Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Monday’s Blog is Flowers and Trees, right?
Well, I know many of you like a challenge, 
so this evening how about you get those cogs a-whirring?
Here’s a little project I just did for you, except I am only showing you the very last picture….
How about you figure out how I made this, and then email me the step by step instructions to
You’ve got until Friday to get all your ducks in a row! 
Then I will pick the winner. The most accurate.
And that most accurate winner will receive 
a £30 Clarity Gift Voucher.
(in the card of course!)
Now accurate means the colour ink pad, the type of ink pad, the name of the stamps, the type of card, the size of the card, the finishing tricks – in short, the works.
So duckies, get your deerstalker on and write out the instructions for this little card.
Love & hugs,
PS. The little card on the right is a BIG clue…..


  1. I'm useless at these sort if things it's hard enough to know what I've done let alone how you've done it ! I'll wait for the reveal! Must try my gelli plates though as I've had them ages ! Xx

  2. Hello Barb, now that is a big challenge, I am sure there are some really clever people out there. Will do some research, but I may be way off. Going to be interesting to see the answers. Good luck all. Bx

  3. Hi Barbara
    Now there's me playing catchup this morning and I find there's a challenge to tax my brain! What a great card, I'm going to have to do some research on ink pad colours and stamps but I like the way you've done the middle bit. I'm very excited, had an email though to say my sale order is on its way, yeah, now I just need time to play!
    Love Diane xxx

  4. Love that artwork. Will need to get my thinking cap on and drop you an email – will probably be way off the mark, but it's not called a challenge for nowt, is it?! x

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