Fairy Fairy Exciting….

Fairy Fairy Exciting….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
What a smashing day we had today at the Clarity retreat.
Well, I certainly enjoyed it, and the vibe was great.
Rossella (aka Rosie) joined us this time, as a guest.
She was in her element – she helped massively with the picot cutting on Day 1, and had a blast with the Gelplates and stamps on Day 2. It was great to see her so relaxed and enjoying herself. 
She just took off back up north, to get ready for her One Day Special on Hochanda, which starts on Saturday evening at 6pm.
Oh boy ! Have we got a treat for you !
A Fairy special treat in Groovi AND Stamp.

Two brand new, exquisite sets of Fairy stamps,
illustrated by our Mel
(here’s one…)
This masterpiece was created by our Ann Ruffles,
who was also at the retreat!
In addition, there are six A6 Fairy Plates plus a verse spacer.
Our Jane Telford designed this lovely piece.
She was at the retreats Monday and Tuesday!!
Rosie is launching both Stamps and Groovi on Saturday evening, so do tune in. Methinks she will be busy. 
Do you somehow get the feeling that we are all good mates?
Good! Cos we are!
Our Clarity family is close. I love that.
I have spent the last four days in the company of some of our oldest and dearest friends and customers. 
I know most of them personally, too.
It has been brilliant for me. Hard work of course, and I wouldn’t want to try it without Churchy there all the way!! It’s a bit of a marathon for us. But just to be able to catch up with friends and spend a little time together. We should do it more often!!
I was sad to see this group go this evening.
But that’s life. I look forward to welcoming a new group tomorrow. 
Tme to go to sleep now.
Love & Hugs,

51 thoughts on “Fairy Fairy Exciting….

  1. Excellent! I'll have to get Stephen to set the recorder in case I'm not home in time! I'm in the Groove in my hotel room, starting to relax after finishing work for the summer thank goodness. Looking forward to tomorrow! Wxx

  2. Would just like to say what a fabulous couple of days I have had spent on The Retreat. It was great to catch up with friends made from previous years. Thanks Barbara for your time, and sharing all those wonderful projects. So much to try back at home! Thanks to Paul for all help and running about he did making sure we had everything we needed! And Rosie, thank you for getting me on the right snipping track! Anyone that is still to go you will have an amazing time. It's such a shame it goes by all too quickly! Thanks to all The Clarity Team. Xx

  3. The stamps and plates look lovely. Not my thing, not sure who I could send them to but I'm sure they will be popular. It comes through in all sorts of ways what a "family" you are, the team would not go to the lengths they do were that not so. Enjoy the rest of the retreat xx

    1. Hello fellow bloggers. We've had rain again today but it's meant that after I went to the gym I made some more cards for our charity event on Saturday evening. Because I didn't want to make with stamps and stencils I had used for the friends attending I used a lot of the club ones that I hadn't got round to and am pleased with the results. I've threatened them that if they don't buy them they'll get them for their own birthdays!!

    2. Hi Chris,
      Sounds like you've had a good day. Like you're way of thinking too – bribery and corruption works every time!! Love and hugs Alison xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    I agree with Chris that these are really lovely, but not my thing either. I'm sure that there will be sell outs though as I know how popular fairy items are. Pleased this Retreat has gone so well and it certainly does come through what a wonderful family Clarity is – I'm proud to be a part of it if only in a small way. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day. Started off here very wet but it's gorgeous now! Never got my crafting done today as we went to the pool later this morning and by the time we got back and I'd done things around the house, there wasn't time to play! Never mind, there's always another day. Good news for me though was I managed 52 lengths today , I was mega pleased with that!! Only another 12 and that will be a mile. If someone had said that I'd be almost there a few weeks ago, I'd have just laughed! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Wow Alison – 52 lengths! That is amazing! Well done, I bet that this is really helping you towards your weight loss goal, as well as making you so much fitter! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Well done you!
      I'm nearly up to where I was at the gym before my op and I've done 3 walks in the dales of about 3 miles and quite hilly so I'm pleased with myself too. Love and best wishes xx

  5. Dear Barbara and Paul, thank you so much for all your hard work during the retreat. It was such fun and I learned so much and a very friendly group of crafters. I have just got home after a slow journey on the M25 and M4 so enjoying a cup of tea.
    Hope all goes well with your remaining retreats.

  6. Hi Barbara, firstly I am so looking forward to attending the retreat on Sunday – it can't come soon enough. In addition I am so excited about the Groovi fairy collection – something that I have been waiting for – will have to record the show as I will be travelling on Saturday…. xx an exciting weekend for sure… xx

  7. It sounds as though everyone has been having a wonderful time! The Clarity family is wonderful and I for one really enjoy being just a small part of it! On this blog and on Facebook too! So far I have only met up with Pam – but it was amazing just how well we got on and the bonus was that the husbands did too. I have made a FB friend who lives in Spain and we plan to meet up next year hopefully and I am still keeping everything crossed that I shall make it up to Leyburn! These designs look wonderful and they are in Groovi and Stamps too – which should appeal to everyone. Have another great day tomorrow Barbara – love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – hope that you have all been ok during this very bad weather! No doubt you will have seen Coverack on tv – I feel so very sorry for the people that have been affected. One couple didn't have insurance, as no insurance company would take their property on. The downstairs of their cottage is completely ruined and they have lost everything in those rooms. We are very fortunate here, but we have got a weather warning for the next few days of lots of rain and high winds too – just as the school holidays begin. Such a shame for the holidaymakers too! Sending you all love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gill,
      Saw Coverack on the news yesterday and felt so sorry for all of those affected. It must be so awful to see your home ruined like that. Makes me glad that we live on top of a hill! Love and hugs to you and Neill, Alison xx

    3. Hi Gilly, we've been lucky only had rain early this morning. It's been sunny most of the day but a cool wind so it's kept the temperatures down. Rain tomorrow by the sounds of it. How awful for those poor souls living in Coverack.xx

    4. Hi Gilly, yes I saw that on the news, terrible isn't it, I hope you are ok. Typical isn't it just as the holidays start, I hope it's not as bad as they say it will be. Take care xxx

  8. Have just spent an evening with some lovely friends – some just finishing their 2 days and some of us looking forward to beginning our 2 days tomorrow. Funny isn't it how friendships grow at functions such as these and then continue to blossom even though we never actually see one another. Great laughs and fun with Judith, Pat, Bernadette, Maggie, Alison, Lynne and Fred and Rosalind. Roll on tomorrow morning – can't wait. Xxx

    1. Thank-you Dawn for a brilliant evening. So lovely to meet up with you and Alison again and also make new friends in Judith Pat and Bernadette. Enjoy your retreat days. xx

  9. We were sad to go, Barbara, and I certainly want to thank everyone for a fantastic learning experience in the company of great like minded friends. I loved every minute, and look forward to my fix in 2018. In the meantime, you have given me the push I desperately needed to get going again, and not just in crafting. All those still to take their turn in the retreats, have a wonderful time. xxx Maggie

  10. Sounds like the Retreats are going really well, totally 'gutted' I couldn't gat there this year already making plans for next! Fairies look wonderful so can't wait to see them on TV – recorder will be set in readiness! Hope the rest of the retreats go well. Enjoy, everyone who's lucky enough to be attending. Xx

  11. Hi Barbara, looks like you have had an amazing time catching up with lots of old friends and customers.
    Well you have done it again this fairy plates look fabulous.
    I have placed an order, for thing's I need small but glad I have them to come. I just may have to have a couple of these they would make some lovley cards for my grand children.
    Have a wonderfull time again tomorrow all my best wishes to all.
    Lynn xx

  12. Good evening Barbara! I am feeling so inspired since doing the retreat on Monday and Tuesday. Ideas keep popping in my head for the things I'm working on now! And for future projects too!
    The fairies are fabulous and I was able to tell Mel personally that they were! I think they will fly out!
    Have a good evening and hope that tomorrow goes well with group three!
    Love and hugs xxx

  13. It has been a fabulous two days Barbara. Many thanks to you and Paul for all the work you put into making the retreats a success. I am sad that it is over for another year, would you notice if I sneaked back in tomorrow. Just had our evening meal with a few of your next batch of ladies and it was very enjoyable. Thank-you again xx

  14. Thank you Barbara and Paul for a great two days. The demos were brilliant and just show me how much work I have to do. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the new venue comfortable. Now have to wait for next year. Saving already. Thank you to all involved for their hard work. Good luck to the next group. xx

  15. Just back in from the BEST restaurant experience we've had nationally and internationally in a long time. Thank you L'Amore in Tunbridge Wells. But before I wax lyrical about it, I must put finger to touch pad and give a very hearty thanks to Barb, Paul, Dave et al involved with these super fab retreats we all return to year after year. Many thanks too, to my buddy Lynne, second year in a row and we now gel so well, what say you, LB?, it was fantastic, even though I did happened to disgrace the whole procedure on Day One by an inappropriate observation and your (LB) quiet comment on Day Two, well I'll say no more!!! X

    1. I look forward to our retreat get togethers Shelagh, it is lovely to catch up on your news and as you say we work well as buddies. Sorry for trying to lead you astray. I do hope we have many more retreats to look forward to, no pressure Barbara. xx

  16. Your Clarity family keeps on growing, how good is that? It's marvellous being just a small part of it. Put a fair sized order in today, so much more I wanted but have to wait until Ally Pally and Leyburn, may sneek a small order in before that. The fairies look very appealing. Lovely staff you have, so helpful and friendly. You'll be crafted out with all these retreats, so glad you are enjoying it all as much as all your friends. Love and hugs Pam xx

  17. Love my clarity family with out you all I would have got through. Wow Barbara I was thinking fairies was just groovi but there not loving the stamps oh dear another need lots love enjoy tomorrow all you lucky people on the retreat xxx

  18. Oh I LOVE the fairies, which to order – stamps or Groovi, stamps or Groovi. Will look forward to the samples and maybe decide then (or maybe not). I will have to record Rosella's shows as our charity group is running a jewellery stall at the Newlyn raft race on Sunday hoping to boost our bank balance as we have donated most of what we raised last year. The retreats sound amazing. xx g

  19. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely friendly group Clarity is, with all the staff and customers. It's great hearing all the comments from people who are on the retreats about the fun they've had and the friends they have made, I must get to one at sometime in the future. It comes across from you too the fun you have had. The new stamps and groovi are gorgeous. I'm not really a fairy person but I'm tempted by one or two of the designs as they look so pretty. I must remember to set the box to record. Enjoy your day tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  20. Hello Barb, the Clarity "family" is very extensive, and it is lovely to read your comments about the retreats. One day I will be able to make it to a retreat or open day. Love the fairy stamps and plates, they are on my wish list. Will record the shows to see all Rosie's inspiration. The samples you show here are really beautiful. Enjoy the retreat everyone. Bx

  21. I have had such a lovely time for the last two days: thank you so much Barbara! Thanks also to Paul for his help and all the team for making it possible. Rosie, thank you for your help with the snipping. I learnt so much, had lots of fun and enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I am full of inspiration now, but I am already looking forward to next year's retreat: I just didn't want this one to end! Xx

  22. So pleased that the retreats are going well and from the comments everyone has had a wonderful time and feels part of the Clarity family. I haven't met you or any of the team but hope that one day I will be able to. The irony is that if I was still living where I used to it would be easy and I would be there like a shot. Hope the next retreat goes well too. x

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