All Porky Pies…

All Porky Pies…

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
What a lovely sunny day it has been.
Rosie and I have had a smashing day.
Had intended to go shopping in Stamford, but the traffic headed to the Burghley Horse Trials was extreme, so we hung a left
 and took the scenic route to nowhere in particular.
(Dave heaves a sigh of relief)
Until we saw the sign for ….
STOP THE CAR!! She yelled (Rosie, that is)
And that was it.
I hadn’t even got the ticket for the carpark and she was off!
So we put the world to rights over lunch,
made a plan for 2018,
and then headed over to the studios,
to set up for tomorrow.
Have we told you about the new Linda Williams Plates that are on the show too? They are exquisite…
And the stampsets?
My absolute favourite boy has never been on HOCHANDA!
And now his girlfriend is with him…
I hear wedding bells…
Time to take an evening stroll and eat.
See you tomorrow.
Love & Hugs,

26 thoughts on “All Porky Pies…

  1. Haha! Oh I did laugh tonight! Sounds like you and Rosie are having a fantastic time!
    I am really looking forward to the shows tomorrow! Wonder what will sell out first? Stamps, Groovi plates, paper or parchment?
    All stunning in their own right but together… Wow!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow, always loved the little boy stamp, and was hoping upon hope that you would bring a a little girl version, ( Oh Sydney here we come we go😊😊) sorry that's for my granddaughter, excited to see what you and Rosie have up your sleeves. love and hugs enjoy. xxx

  3. Rosie I agree pork pies are to die for, around here we have an excellent bakers called 'Birds' and I won't eat any other pork pies! πŸ˜‹ The sneaky peak at samples and goodies look fabulous- alarm is set for 7am as is the recorder to watch and watchπŸ˜€
    It's going to be another fab day with you both, thank you. 😘😘

  4. I see the sign for Melton Mowbray everytime I go up and down the A1(M) and I never stop for a Pork Pie but I always want to! Maybe one day I'll stop for one. The new papers look beautiful and those new dangle plates look so much fun. Think I need to bring a full purse to Leyburn. See you soon xx

  5. Well – it's nice to see that you have started off, the way you intend to go on! I am SO looking forward to seeing just what you both get up to tomorrow! Everything looks amazing – so many people are not going to be able to afford to eat too well, ha ha! Have a great evening – love and hugs to you both, Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – it's been an amazing day here in Cornwall, just perfect! Neill had a dentist appointment this afternoon – so I sat in the car enjoying the view out on the river. Many different boats coming and going and the car ferry to Bodinnick was going back & forth constantly! Two Cornish Gigs went out practising and what's more (she whispers!) the forecast is good for the whole weekend wow!! Sending you all love and hugs, Gilly xxxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      You are so lucky to have good weather! We've just bypassed summer up here! I'm determined to get some wear out of my summer clothes though, even if I'm frozen!! Hope Neil's trip to the dentist wasn't too traumatic. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xx

    3. Hi Gilly oh I can see that ferry going back and forth, we stayed in a holiday cottage just along from the ferry when Emma was younger, such a beautiful place and an amazing view. We were only talking about it the other day. Good to hear summer has returned xxx

  6. Will have to make sure I am up early to watch the 7 a.m. show. The ideal early morning watch, a cup of tea in one hand, just to sit and relax watching your show. What a fab start to my weekend. "sheer bliss" can't wait.

  7. Melton Mowbray is lovely little town stayed in a. Amp site just down road few years back remember going to get the pork pies hope you enjoyed them. Had seen samples of dream catcher looks lovely well telly set to record in case miss any sound like a nice relaxing steady day you had new plans look forward to seeing them unfold well of to bed soon as have something to watch early in morning night night sleep well xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    I love Melton Mowbray pies! I'm really jealous! The new plates look fantastic ( must have), the papers and parchment fabulous( another must have) and that stencil looks as though it will be really useful( must have). Guess who's going to be broke by 7.30am!!! Then Maria's shows next week – goodies look brilliant – oh dear!!! Seriously though, really looking forward to the shows, recorder set already. Definite sell outs I reckon. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      I've gone to bed with my cushions strapped on so I can just fall out in the morning and not wake Dave up!!! Not going to have much money left at this rate! Dull and quite chilly up here today unfortunately but we might get some sun tomorrow if we're lucky. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  9. These plates and stamps look fabulous Barbara and those papers go perfectly with everything. I hope you enjoyed your pork pie and wise to get away from the busy roads. It goes to show that you find all sorts of interesting things when you do. Looking forward to tomorrow. x

  10. Hi Barbara
    I love a good pork pie, what a great place to visit. The new plates look fabulous and the girl stamp is beautiful, I can't believe the boy stamp hasn't been on hochanda, he's one of your go to stamps. Don't the papers look good all lined up. I need to be up early tomorrow as we've got visitors coming so dusting and tv I think! Enjoy your day.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Morning Barbara,enjoying my early morning cuppa in bed while reading your blog and trying by to spill the tea – you're making me laugh again πŸ˜‚ Don't feel like getting up yet so think I'll be watching your show in bed – lol. The new papers look fab and all the other goodies too. Should also be able to watch the show 10 but will be out this afternoon and evening so will have to watch your last show on Rewind tomorrow. Have a fab day Barbara and a great weekend xx

  12. Hello Barb, so glad to hear that you had a great relaxing day ahead of what will no doubt be a hectic and exciting couple of hours on the shows. Have not watched yet, so will have to catch up later. Looking at the pictures you have shared I am sure there will be a lot of buying going on. So take care and good luck. Bx

  13. Was up bright and early (well maybe not bright) to watch your first show and I'm guessing the following ones are going to be busy too with sell-outs which is great for you. The papers are so beautiful.

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