Join the Club!

Join the Club!

Hi there.
Apologies for blogging so late.
Long day at the office playing catch up again.
There’s so much to to, especially with the Member’s Half Price Sale starting last weekend.
The thing is, unlike many sales, we don’t walk round the warehouse and see what we want to get rid of, what we want to  shift. It isn’t a clearance sale. Quite the contrary! 
We stock up for the sale!
In fact, we promise not to sell out. 
If we run out of anything, we make more.
That however takes time, so if you have ordered something which we have to remake, then there will be a wait.
As the month goes on, that will obviously happen more; we just don’t seem to be able to keep up with demand just now. 
So please bear with us.

The Clarity Crew is working hard to move through the orders, which are pouring in. 
We are also trying to bring the monthly club delivery forward by about a week, and that is looking promising. 
Lots of forward planning and work involved…

Anyway, if you aren’t a member of our Clarity Clubs yet,
you may want to think about it.
There are 3:
Stamp Club, Stencil Club and Groovi Club.

I think they’re really good value for money.
Here’s a VT to explain how it works:

If you join this week, you will be able to dive into the Sale.
Well worth it for sure.
Love & hugs,

52 thoughts on “Join the Club!

  1. Hi Barb,
    I'm sure that everyone realises how busy you all are at the moment and I for one will not be chunterning if my goodies take a while. I know I will get them and that the quality will be superb. In fact if you want to pack someone else's and leave mine that would be ok by me too. As for the Clubs- they are the best thing ever! I really look forward to my " happy" post every month. Thank you for everything you do for us Clarity addicts – it is certainly appreciated. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Really foul day here again today, I hope it has been better wherever you are. I was in the pool at 7.30 this morning ( mad I know!!) and was so proud of myself – managed 22 lengths of front crawl! Only another 10 and I'd have done half a mile!! Considering a couple of weeks ago I couldn't even manage one length, ,I find that amazing!! Going to have a walk around a golf course tomorrow while Dave plays – it will be so frustrating for me not playing but daren't risk it. As least I'll have a good walk and will come in handy looking for lost balls. My step rate will be good too! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Thanks everyone. Enjoy Pilates Chris. Diane, glad you'll be able to go swimming again. I do actually enjoy it even though i still find crawl difficult and miss being able to do breaststroke. Even one of the lifeguards commented on how id improved today so that was nice. Love Alison xx

  2. All good things come to those that wait! Clarity is always such good quality and I think most people understand how busy you all get at sale time. I love the fact that you don't just throw a few bits from dusty corners of the warehouse together, everything is sooooo tempting! On the club front, I would highly recommend joining if you are thinking of it, I am in all 3 and love reading the projects each month. Certainly come in useful when your mojo decides to go on its summer holiday and leave you in the lurch. XX

    1. Hi Donna I bet you are tired tonight. I've just heard from a friend in the Lake District, her daughters school had sports day in the rain today! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      You're lucky you don't live here – there would've been some very wet children ( & staff). I used to love Sports Day, it was such a high class event – we had some super athletes and then there was an Open 1000m which was brilliant – to see about 500 11-15 year olds ( Year 11 had left by then) running & walking round the track was brilliant! Glad you had a good day – soon be the summer holidays! Love and hugs Alison xx

  3. The Clarity clubs are very well worth every penny. Barbara, you forgot to mention that we also get your lovely newsletter every month with our club envelopes. I know I am not the only one who reads that newsletter first before looking at the other goodies. xxx Maggie

    1. This has not been the best day. Some of you will already have seen my Facebook post about the youngest of my two dogs, Gemma. Sadly, I had to make the ultimate decision to send her on to the Rainbow Bridge, due to lymphoma, which was diagnosed two days after coming home from the Open Days. A very hard decision, but I know it was the right one for her. She slipped away cuddled on my lap at home. xxx Maggie

    2. Oh Maggie! So sorry to hear that, always such a hard decision to make. At least she was having a lovely cuddle though. Sending love and hugs Alison xxxx

  4. I never worry about delivery times from Clarity, I know the quality is going to be excellent and that is more important. Your staff work so hard and are so friendly. I have not ordered from the sale yet but got a few items in mind.x x

  5. Hi Barbara, hope ypur long day was very productive. As you know, I'm always happy to wait as long as I need to for my order. You always have the best sales ever. And I'd say that even if I wasn't a wee bit biased!

    Best club ever folks. I'm a Diamond member. Amazing value for money. Everything exactly the same top quality as all Clarity products. All the discounts and sales. Top quality inspiration, on a top quality full colour step by step leaflet with each club. And a newsletter from oor Barbara which is always worth a read. So, what are you waiting for, jump aboard evryone who hasn't already.

    Hope you have a good sleep Barbara
    Love Brenda xx

    Hi everyone who doesn't comment. I think I've spied a couple of new names commenting here recently, yay 🤗🤗🤗 Please don't stop commenting, you are valued, and even if all you say is thanks to Barbara, I'm certain that will be much appreciated. So, who's next to join us…?

  6. Hi Barbara
    I love getting my club goodies too, such a treat each month and yes I read the newsletter first too! I love the members sale and there's some great stuff in it this time, such a good selection. There's quite a few things that I have thought about buying but the price has stopped me that are now in the sale so they might just be dropping in my basket soon! I'm sure your members know you do the best you can to get parcels out as quickly as you can. As to joining the clubs, definately value for money.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello everyone hope you've had a good day. I know the weather hasn't been good for a lot of people but I hope it improves as the week goes on. Sending hugs xxx

  7. I just received my Diamond Club goodies today. Being in Canada, it takes a bit longer to get but well worth it. It is kind of like getting a little present each month. Already placed my member's sale order, hoping to avoid the rush as I know it will take about 3-4 weeks to get here. Love everything Clarity and the quality is second to none and the product knowledge is just outstanding. Watch all the shows on Hochanda and have learned so much. As I can't order from Hochanda, I place all my orders through Clarity.

  8. We know you do your best and if there is a bit of a wait – so be it. Just grateful to be able to stock up with a few goodies that I haven't got in my stash – yet. Thank you Team Clarity for all you do x

  9. I always look forward to my envelope and have used this month's stencil today – thank you. I'm another who won't mind how long my sale order takes to come I'll probably order tomorrow xx

  10. I have admired Clarity for a few years now, Clarity have integrity, passion and care,,, that aside just brilliant products. In a dog eat dog world, you all are the very best, Barbara you are exemplary in a harsh world… thank you, wishing you blessings upon blessings xx

  11. I resisted the sale for a whole three days, Barbara!! It was VERY hard…. lol We do tend to get a bit impatient at times, don't we?? But it's just the excitement of getting such lovely stuff to play with… a child waiting for a birthday!! The Clarity team are amazing….nothing is too much trouble. It says a lot about the company, and a lot about the team. Jo xx

    1. Hi Robin, Clarity ship to America, so, yes you can join all 3 clubs. It just takes a wee bit longer for things to reach you. Hope that helps xx

  12. Help! I'm a new member of the stencil club and don't understand how to join in the members' sale. Tried the website but it led me down a blind alley.
    Please help this numpty!

    1. Go to the Clarity website, log in as if you weregoing to place an order,then select the 'Members SALE' option on the grey 'menu' bar which should take you directly to the 13 sale pages. Add your selections to your basket as normal. Hope this is makes sense xx

    2. Not sure if you've been helped out yet, but if you are a stencil club member then you definitely qualify to buy from the members sale. You do need to sign in on the website first though, the little 'sign in' place is at the top right corner of most pages. Once you have signed/logged in, you can then click on the members' sale heading, and you're off! You won't be able to resist the bargains I guarantee you.
      I hope this has helped, sorry if it's a bit amateur, but you should be able to access the sale now. Not signing in first is the only thing I can think of that's keeping you out. If it still doesn't work then shout out again and someone will definitely help you.
      Happy shopping, Judy W x

    3. While I was typing my wordy rambling reply, I see that Su has beaten me to it, and in a most succinct and articulate way! I always did go on a bit, sorry. Main thing is that hopefully you're shopping on those members' sale pages now!

    4. A wee thought. If you're a new member, maybe it's not been activated on your account. If the above doesn't work, then I suggest you email, or phone Clarity and ask them to check your membership has been activated for shopping on the website. Hope that helps xx

  13. I love getting my Diamond club goodies every month and always read the newsletter first. Great value with the discounts, special offers and sales. Placed my order tonight, a little delve into the sale and those inspirational ii books on Jayne's flower collection in stamp and groovi. Happy to wait for my parcel to arrive. xx

  14. No probs in waiting a little while…all good things come to those who wait! Love being a Diamond club member…if you haven't joined I yet I can recommend it! Xx

  15. I never mind waiting for my Clarity goodies, I know they will arrive at some point, and it's not usually that long a wait. I'm a diamond club member too, and love it when my envelope arrives. I have a quick look at what my goodies are this month, then I make a cuppa and settle down to first read Barb's newsletter, and then the club brochures, every word. The only problem I have is trying to make sure I get to the post before my Westie Dougal, if he gets there first then I have teeth marks through everything xx

  16. I also meant to say how much my two youngest granddaughters (6 & 8) love getting their monthly club envelopes. I gave them diamond membership for their birthdays and they have already been using this month's goodies, especially the stencil. I need to provide them with Clarity brushes and inks next, not to mention a few embossing tools. What have I started? A love affair with crafting as fun, I hope. A big thank you to Jeannine for sorting out their memberships so swiftly. xxx Maggie

  17. Must pop across and treat myself now that I am back off my holiday. I hope you are well and thank all the staff at Clarity towers for their hard work! You do run a tight ship and I am sure that people will be patient with their orders. Have a wonderful day
    Linda xxx

  18. Haven't placed my order yet, but I have a long list on the back of an envelope … needs to be a bit shorter before I press the buy button as I want to save some pennies for the workshop!! x

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