bloggy friends, hope your weekend is going well and that you have had a good day. Hooray it actually worked on Barbara's, hope this one does. Been crafting making an anniversary card for hubby as it'll be soon coming up, all went quite well. Been a bit showery today especially this

  12. Hi Barb,
    Really looking forward to the shows over the next couple of days. Recorder set to record. The stamps and plates look fantastic and these tools are a must have. Very clever idea. Must admit, I don't use the angle tool very much because of the " castle turrets". The Design Tam samples are stunning and can't wait to see what they have come up with for the stamps and plates. Good luck, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope the weekend is going well for you all. Housework day today and then played with my eidelweiss stamp – Clarity sorted me out with a new stamp after I couldn't find my original which was brilliant. Would you believe that as I was going through my stamps today what should I find? Yes the original stamp!! I looked through my files 10 times and I would swear it wasn't there! Well it comes in handy having 2 of them ! Just watched Usain Bolt 's last individual race and was disappointed that he on,y managed bronze but he has been so fantastic for the sport over the years and will be missed. Then I saw Poldark killed – actually it was Killi in the Hobbit! – otherwise known as Aidan Turner. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Oh Alison that had me going, I've been a day out all week and suddenly thought it actually was Sunday!!! I'm so far behind with poldark I thought that had happened – phew, don't know what we would do without him around!. Shame about Usain Bolt isn't it. Sending hugs xxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Wow what stunning samples from the design team and all so different. They really are inspirational aren't they. Loving the effect you get with the new tools, Linda you are a very clever lady. I still haven't perfected the picot cutting yet, it's on my to do list, I will get there one day xxx

  14. O.M.G. – playing catch up on the blog today, but these are all exceptional pieces of artwork. Having had a "go" at picot cutting at your workshop, I am in absolute awe of these talented ladies. Just awestruck xxx

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