A little Perga-bling goes a long way!

A little Perga-bling goes a long way!

Hi there,
Having a day off today, to unpack and regroup after a very hectic and busy run up to the TV shows. They are strenuous, you know.
Not complaining though; gratitude abounds.
I just know now to slow down, take my foot off the pedal periodically, and chillax.
So here’s a quickie step by step demo which I did in hour 1 of the One Day Special, using the Snow Globe – one of the new outline stamps.
Stamp the Snow Globe onto a piece of Clarity Designer Paper.
I went with the Brighton Rock.
Black Archival ink
Mask off

Cut out the stand and position too.

Make a scene inside the globe.

Use a Clarity brush and Cornflower Blue Archival to create shade.

Once the scene is complete, squidge Versamark through the aperture, and then remove the mask.

I mixed one third Perga Glitter to two thirds Detail embossing powder, for a fantastic ultra-fine, transparent embossing glitter.

Tap off excess, back into the pot.

Brush off excess around the outside, although if you are cutting it out, that isn’t strictly necessary, and stick a sheet of double-sided adhesive sheet to the back.

Now all we have to do is attach the Globe to a good background, 

and I think I have just the answer in the Northern Lights book!
Very quick and simple demo.
If you are making lots of Christmas cards, or sets to sell,
then this is the one.
A different scene in each globe, a set of five notelets. Sold! 

Let’s have a caption competition…
What are they saying?

Here’s mine:
You can’t park there!!!
Leave a caption below, and on Thursday I will pick a winner, to receive the card I made on telly, and a £20 gift voucher!
Love & Hugs,
The stampsets in the bundle are also available individually.

53 thoughts on “A little Perga-bling goes a long way!

  1. "Run Grandad – we have to get home before Santa!"
    Awesome card Barbara – really stunning especially with the added sparkle.
    Don't suppose there is any chance of getting the teeny stamps on their own is there?? 😉😉😉

  2. Hi Barb,
    Loved this one when you did it on tv. I think the two papers you've chosen are perfect.
    I think he's saying " Always believe son ".
    Love Alison x

  3. This is gorgeous Barbara. I adore tbe snow globe with its gentle shading and pretty glittery embossing and the Northern Lights background is fabulous. Glad you are remembering to to slow down a little occasionally but I can't help thinking that your slower pace would still be speedy for most of us…lol. Here is my caption: "Hey Santa give us a lift as it's blimming cold out here!" x

  4. Beautiful card, Barbara. Enjoy your day off. It's good to have time to regroup. Mxx
    'See, what did I tell you? When will you learn that Dad's always right?!'

  5. Lovely artwork, I've invested in the paper pads, love them , they really are fab.
    My caption is:
    Take your next left at the plough, take a right after orions belt and watch out for the big oak tree, keep the big dipper on your right and you can't miss it" 🙂

  6. Amazing stunning art work barbara. Is the snow globe for sale separately as I've got a lot of the wee stamps already .my sale parcel has just been dispatched with the Brighton rock paper in .
    (He's saying dad I wonder if he's delivering all those clarity Christmas parcels and mums is in there too .)

  7. I think he's saying 'he's driving home for Christmas !'

    I've made 2 orders this week and still waiting for another – eek ! I'm very tempted with the snow globe though….. xx

    Have a lovely day off. Xx

  8. Thank you so much for your great demos, Barbara, lots to learn every time, love it! My caption would be, "WOW, Santa's early this year! Certainly has to deliver lots of Groovi goodies!"

  9. I love this step by step, my favourite stamp in the set is the snowglobe. I can't wait to use this one, and not just for my Christmas cards. Xx

    I think the man is saying "Hope you've paid for that tree Santa!".

  10. I've just got that paper pad thanks to the sale. I'm torn between which set to buy so I think I'll wait till leyburn.
    My caption – Don't worry son, he's just out on a practice run to make sure he gets everything right for Christmas eve xx

  11. Loved this demo when you did it on the TV, so thanks for the step by step to remind me of what to do. My caption would be: "Well you wait a lifetime to see a flying reindeer, and then two come along at once!" x

  12. "Crikey Dad… I know Clarity's courier service is good but didn't realise it was that special!" Patiently (honest!) awaiting the postie bringing my stamps…definitely going to try this project, it's lovely xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, it looks lovely stamped and backed onto the background papers. Great tip on the sparkly embossing powder too. I still need to watch this show on rewind but it's good to have a step by step. Good to hear you are taking time out for yourself. My caption is " Blimey, I think we left grandads home brew ginger beer out for Santa instead of the brandy! "
    Love Diane xxx

  14. I was mesmerised to see it come to life in front of our eyes on the TV, amazing talent! I think dads saying "look son, we'd better get home quick and get the mince pie and carrots out!"Wxx

  15. "Hey Sam, If I focus on target, I can take a shot (photographic) of the lead reindeer."
    Absolutely fantastic demos, especially the snow globe. Clarity/Gray at the best/excellent/superb
    Anne (Reading)

  16. Hello Barb, love this creative artwork, really inspiring me to get started on my Christmas cards. Loved the demos on all the shows having caught up with them now. I think the caption is "You see I told you not to listen to the other children, Santa does exist and delivers your presents". Take care all. Bx

  17. Love all the wee stamps. Thank you for the tip about mixing custom embossing powder. I think he is telling his son " Santa comes from the North Pole so if we look this way we might spot him"
    Hugs from Chris X

  18. Love this card, I ordered this set yesterday looking forward to using it. My caption is 'Hey son, look there's Santa in the Northern Lights' x

  19. Great demo Barb. I've just received this stamp and can't wait to start creating with it, will definitely give this one a go! I think the caption is: "Blimey, he's early, it's only August!" Xxx

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