Mel’s first Clarity Art – A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Mel’s first Clarity Art – A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Hi there.
Just as you have popped in today, Dave and I popped in to see 
lovely Mel this evening after work.
I often talk about Mel. She’s our darling friend, she who illustrates so many many of our fabulous stamps and stencils 
and Groovi Plates.
What a blimming talent that woman is!
She also happens to be one of the most interesting and unique people you will ever meet. I love spending time in her company. 
Anyway, so I visited the loo in her delightful cottage, and what should I see on the wall, but this little beauty.

“I recognise that picture!” I exclaimed from the throne.
“Did I make that for you?” I asked.
“Oh yes, you did,” said Mel. “It was the very first artwork I drew for you, and I was SO chuffed when you used it on the front of your catalogue”

“Mel!” I responded, “the tree is our Claritystamp livery! We still use it on all the Clarity folders now too.”

“Really?” she whispered. And then she teared up. And so did I.
But look at her front room window!
She’s changed the curtains again!
Double row of stencils nowadays!
And she designed every single one.
And a hundred others too.

I was so chuffed to see that partridge in a pear tree on her wall.
I had forgotten how much I LOVE that stampset.
Fancy Mel framing it and hanging it!
Do you know, I can still remember taking this set on Create & Craft all those years ago, and working so hard on the demonstration, and being so pleased with how the Promarkers worked on Clarity coated stock with a black Adirondack. It was a big breakthrough back in the day.
I look forward to finding this stampset soon,
and putting another spin on it for this Christmas. 
Yes, I think this year is Partridge and Pear Tree year
Love & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “Mel’s first Clarity Art – A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

  1. I remember when you were on create and craft with this stamp set, I don't have it in my collection, I don't remember why I didn't buy it then, seeing it tonight I might make this my Christmas card, I just love the simplicity and elegance of it,beautifully drawn by Mel x

  2. That is SO beautiful! You are both 2 very clever and talented friends! I LOVE the stencils on the windows of her cottage too! I adore cottages, and have loved living in our little cottage in Cornwall (16 years) – but the time for us to leave here is now on the horizon. Look forward to seeing how you use this stamp set this year Barbara – hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I hope that you are all as well as can be! Sorry for being a bit hit & miss on the blog recently – Merv & Ernie (my M.E.) have arrived and seem fairly reluctant to leave! I am trying to pace myself, so that I can send them away! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Lovely to have you back here.Sorry to hear that Merv and Ernie are giving you grief. Hope things get better for you soon. Sending love and hugs your way, Alison xxx

  3. Hi Barb. Seeing this has brought back memories for me too. I used this stamp set for my very first Clarity Challenge entry and made the top 5! The start of wonderful new friendships and an exciting and fulfilling creative journey. Long may it continue. Love to all. Xxx

  4. I remember this one as well. I have never actually bought the stamp set so maybe I will have to correct that. So glad you have that talented lady designing for you, so many beautiful stamps are produced. X

  5. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely blog post for use today. I love that stamp set and love the piece that you made for Mel. It obviously means a lot to Mel too. She is so talented, as are you and it was fate that just brought you together. Thank you for sharing, love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Evening bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Had a lovely day today – early swim (52 lengths!) in a really quiet pool ( for once!) then this afternoon out to lunch with 3 very special friends who mean a lot to me. Don't see them too often since I retired but as 2 of them have just joined the club, hopefully I will see more of them in the future. Anyway we put the world to rights and had a lovely time. Definitely going to try and get some crafting done tomorrow! Lovely ve and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  6. Oh I love that set! The partridge really has got attitude! And the tree is just a perfect shape!
    I was lucky enough to meet Mel at the retreat this year and she is a fascinating person and very much alive with wonderful ideas. Her view on things is very different and exciting!
    I showed Colin her trick with the stencils! I won't be doing that with them in our house!
    Cant wait to see what tricks you come up with for Mr partridge!
    Love and hugs xx

  7. Gosh is it that long that I've had that set of stamps. Remember loving that there was a baby partridge to put in the tree. So ashamed I haven't got around to using it. Must remedy that. Look forward now to your new spin on it. You and Mel are a great team. Love the stencils on her windows what a good way to show them off. Even have some of those not used yet. They keep, so no

  8. Hi bloggy friends, hope you have had an enjoyable day. Been making a bookmark for a friend tonight. Not finished yet, more tomorrow. Love and a hug to you all.xx

  9. I too had several chats with Mel at the Retreat – she certainly is an inspiration and I look at some of my stamps differently since meeting the artist!!! My framed Barbara Gray original is proudly displayed on my staircase crafty wall though – not in the loo……..!

  10. Beautiful art work. Mel is such a great talent and I love her stamp and stencil designs. Had another day cleaning but I am going out with Mum tomorrow to her favourite fabric shop, I always walk around it wishing I was a sewer! Xx

  11. That artwork is so elegant and I think Mel has hung that in exactly the right place as no time spent in the littlest room in the house is wasted with something beautiful to look at whilst musing, if you see what I mean…lol. Being serious this stamp set is beautiful and a clever design by Mel. x

  12. Hi Barbara
    Yes I remember you doing this on C&C all those years ago, it's still as beUtiful today. These are great stamps, I love the tree and yes it's just clicked it's on all the folders! Mel is so talented, love her stencil windows, much nicer than net curtains!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely friends hope all is well. Been playing crazy golf today with a large party of family members. So much laughter, balls flying all over the place and we've all got a lovely warm glow about us tonight from bring in the sun! Sending hugs xxx

  13. Hello Barb, one of my favourite stamps, and a well loved image. Yes I can remember the show too. Mel is very talented, and has a great eye for detail. Love the stencil windows. Glad you enjoyed time with a good friend. Take care all. Bx

  14. I don't have the partridge but the tree is the first stamp I bought from Clarity, in Harrogate I think, fully mounted. It was my first real venture into rubber stamping, can't wait to see what you come up with..

  15. One of the many reasons this image is great is because it's timeless, which is a feature of many Clarity stamps, and why I bring them out to use time after time. Pat yourself and Mel on the collective back.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  16. Wow! What a coincidence I have decided to use these stamps for my Christmas cards this year and have already started. Seeing your picture has proved I have chosen the right stamps. So glad my wifi has stopped playing around and I can once again join your wonderful blog. Thankyou for all your inspiration x

  17. I remember seeing you doing this on c&c I loved it then there will be lots of Christmas cards done with it this year now thanks for the memories
    Love June horrocks xxx

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