My favourite Demo today…

My favourite Demo today…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
What a busy weekend !!!
I shall be glad to get home.
But I really wanted to share this little Groovi card with you, that I made using one of Jayne’s wonderful Christmas Children designs this morning. I knew I wouldn’t finish it during the show; 
it’s the little girl looking out of the window.
But not a Christmas card at all!
 I am really chuffed with it. 
It isn’t perfect, and if you look closely you will see imperfections.
But for me personally, it felt like I had climbed to a new level with this picot cutting!
Took a while I must say.
Not this bit. This part was easy peasy!
Emboss the lower line with the building bricks and then drop the larger teddy into place. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Box them in using the Nested square.
That was trickier actually.
Add a name.
I used the little alphabet that is on the Universal framer from the Twas the Night Collection. Remember this one?
Then for the Calligraphy swirls top and bottom from the 
fabulous plate.
Out with the Perga Liners for the colouring in from behind.
Looking good. Top tip: pick the background paper BEFORE you start! (mine was from the Northern Lights – surprise!) 

Mask off the outside and the inside at the back

Load a Clarity brush with Apricot Nectar Artistry ink, and brush into the frame.

Easy. Use a wet brush to blend away the ink that runs through the teddies.

Right. So far so good.
Piece of cake.
At this point we left Easyport and sail into Tricky pricky seas…

I looked at the swirls and decided to use the two-needle fine tool.
One hour later, I had done one side.

Sheesh. No prizes for guessing how long the second side took.
Tell you what though. The more you do the better you get.

The thing is, once you’ve made all the holes, you can’t just stop, can you? And so I started.
Had a think about it first, and decided to cut out the little parts first, so that the whole thing wasn’t too fragile. 

At around about this point, I was wondering who in their right minds does this kind of thing?!? Was I feeling that wonderful sense of achievement?
Nope. The twinge in the neck definitely overrode that sensation of acclomplishment we so often hear about!

Let’s wrap it around the paper.
Back to Easy Street!

Used the nested square to score and fold the sides.

Fits like a glove!

Mounted on a piece of Christmas red parchment, 
to bring out the red in the bricks and ribbons…

And although it took me a while, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I won’t repeat what I said when I caught it on the mat at the very last hurdle and tore one of the swirls.
Thank heaven for Perga Glue and a hair off my head!
Just an old repair trick I picked up from a trad parcher. 
Bit gross, but works like a dream. 
Must go now.
Thanks for your time, friendship and support.
What would be the point of any of this if not for you?
The Jayne Nestorenko Christmas Children Groovi Plates and Claritystamp are available on our website now. You can get them individually too.
Love & hugs,

42 thoughts on “My favourite Demo today…

  1. So glad you've blogged this one ! Love it, and know who I'll be attempting it for once I get the plates. I'm a bit addicted to cutting at the moment and have just been doing some random abstract stuff on a couple of cards just so I could have a go, I love seeing a little x appear ! Great shows and lovely plates/stamps. Have a safe trip home and try to put your feet up – was that 'fat chance' I heard you say ! XXX

  2. Where would WE be without YOU! Not only do you give us ideas and techniques to go with your super products but you also give us a lot of food for thought through your blog and so much more xx

  3. Beautiful parchment art, I shall look forward to catching up with the shows later, busy weekend and I'm so pooped so that will be my downtime x

  4. Love it Barbara. Thanks for the demo here. I saw this one, but only caught the very end of the first demo, really loved that too. Want to see how that was done, but I have it recorded, hopefully!

    Bet Steve's doing a happy dance, that finally you've got stock numbers sorted. Or maybe it was your clever idea to do both Groovi and stamps together, doubling the output of items made in the time available, and splitting the sales between both! 😉

    What would we all do without you… I know where I'd be, best not to think of that eh… Think instead onwards and upwards both in my crafty journey and in my life…

    Just as well I love porridge, after my 'wee' spend in the member's sale, and other bits I needed!!! Thought I'd make some space on my want/need list for all the recent new things to go on. Good thinking eh, won't look so bad when it's all added on now!!! 😉 Had the nerve to buy more canvases, still not used any of the first lot, but clearly I'm motivated to get there… Didn't succumb to a second designer paper pad, halo intact!!!!

    Hope you get home soon, and have some chill time factored in after your busy weekend. The driving alone must really take it out of you.

    Love Brenda xx

    Hi everyone not commenting yet. Are you feeling up to showing Barbara just how many of you there are, following and getting inspiration from her and her daily blog? xx

  5. Wow! That is gorgeous. Thank you so much Barb for taking the time to write such a great blog post after such a busy day. I always look forward to reading it, as I know do so many others.
    I ordered Tina's Christmas corner plate 2 today and can't wait to have a play. I am off to Italy on holiday next week, so I may have to wait until I get back, but what a treat to look forward to. X

  6. Wow! Amazing teddy bear groovi artwork. Had to smile when you said about the holes taking so much time, I had that thought recently and then I started cutting…2 hours later I could see the point and I started feeling pleased I had persevered. Glad I didn't know the trick about using hair to fix mistakes when I first started, I think I might be bald now!! Planning on sitting down later to watch some of the shows from today. Have a good evening. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Did you fall off the wagon then? I know I did – I've got the bruises to prove it ( I forgot the cushion! ). Love and hugs Alison xx

  7. Blooming fantastic Barbara! The whole weekend was! All the shows seemed to fly past and demos were inspirational! Feet up and early night in order now!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  8. thank you for all the wonderful demos over the last 24 hours, recorded them for future reference. Todays blog just proves that the plates are not just for Christmas !! Hopefully by now you are back home with your feet up !!

  9. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous shows this weekend. Loved them all. I think that you and Paul did an excellent job – well done.
    I'm so pleased you did the step by steps for this project as I think it's so cute. That teddy bear is lovely! Very sad news about Tina's dad, my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family at this very sad time. Please pass on my condolences to her. Hope your journey home wasn't too bad. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Well, as I predicted, I managed to spend too much!! That's before I put in my Sale order!! Weather has been better today thankfully but forecast for rain again tomorrow- I think the garden has had enough now! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  10. What a great weekend coming to meet up with you and having a catch up needed to get out then watching shows yesterday and today just loved the teddy bear card so beautiful worth all time. Bob commented that table was fare to low for you working at hochanda cannot be helping your neck hope it's temporary they need one that goes up and down. Lots love hugs hope journey home was good not to busy lay in must be called for tomorrow and easy day look after your self hugs xxx

  11. Hi Barbara, what to choose, well all shows brilliant.
    Just loved the bears today and you made it looked easy.
    just loved the plates Tina has produced these are my favourite.
    Sorry to hear about Tina,s father very sad all my thought's to her family.

    Hope all ladies and gents are well and you have not spent to much!!!!!!
    Just putting my order together , but keep changing my mind !!!! But will get there.
    Hugs to all.
    Lynn xx

  12. Absolutely exquisite stamps, groovi, demo – everything. Had to watch on record after work and what a treat. Completely blew me away. Barbara and Paul were on great performance and the design team are superb.
    Big thank you for making my evening wonderful.
    Anne (Reading)

  13. What a fabulous piece of work with those sweet teddies and great picot cutting Barbara, and love the colours too. I have had such a busy weekend that I didn't see anything at all but will be catching up. Take it easy tomorrow, you deserve it. So sorry to hear the sad news about Tina's Dad. x

  14. Love your step by step again today. I do love teddies, its great when you can make a card just by using parts of the plates. Been trying some picot cutting today but it didn't go very well. Need to practise more. Been busy so not seen any shows, looking forward to catching up with them all in the week. Sorry to hear about Tina's Dad, my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  15. Hi to you all, hope you've had a good weekend and a nice day today. Weather has picked up this afternoon, supposed to be warm and overcast tomorrow and even hotter on Wednesday. Make the most of it

  16. Sorry Barb I didn't get to see any shows today, Wimbledon has started. I will try to catch up, and I have put my order in. This card is lovely, but what a lot of pricking and snipping. I took a fair few parchment craft classes many moons ago, but I don't know the hair trick. Just as well though, I'm going thin on top as it is, ha ha!! I hope you can take it easy tomorrow. Put your feet up and watch some tennis x

  17. Beautiful card,still got to catch up with this mornings show. I've been trying to resist the A5 calligraphy plate mate, and the A5 plates, I think I may succumb sooner rather than later. Spoke to Jeannine today at Clarity, she was very helpful as always. Hope you managed to have a restful evening. xx

  18. Hello Barb, a stunning and beautiful creation. My admiration goes out to anyone that can take the time to create something like this. Hope you managed to rest when you got home too. Take care all. Bx

  19. Hi Barbara, wonderful, you really do make me laugh with your comments every day, I can just imagine you pulling all your hair out with this one (the hair comes in useful for repair work though doesn't it). Anyway I just wanted to say that I loved this and the instructions are perfect, saw the shows and so enjoyed them. Yes have ordered all Jaynes plates and Tina's 2 new ones and Tina's grid work ii book (so loved the first one and so useful). Now off to have a play.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Saw you demo these piece today and thought it was stunning, the bears are just so cute. Doesn't the apricot ink make a beautiful frame. I'm really impressed with your picot cutting, that's amazing. Well done you! I'm playing catch up with the other shows but I really enjoyed the ones I saw.
    Love Diane xxx

  21. Lovely stamps, fab Groovi plates and great demos and inspiration…what more could we ask for?! Great to hear that Grace is doing fine and is getting into 'the groove' too! Take care xxx

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