Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
We are having a major clean out and mop up here, 
both at Clarity Towers and at home.
There’s nothing quite like a declutter, to clear the mind, is there?
Filing, sorting and rejigging certainly feels quite liberating.
We have got so much going on at work and in the pipeline! Forward planning, expanding, trying to keep it all under control, keep it real, stay on top of cashflow and keep everybody at Clarity happy are all full time jobs in themselves. 
Sometimes I get so caught up in it that I forget Dave and myself, if you know what I mean. My Mum told me a long time ago, that he should always be the first fiddle in my orchestra, and I so understand that, but if you can SEE what has to be done, and nobody is there to help, what’s your choice?
Don’t misunderstand me! 
The team at Clarity fall over themselves to get orders picked, packed and sent. The front of house office team never stop answering the phones and trying to help people. The Design department work into the wee small hours to get plates and stamps and stencils moved through to production.
And production never stops!
But those are the physical tasks. There is so much more to running a good, ethical company than all that! 
And to be honest, there are times when I have felt quite isolated, trying to wade through all the other stuff.  
But things are changing – I can feel it. I am seeing that several of the young people who have worked at Clarity for a while are starting to take initiative and get proactive. They are coming up with good ideas – and executing them too. I can feel them growing into their positions and their roles, and it is very heartening – not to mention a great relief!
This competition, for example.
Steven at work asked me whether I thought this promotional competition would work, as a way of flagging up what is coming on the TV this weekend, as well as promoting our Facebook page.
I said yes, I did think it was a great idea. Steve asked if I would be up for a giveaway competition like this every time we have a One Day Special. I said yes. Stuart at work took the photos and the layout, and hey presto!

Such a simple idea – I hope you click and join in!
I also like that they asked me my opinion before they went ahead.
Anyway, I must crack on. If you only knew how many new ideas we have got kicking around here right now!
But my first fiddle and I are doing fine, and the tune is sweet.
Love & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “A NEW IDEA FOR A COMPETITION !

  1. Brilliant idea and lucky person who wins!!! The stamps are ace! I loved using them making my samples!
    Hope you continue to clear the decks then you can bring in lots more new things for us all to play with!
    Love and hugs! X

  2. The competition is a great idea and will certainly promote the 1 day special and the page. At least I know that you will be good for the prize whoever wins it. You never know with Some of the give always on FB if they ever actually get given away. I keep trying for a camper can! You might have to get a few more staff to work through the night though! You have a brilliant group of people at a Clarity Towers! You and Dave make a great team too! Wx

  3. It is a lovely idea to both promote and make someone very happy. Will give it a go. Glad some of the workload is getting taken off you but I suppose something else always joins the bottom of the list. X

  4. We all love a competition and I had a go yesterday. It's good you have up and coming contenders, that always help and they must feel confident and happy in their surroundings to give their ideas an airing and your support must mean a lot to them and make them enjoy their work. It works both ways I think. We were always a big family at work but things were changing when I decided to retire early, partly because of that and partly personal. Xx

  5. Great idea, Barb – but what if you're not on Facebook? I'd love to take part in this but it appears to only be open to FB users…
    shame 🙁
    Any chance you could put it on Instagram, too???

    Liz M xxx

  6. Already clicked, shared and tagged! (get me using the lingo!!) Great competition and I love the look of those new stamps, I really like the snowglobe they always seem very Christmasy. Thank you to everyone at Clarity for all the ideas, for all the making, for all the packing, for all the phone call answering, for all the behind the scenes jobs etc. Very grateful that Clarity is in my life, and of course thank you to you Barbara and Dave for everything you do to make Clarity such a great family business. XX

  7. Hi bloggy friends, managed to get on early today! Nearly time to take Mum out fabric shopping, I don't sew but the fabrics are soooooo beauitiful and sooooooo tempting. XX

  8. What fabulous stamps for Christmas and I've already entered the competition…brilliant idea by the way Stephen. I'll definitively be buying a set if I'm not lucky enough to win. Enjoying having quality time with your first fiddle (if that doesn't sound too saucy!) Love and hugs, Jeanette xxx

  9. Don't mention clean out! About to start today's foray into kitchen drawers and cupboards – five cupboards and five drawers dealt with, eight cupboards and five drawers to go never mind the art stuff on the worktop and under the table. Much nicer having an early lunch then walking in the nature reserve; our thrill of the day – a hovering osprey followed by its catch! As good as yesterday's sighting – two otters playing in the Don estuary. Love the competition idea. ;~}

  10. I've like the Clarity fb page ages ago and am happy to share, but I don't have 1 crafty friend, let alone 3 on fb so others would think I've gone loopy if I tagged them. Great idea for a giveaway but, sorry as I don't wish to be negative but I won't take part if I have to tag anyone. By the by, I'm having a sort out of the shelves in my now smaller craft room and it's a time consuming job as you tend to get sidetracked when you find something you either forgot you had or not seen for ages!!!

  11. I really hate to rain on your parade but according to Facebook rules "Personal Timelines and friend connections must not be used to administer promotions (ex: “share on your Timeline to enter” or “share on your friend's Timeline to get additional entries”, and "tag your friends in this post to enter" are not permitted)."

  12. Hi Barb,
    I love Clarity and all of the people connected with it from designers, pickers, sorters, makers, helpers etc are absolutely brilliant! I love the look of these stamps and think they will definitely be dropping into my basket at the weekend. Are you doing them in Groovi too? Well done to Steven as well for coming up with the competition but sadly as I don't do Facebook, I can't enter, but wish everyone who ca, good luck. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Did a bit of window cleaning this morning, then managed a bit of stamping this afternoon which was good. Dave took me for a run out to Durham later on as well, so a good day! Good luck if you've entered the competition, love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Love the giveaway idea, liking the look of the ODS too (got the other outline set and love them!) Just remember the old saying…"Many a good tune played on an old fiddle!" No offence Dave, just couldn't resist! Xxx

  14. I love these new stamps very much but will have to wait and buy them, as I haven't a clue how to tag someone on FB -I'm a real FB numpty!! I thought sharing and tagging was the same thing I've already liked the page though.
    I must tell you what excellent help and service I've had in the last week or so from Jeannine, after a problem with an order -she even took the trouble to let me know the returned item I sent back had arrived. You have wonderful staff indeed.
    Enjoy your evening with No 1 fiddle!!!!!!

  15. Had a nice chuckle at the sweet music the first fiddle is still playing. Have been married nearly 52 years and my fiddle is still as sweet although a lot more quieter these days xx

  16. Love the stamps and look forward to seeing the design team samples. I'm afraid I don't do Facebook and haven't a clue about tagging and sharing. I will have to try to catch the weekend shows as we have a new TV and our skybox needs different connections (or something like that) so I won't be able to record and watch later as I usually do. Waiting for a new skybox to be installed, honestly I think they change everything so they get more money from us. What happened to simplicity, I was quite happy with the old video recorder we used to have! It's all so complicated xx

  17. Hi Barb, what a great idea, well done Steven for suggesting that. Looking forward to the shows. And glad to hear that the music is still sweet. It always should be, and I bet Dave is never far from your thoughts, even if you don't realise it. Take care all. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara
    It's lovely that you nurture your staff and give them the confidence to grow into their jobs and take ideas forward. What a great idea for a competition, don't do Facebook but might have to drag myself into the 21st century! Love the new stamps. Love Diane xxx

  19. Great idea going down well on FBI looking forward to Sunday. It's good to hear your team is growing into bigger rolls which helps take pressure of you and Dave keep having little escapes for you and Dave woul helpif wax nearer but friendly ear here if ever needed xxx

  20. Of course you know that junior staff grow and develop through great leadership, but I'm sure you're too modest to say so yourself! It's a great idea from Steven and someone will be very happy with their prize. Apt with being so musical himself that Dave is your first fiddle x

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