Glasto – a glance back.

Glasto – a glance back.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Glastonbury seems like a long time ago already, 
and yet this time last week, we hadn’t even unpacked the caravan!
Hit the ground running here, and haven’t had time to take stock of what was a truly amazing experience. 
Since we’ve been back, the first question folks have asked is 
“Which act was your favourite?”
That’s a tricky question; there were so many!
Jools Holland was uplifting; he had us all boogying and singing along on the Sunday. His friend Ruby Turner was fab, but then so were all the singers on the stage with him.

There were massive crowds around the main stages, and on a couple of occasions, we retreated because it was overwhelming.
We wanted to see The Rag n Bone Man, but it was way too packed – unenjoyable. 
Why fight it? We’ve got his album!
We hung out in The Park quite a bit.
I am very lucky.
Dave is a real music man. 
He eats it, lives it, breathes it, listens to it, plays it.
And he knows a lot of very talented musicians 
who haven’t made the charts, but are brilliant.
So we stayed on the fringe of the festival quite a bit, soaking up the sunshine and listening to lesser known artists who also have a following – just not an Ed Sheeran or Adele kind of following.
Everywhere you look though, there is art, something lovely to enjoy. Something for the gardener….
A Ribbon Tower outlook for the climber…
A Helter Skelter for the children – and the young at heart…
Awesome Sand Art for the Politically orientated…
And even tree pods to chill in.

You get the picture.
It was a rare and unique weekend.
Sure, the big names were a pull, and we checked in on them 
– just to say we had.
Foo Fighters. Tick
Radiohead. Skirted round the edge with my hands over my ears. Tick.
Ed Sheeran. Sang along and loved him AND his Grandad who was in the wings. First festival he had ever been to apparently. Tick.

But Dave and I didn’t really get caught up in that too much.
We ate good food, and soaked up the sights, smells and sounds.
The loos were better than last year.
Less muddy. Still rank, but better.
I will leave you with this stage.
Yep, this is a stage.
A massive shanty town wall construction.
If you look closely, you will see the band.

If that isn’t a work of art, I don’t know what is!
Time to go sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine….
It’s good to be home too.
Love & Hugs

36 thoughts on “Glasto – a glance back.

  1. Hi Barbara, thank you so much for sharing your special memories with us. Glstonbury does seem to be a micro nation. Glad you manged to soak it all up. Being on the outskirts looking in, is a good place to be in big events. Feel a part of it all, experiencing it all but not overwhelming, and on your terms, which is a big thing.

    Hope you enjoy your sun in the garden, you deserve it. Me, jealous, never…. Could you spare even a teeny bit of it to warm up up here….?!!!!

    Love Brenda xx

    Hi everyone who doesn't comment. Patiently waiting here to see who's following Barbara's blog, so come say hi, and leave Barbara some love and appreciation.

    1. Good evening, Brenda. Hope you are well. After our brief conversation a few weeks ago, I hope you have managed to acquire Rosella's tool pack. Mxx

    2. Hi Margaret, yep, it's back in stock on Clarity, just recently bought it 😊. About to have a go in the next few days with the shaders using Tina's flower plate. Thanks for remembering. Hope you're ok too xx

    3. Tina's flower plate is at the top of my wish list at the moment… along with many other things! I don't spend as much time using parchment as I do stamping but I'm slowly getting there. I'm fine, thank you, Brenda. I was in London with our daughter last week and my joints are only just starting to recover! Good luck with your shading xx

  2. Love reading your blog, it's brilliant. Glastonbury sounds good. Haven't had much time to write, busy getting ready for my granddaughters wedding in Friday. I have some flowers to do tomorrow. Leonie Higgins and Ben mellor will be at the Edinburgh fringe for August. If anyone goes look out for. "Getting a round' show about three girls. Hope everyone gets to enjoy the sun. And that you are feeling better Barbara. XXXX

  3. Oh Barbara….you really did have an amazing time! I can tell by the way you tell us! What fabulous memories you and Dave are making! Wonderful!
    I'd love to go but Colin wouldn't like the festival life! But I can watch it and also have my daughter tell me all about it!
    Enjoy your garden! It's another lovely place to spend a quiet few minutes!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

    1. I would love to go too Jane. Fred thinks I am mad and he is probably right when he says I would not manage the walking but to just be there and soak it all up. We always watch it but not the same. X

  4. thanks for sharing you time at Glastonbury, can almost hear the music playing & feel the atmosphere !! enjoy the garden as it seems the weather is very mixed around the country, some very wet & some very hot. I'm in the hot bit today but sitting inside in the cool watching the tennis. Should be doing the ironing but that can wait !!

  5. Lovely memories. Nothing beats actually experiencing these things. Very hot here today did go outside for a while but had to come into the cool. So been decorating a cake for eldest grandaughter. All done now. X

  6. Hi Barbara, so glad you had a fabulous time and enjoyed everything to see and do.
    please do not worry about the club items which come our way every month.
    I for one put it to the back of my mind and it comes when it comes , as I know it takes a lot of organising, and of course the printing does take time (I know from experience ).
    just love being in the Groovi club it has taken over from my stamping but do go back.from time to time.
    Thank you for all you do on the clubs , just love waiting for the post man to come and post my Groovi club as and when please do not stress out about it.
    Hugs to all.
    Lynn xx

    1. I totally agree with you Lynn – I really enjoy opening my Groovi Club envelope – when I am on my own (with a cup of tea) and have a quick look at the Groovi plate. Then read Barbara's newsletter, and then read the beautiful leaflet on how to do the artwork. It doesn't matter how long it takes to reach me. Hugs Gilly xx

  7. I love listening to live music and experiencing the atmosphere. I was fortunate to see Adele at Wembley last week but also thoroughly enjoyed listening to a Canadian busker near the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. Both singing their own music and being appreciated by their audience…however big or small. Happy memories 🎝 🎜🙂 Mxx

  8. Great pictures and so glad you had a good time. I am struggling today to get on Clarity web site – it seems to have altered course and coming up with just a list – I really cannot find anything. Any suggestions dear bloggers.
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Hi Anne. Just checked here and working fine on my tablet browser and via Chrome on my tablet. Sounds like an incompatability issue. Your browser no likey the website format!!!! You're not using Edge by any chance to view it? Or, I used to have some issues using Windows 10 Internet Explorer browser. Ditched it, hence the used to! Try using Chrome as your browser, see if that works, I know the website is set up to be compatible with Chrome. Another thing to try, shut down your broswer and clear your temporary files, sometimes that can cause problems. Let us know how you get on. It's a bit hard knowing what the problem is without seeing it for myself, but I'll try. xx

  9. Thanks for sharing the memories Barbara and Dave, it was an eye opener to see all the pictures from Glastonbury, especially for those of us who've never been. I loved the sand sculptures, we went to a sand sculpting competition once in France. The sculptures were phenomenal, and the year we stopped by, they were all on the theme of Jules Verne and his books. It's a very popular hobby in the Northern European countries I believe. Best photo on the blog today has to be that stage backdrop looking like a shanty town. What amazing imagination and skills the artists must have. I was reminded of the Clarity stencil of rows of houses and windows. I must have another play with that one. I think that many eons ago, you mentioned (Barb) that you might have some more similar scenes in the pipeline? I can't think how you forgot that, what with sitting around all day meditating in hollow tree stumps and the like!!

  10. Thanks for sharing your memories of Glastonbury with us all Barbara! It sounds as though you did all the right things, standing at the edge is so much better than being bang in the middle of a huge crowd of people. That 'stage' looks amazing – and the festival is obviously much more than just music! I trust that you have enjoyed your time in the garden this afternoon/evening. Please be assured that we all really appreciate all of the effort that you personally put into all things Clarity. You also have an amazing team behind you – please ignore any negative comments that come your way. We all have so many things in our stash, as yet unused, so any wait for orders is not a problem at all. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – sorry for being awol recently, my CFS/ME reared it's ugly head, so I haven't been up to commenting. I hope that you have all enjoyed some wonderful weather today, it has been beautiful here. I am taking Neill for his physio appointment tomorrow – he is now progressing and it will be interesting to hear what the physio has to say. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, sorry to hear you've been having a bad time with your ME/CFS. Hope you are feeling better now. Doing some retail therapy on the Clarity website is bound to lift your spirits. Not done my order as yet. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  11. What wonderful memories and photos Barbara. It all looks amazing. Hope you've enjoyed a nice rest relaxing in your lovely garden in the sunshine. It's been very hot here. As a few have already said I for one am not worried about getting my club envelope a bit late, its something to look forward to. People should be more patient especially when there is a sale on. You can only do a days work in a day. Xxx

  12. Hi lovely blog friends. Hope you have had a good day and enjoyed the sunshine. It's been too hot for me today but supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Arranged to go for a meaL on Thursday evening with two more of my cousins and their other halves and Pete of course. So looking forward to it. We're not getting any younger so we need to just do it as Barbara says.xx

  13. It's lovely to reflect with your memories of Glastonbury. Although I'd love to go one day, reflecting with your memories might be the closest I get to it.

  14. I've loved reading about Glastonbury, but I could never go. I would freak out being in the midst of so many people. I have been to the town, and me and my daughter did the shops, and had coffee and cake while hubby and son climbed the tor.
    My auntie joined the Groovi club today, she is over the moon with Groovi and absolutely loves it all. She asked me to thank you for bringing out the plates with the Dutch phrases on. She was once married to a Dutch man and lived there for many years. She still sends cards to his family, even though they divorced about 40 years ago!!! So when I told her about the Dutch sentiments Groovi plates she had to have them. She wanted you to know how happy you have made her xx

  15. Thanks for sharing your memories and photos of your fab time at Glastonbury. Oh, and loved that stage with the shanty town wall construction. Very clever! Hope you you had a nice rest in your garden in the sun. Xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    What great memories you have, thank you for sharing them with us. Yes you can still hear the music sitting at the edge of the crowd rather than being squashed up with other people, only done that once, didn't like it but had to be done to know I didn't like it ( but also 4 rows away from Coldplay, wow!!). There were some good bands playing, we caught up with Barry Gibb on iPlayer at the weekend, definately something for everyone. Don't forget to unpack the caravan and clean everything this year, you never know you might get the chance to take the caravan out again for a weekend before the year is out. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Great insight into Glasto…would love to go but the crowds would do me no good at all and couldn't do with the (usual) mud/rank loos- yes I know I'm a wimp but at least I admit it – lol! I catch up on TV and can feel the 'buzz' but that's obviously nothing to actually being there but will have to do! Thanks for sharing and it's good to see both you and Dave looking so relaxed and happy doing something you share a love of. Take care xxx

  18. More wonderful memories of Glastonbury and something you can share with Dave that brings you closer together which is great and the weather this year was perfect too. x

  19. Not sure I'm a festival gal as I don't like roughing it in a tent and don't like crowds, but I do love live music so maybe I'll be tempted one day! Thanks for sharing your memories with us, and it looks like you both had a blast x

  20. Wow seems like more than a week since you went and had such a great time at Glastonbury. Within that week I saw my surgeon, had an MRI, specialist xrays and been booked for urgent back surgery on Monday. All a bit of a shock really. I'd love to get to Glastonbury as I've always loved going to concerts but it would be beyond my capabilities now. Love Jeanette xxxx

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