Black Parchment step by step

Black Parchment step by step

Hi there.
Thank you so much for popping in,
 and thank you for joining Tina, Paul and myself on HOCHANDA this weekend!
We had a great time! Happy to report that the new Pergamano tools sold out despite the fact that we loaded double the initial stock, and the lovely Christmas outline stamps sold out in hour 3 too.
Happy days. Busy busy busy. 
At 9am I started a Groovi project on black parchment
using the nested Christmas poetry plates, which were also very popular! We designed them as funky, random nested shapes, 
for you to create your artwork within.
But here you can see the beautiful core poem shapes by Mel,
which sit nestled in the centre of the shapes. 
I just went with them, because they speak volumes.
Here is the start.
Check out the order in which you work:
Bird, Heart, Bell, Tree.
Can you see that?
I used a straight grid and a 2-needle bold tool to perforate around the inner frame. You definitely need a Lightwave to work on black parchment though!

I then went off piste with the same 2-needle tool around the trees and irregular shapes, all set to cut out.
I’m right into cutting out in between shapes and images at the moment. It’s like creating little apertures for the background to peep through.

Once I had picot cut out all the little areas, it was time to add a little sparkle with Perga Glitter and Sticky Ink.

Finally, I used brads to mount the black piece to a sheet of good quality Glitter Card.

No colour, no whitework.
The black parchment and glitter do the job perfectly.

Now it’s time to stop for the day.
Many thanks again to the team!
Teamwork makes the dream work. 
If you missed any of the shows, but would like to watch them, simply go to and watch on Catch Up.
Love and hugs

22 thoughts on “Black Parchment step by step

  1. Loved this demo Barbara.. I managed to watch it before we went out this morning!
    Well done on another successful day!
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. I am just about to settle down and watch you and Paul on record. My second sale order came today so I've been stroking the Brighton Rock paper. I love the black parchment and glitter idea, on dear – decisions, decisions xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    I absolutely loved this demo and am so pleased that you've given us the step by steps. Once I'd seen the Groovi plates in action, I realised I needed them!!! The shows have been fantastic and you, Paul and Tina were brilliant. The Design Team did you proud once again – hats off to them. Well done to Mel too. I was just wondering whether it would be possible to buy the really Wee stamps separately in case people can't afford to get all of the Outline sets ( I'm thinking of me at the moment !!!) Hope you manage to catch your breath over the next few days and that you had a safe journey home. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  4. Watched the shows whilst doing the ironing today. Great inspiration as always, but I must use my new stamps and stencils from your sale first before ordering anything else! Congratulation on the sell out x

  5. I loved all of it! But, sadly I can't have all of it, so I've been good and only gone for one thing. I decided on the Snow Glove Stamp. I loved your demo Barb and I'm going to endeavor to achieve it. Thought I'd make all my Christmas cards from this stamp. Thanks for making us such great stuff and you, Tina and Pergo Man doing such good demos and of course the brilliant design team – such inspiration! Xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    I saw you doing this one this motmig, it's stunning on black parchment isn't it. Thank you for the front and back tip on the coloured sheets. That's very useful isn't it. You have inspired me to give this a go.thank you foe sharing.
    Love and hugs xxxxxx.

  7. Evening, great groovi work, love the black parchment. Watched the ODS launch this morning and then went to order it…sold out! Thank goodness you had it at Clarity. Lovely DT samples, glad you got to demo the snowglobe. Xx

  8. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. I had a fantastic time yesterday at the athletics, lots of memories made. Missed the shows and sold out before I got mine so ordered from Clarity. Slowly catching up on the shows. Xx

  9. Blooming fantastic, they're all on the list X. I'm having to play catch up, unfortunately missed the shows due to travelling back from London, lots to look forward to watching whilst I'm having a few days off x

  10. Great shows, fab demos, fantastic stamps and Groovi! I've ordered the stamps and have, in fact, made my first Christmas cards today! Will use the lovely new outlines for my 'special' cards this time around methinks! Xx

  11. Hello Barb, love this beautiful piece of work, so much effort in it. The shows were brilliant, loved the demos and the samples. You were all fabulous. The stamps are brilliant, just "planning" my order. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration. Take care. Bx

  12. Lovely inspirational shows as always although I only managed to catch some as I am staying with my daughter and will watch the recordings when I get home. I'm glad they were the usual success xx

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