Light a Candle! Calm down!

Light a Candle! Calm down!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Wednesday’s blog is where we talk about matters of the head and heart, don’t we? Well, we had best leave my head out of it today, because it’s wild in there!
Not a place you want to enter alone, that’s for sure!
Not without a hardhat!
Don’t ask. This too shall pass.
There’s no point in keep talking about what is getting under your skin, to be honest. You just keep rehashing it and re-feeling it, 
don’t you? The word RESENTMENT says it all.
My smattering of French tells me that sentir means to feel.
So resentment mean to re-feel then. 
Instead of winding myself up over and over,
and letting some little creep live rent-free inside my head 
even though it is a VDL (Very Dangerous Location),
let’s light a candle and be glad we are creative. 
New Outline stamp in black archival on Northern Lights paper.
Mask and repeat

And a third time.

Mask all 3 and add a table with a brush

Now let’s go back the other way. 
Remove the back mask and place the negative mask over the top. 

Add a little shade and decorate the candle with some tiny stamps from the same set.

Start work on the next one

Decorate that one with wise men. 
And their names are?
Dave, Steve and Paul.

Finally, when you remove the front mask, it really pops!

Yellow paint to add a word.

This way of applying the paint works well….


Easy. So now it’s time to light a real candle 
and write a gratitude list.
Love & hugs,

48 thoughts on “Light a Candle! Calm down!

  1. Love the candles . I love candles though , just sitting watching them flickering away can be quite soothing for a troubled mind. Thanks Barbara it's a beautiful card x

  2. Beautiful artwork! I do like that candle stamp….it's a proper chunky candle, just perfect for decorating!
    Hope your head calms down… It's awful when you have things whirring around in there! Sometimes the only way is to write down your thoughts and get them out in the open!
    Anyway go speak with the three wise men…maybe they can help put things in order
    Love and hugs

  3. Those gremlins need clearing regular or else they gro and things can get out of hand . It's find that place time away to unwind I love looking out at nature how amazing things are made flowers so perfectly made from a seed the beauty that's here in such a torn apart world. As a child loved looking out at the rain dropping on the ground well seeing a lot of that at moment. The flickering candles this card is beautiful soft music and candles make for peaceful time xxx

  4. This is my absolute favourite of all the lovely new stamps. I made mainly Groovi cards last year and had decided to do stamped ones this year so this is definitely top of my list.
    Go do something physical to clear your head and get rid of the adrenaline build up xx

    1. You could buy a pack of the A5 blank masks and stamp out your own if the candle masks aren't in the store separately yet. There are lots in the pack and you'll be able to use them for many more masking projects in the future. Happy crafting!!

  5. Stunning artwork Barbara. Those candles look amazing – as you say – they really pop. Thought you were going to PM me when you got like this?? Don't let the b@*%€¥₩s grind you down. 🤡🤗😍😎😉😂

  6. Beautiful piece of work, love the candles they're really a great size. Love how you made the table ! Hope you head clears soon and you have Clarity again. Xxx

  7. Dave here, We really would go for a walk, but its persisting down. Instead I think we will go for a nice meal locally, and let the storm pass. It will ….. xx

  8. Hi Barbara & ladies, hope you are all well.
    I know where you are comming from, been out today with a friend for lunch she was feeling a little like you so tried to calm her just sat and listen to her .
    After lunch was over she felt a little better.
    I just love the candle stamps this looks beautiful. But my Groovi just seems to be taking over.
    I am so pleased with my snipping is definitely getting better thanks to the bold tool I use.
    Try to take it easy, try to look after yourself.

  9. What a lovely composition – very tranquil and Christmassy. Don't forget to visualise an empty bucket by the door, and dump all the head stuff in it as you leave! You might just find you don't remember to pick it up again on the way back in… x

  10. Hi Barb,
    This is my favourite and the one I've ordered ( for now). Saw Paul do this on Hochanda and loved it so I'm pleased that you've added the step by steps. I did smile when Paul stamped the Noel but didn't have enough paint on the stamp – something I would do!! Sorry to hear that the gremlins are back but hopefully your meal out with your main wise man will clear them out. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Stunning artwork. And yes, you're right "sentir" means to feel.
    Sometimes I really think that mind is the weirdest organ we have in our body. It has it's own way and we're not always in control of it.
    Take care of yourself.
    Laurence xx

  12. Sorry to hear that your head is working overtime and is full to bursting. I hope that your time out with Dave will help.
    I am starting a new job next week and there have been lots of obstacles to get through to be able to start, so my head is mince too. Things improved today though as I took the wee boy I am looking after this week I've skating. I skated for the first time in thirty years and managed to let go the sides and taught him how to skate too! I felt a real sense of achievement as I am a big woose usually, so today, anything is possible!!!

  13. Sorry to hear your head is in a bad place at the moment. Hope your meal with Dave will help calm things down. It's sometimes the simple things that do the most good. I was sheltering from the torrential rain outside our local Boots today with several other equally miserable people when a little girl ran out and started jumping in the puddles. I looked round to see everyone smiling at such innocent joy. It made my day and I didn't even mind getting soaked on the way home. After all, it's only water.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.
    Love Gayle xxx

  14. Oh dear, Barb, I'm so sorry you have a 'little creep' in your head. Thank goodness you have your marvelous creativity to calm yourself. Cheer up, keep calm and carry on! The weather will be better tomorrow, that'll help.
    Love 'n' hugs xxxxx

  15. Love this stamp set. The meal out sounds like an excellent plan to get away from all the lurking gremlins, hopefully summer will return soon so evening walks can be continued.

  16. Hi Barbara
    I hope some quality time with Dave and some good food and company has managed to stop the gremlins for a while. I hope tomorrow is a better day. The candles are beautiful, there are some lovely small stamps in this collection aren't there. The snow globe was my favourite but seeing this the candle is a close second. I hadn't realised the Noel was paint – I thought it was embossed- you are a clever clogs aren't you. Hope you get a good nights sleep.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. This is beautiful, think the candle will go on my list along with a lot of other items. Sorry to hear the gremlins are back. Kick them out Barb. I was talking to a friend a while back, she writes down things that bother her and puts them in a drawer. Then when she is feeling strong she takes them out and reads them. Then she rips them up and puts them in the rubbish bin. Seems to help her. Personally I prefer your way, get in the craftroom and do a card. Usually helps me. Hope going out for a meal helped you tonight

  18. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are all well and have had a nice day. Had a morning of rain but it did improve this afternoon, rain again tonight. Hopeful for a better day tomorrow. Enjoyed getting lost in a Groovi card tonight, was so pleased it turned out well, no snipping though but that will

  19. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone managed to stay dry! Went to the shops today to get some boxes for my room and spend a voucher…no boxes and I came home with the voucher too! Wasn't in the mood for shopping really, better luck next time. Xx

  20. Hope the storm has passed…the rainy one and the head one! Paul did a grand job demo-ing this on TV, like the way the designs on each candle lead you to the next… very clever! Been making a few more Christmas cards this evening – need to get the 'postie' ones done early this year so I can spend more time on the 'special' ones than I did last year! xx

  21. Hello Barb, I hope things get better for you. Love your arty candles, the design is simple but so effective. Had a good laugh at the 3 wise men bit. Take care. Bx

  22. Dave had the right idea and I hope you had a lovely meal and today things look a lot better. I love those beautiful candles and the Northern Lights paper behind shows them off really well. x

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