Carpe Diem! A simple, EARLY step by step

Carpe Diem! A simple, EARLY step by step

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Just got home about an hour ago, had a little catch up with Dave, and then thought I’d come upstairs to chat to you.
Tell you what, I was thinking about you on the drive home.
How amazing that so many of you were watching at 7 am!
I asked you to join me, so I wasn’t flying solo, 
but I honestly didn’t expect so many of you to actually show up!
And then to storm buy too! Nobody could believe it!
Michelle, my friend and buyer at HOCHANDA was even up at 7 watching. Just as well really, because she was hopping around within 10 minutes, on the phone to Dave (also up and cheering), 
to increase stock levels quickly and across the board!

But you cannot imagine how chuffed I was. The sales were very very impressive. But even more gratifying was that they, to me, were a reflection of your loyal support. 

So thank you. 
We knew you would like the new papers and parchment, 

We knew you would love Linda Williams’ exquisite 
Dream and Wedding plates

We knew you would love 
the Carpe Diem Girl and Butterflies stampset.

and the little Boy of course, although I actually thought you ALL had him! Not so, unless you bought a second one!

But what we hadn’t banked on was how EARLY you would turn up to the birthday party!! I know we all like a freebie, and the papers with stencil were a good offer, but would they have got me out of bed on a Saturday at 7? Poor old Dave has to go to work tomorrow, to make a start on the stencils we added to the shows, to keep the giveaways going through all the live hours! 

Happy Days.

The first demo was a very simple one, looking for landscapes in the papers (and the parchment of course).
So often I get asked how do I see these things in paper?
Well, I don’t. I put them there… 

Here’s one of the new papers, cut in half.
Here’s the little girl stamp in black, a moon mask brushed over with blue ink, and a hill brushed into the background using torn paper.

Foliage stamped into the top corner – black Sharpie pen along the two longest edges. Done.

Let’s go landscape instead of portrait.
Again, stamp the silhouette stamp in black – this time my favourite stamp ever – the boy in flight, who has FINALLY got a girlfriend!
Use the straight edge of a sheet of paper and ink sponge to create a water level. See?

Add a HUGE full moon.

Sponge in a hill to the left.

Sharpie pen two longest sides, and mount.


Tomorrow I shall blog the Dreamy parchy one. 
It is always a pleasure working with Rosie and Yiannis, too.
They are upbeat and uplifting. Switched on and hard working.
And kind.
Both very kind.

But now it’s time to kick back and eat a pork pie!
Love & hugs,

52 thoughts on “Carpe Diem! A simple, EARLY step by step

  1. Wonderful shows all recorded for inspiration
    Set my alarm and had my order in within minutes. Watched the show from my bed. lol I pad in one hand and phone in the other to order.
    Absolutely beautiful papers and parchment I can see me not wanting to use them because I love them
    Might have to buy one just to keep.
    Enjoy your evening Barbara your Dave is a trooper xx

  2. Well done everyone, great products, fab artwork & samples entertaining & educational shows. Ordered at 7.05am & can't wait to see the lovely papers & parchment in the flesh. Have a great weekend xx

  3. Had the best day watching your shows. I've ordered the Indian Summer paper pad. Love my groovi but now am enjoying stamping too. All your hard work paid off, we'll done!
    Love n hugs xx

  4. I joined you too…couldn't sleep at all so after tossing/turning for a couple of hours to no avail I got up and coloured some previously stamped Christmas card toppers while I waited for 7am to arrive! Can't wait to get my hands on the exquisite new papers/parchment, Linda's fab new plates and will add the lovely 'girlfriend' stamp to my list for Leyburn! Thankfully had set the recorder as fell asleep on the settee and totally missed the 10am!xxx

  5. Recorded all the shows and put my order in through Clarity. Eeek – excited for the postie now. Enjoy your pork pie – hope you got me one as it is all I will have in to eat now!! Lol xxx

  6. So very pleased that the shows went so well for you and Rosie – not that any of us here were in any doubt at all about them doing so well! Everything was amazing – enjoy your pork pie and put your feet up! Love Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – no doubt you are happier and poorer this evening! We have had another wonderful day here – sorry to hear that your weather has not been good Alison. Does this mean that I need to bring winter woollies for Leyburn? Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Probably!! Although we do often get an Indian Summer once the schools have gone back! Hope you didn't break the bank today! Love and hugs Alison xx

  7. Back at our daughter's now after our holiday but still can't get the phone to work very well it won't post replies. Only watched 11/2 shows so far but they were amazing. Su my leyburn list just got longer too. Gilly pack a woolly or two you never know whether it will be warm or cold up here xx

  8. Everything was beautiful. I adore the new papers but need to wait a while before I buy. Pension will not stretch to any more this month. Shows were great enjoyed them a lot. xx

  9. Hi Barbara, we have just returned from my brother's wedding and how I needed the wedding plate launched this morning. I made a card and there was just something missing, I searched my stash to no avail and low and behold there it was on screen this morning. So by 07:07 all ordered so I could watch the show with one eye on the clock as we had a long drive to beat the bride. Many thanks for helping me spend my hard earned cash, but oh what an investment. Keep up the fantastic work and enjoy your down time. Best wishes Bev xxx

  10. Wonderful shows, saw the 7am, set recorder for 10 & 2 as had to go to work, 10am show didn't record boo, but have ordered loads, ( naughty me !!! ) Just love being a Groovi Gal, thanks so much Barbara for all of your inspiration & hard work, & of course many thanks to your wonderful team xx

  11. As much as I love all things clarity and I have a craft stash to prove it, I think that the Indian Summer papers and the butterfly girl are the best new things for ages…I just love them.

  12. Managed to watch all the shows (even the 7am one),loved everything and I want it all. The wedding and dream Groovi would make good stamps with all the dangles as little stamps. The shows were all brilliant and I adore Yiannis, he is so enthusiastic. xx

  13. Fantastic show! … I caught most of them in fact. I've been a fan of clarity for nearly 2years now … you never fail to inspire me.
    Well done!
    Looking forward to Tuesday… and hope you enjoyed your Pork pie 😊 Vx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous shows and brilliant new products. All fell into my basket by 7.02am!! Those Indian Summer papers and parchment are absolutely stunning. Love the Groovi plates – well done Linda and what can I say about the stamp? Simply beautiful. The DT samples were exquisite ( as ever) – you are all so clever. Have a good night's rest basking in the Clarity success – you certainly deserve it. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well that's me on jam and bread for a while! Hope you've all had as good a day as possible and that you didn't spend too much ( think I spent enough for all of us!) Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  15. The shows went really well and those papers are gorgeous Barbara and love the butterfly girl and pretty leaves too. I had gall bladder surgery yesterday so didn't feel up to watching at 7am but am glad the loyal followers were all there to cheer you on. x

  16. Enjoyed the shows, brilliant new products, have ordered the lovely papers from Clarity, and alas the stamps and dream groovi plate will have to wait for another day, more additions to my wish list. Thanks for all the inspiration from you, Rosie and your design team. xx

  17. Brilliant shows. Just a shame I could buy anything as it is just before last pay day before kids move out for uni, daughters birthday and Layburn! I am sure I can make up for it at Layburn and spend lots and lots!

  18. Hi Barbara
    Loved the shows today, the new girl stamp is gorgeous isn't she and the papers and parchment are wonderful. Really loved the samples and the demo too. Hope you enjoyed your pork pie.
    Love Diane xxxx

  19. Morning Barbara

    I am surprised that you are surprised! Free gift aside, we were all chomping at the bit to see the new parchment pads and Indian Summers paper pad.

    Loved them all, and the little girl to go with my little boy.


  20. Hello Barb, what fantastic colours, love the vibrancy, and I love your examples. Have not watched the full shows yet, so in for a real treat. will have to place an order on the website, as could not watch the shows live. Hope you have your feet up a bit today and that Dave does not work all day. Take care all. Bx

  21. Agree with everyone,my favourite, which I, ordered is the dream plate, unfortunately now dictated by pension and a couple of costly months has meant abstinence from spending! not good. Absolutely adore the papers would love to buy both packs of Indian summer. Would it be possible to make mixed loose leaf paper packs combining both parchment and paper 24 of each, 2 of each design for those of us who don't want 4 sheets of each design, we would then get the chance to try more paper/parchment packs, just a thought for you when your enjoying the last pork pie. Fantastic shows and so different from the launch, which had me attached to the sofa for hours. Hochanda has come a long way in two years and we also get to see more of you and now so many more of the team, keep up the good work.

  22. Was up at six to enjoy my brekkie then sat back to relax and enjoy. Was not disappointed it was an amazing show, but when is it not. Put my order in at 7.05. Will be haunting the postie every day til they arrive. Thanks to everyone at Clarity for their hard work. Rosella super as per. She, Yiannis and your good self made a super team. You bring such pleasure but you are all a serious addiction. Xxxx

  23. Shows were amazing wow loved the papers and the parchment Ones with stamps and white word wow they are a need held of till ally pally unless fall before then xxx

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