A Groovi Jayne Bauble!

A Groovi Jayne Bauble!

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s Blog is always blue, right? Well mostly!
Paul and I have spent a lovely day together, prepping the Christmas launch on Jayne’s beautiful childrens’ stamps and Groovi Plates.
Jayne LOVED Christmas. It was her favourite time of year.
In fact, I’m pretty certain she hung on last Christmas for Christmas. She just wanted to spend one more with her family before she went on ahead….
So here’s a demo which I have prepped for Sunday evening,
but which I may not get to, so here it is step by step.
Trace out the bauble from the Christmas stencil shapes
I used the No. 1 tool from the Starter Kit on the soft black mat.
Not hard; best to practice on scrap first though, just to get the pressure right.
Fill the bauble with one of Jayne’s illustrations. 
I went with the little girl waiting for Santa,
or wishing on a star.

Next switch to an embossing mat. 
The black one or the Pergamano pink Excellent mat.
I have to admit, the pink one is very forgiving.
Use your embossing tools for the whitework.
The Ball Tools Set is comprehensive
I like the shader too, the one that looks like a paper clip.
All these tools and gadgets!
Working from the back, cover up the centre with the stencil inny.
Load a brush with Midnight Blue ink or any dark blue ink, 
and build up colour around the bauble.
When you remove the stencil, you really see the difference.

Make a square frame with a nested square plate 
around the bauble and trim the parchment.
Tape the square down, and reload your brush.
Add a second layer of blue, leaving the parchment light in the centre.

When you remove the masking tape and turn to the front, 
it’s magic.

Mount on a matching background.
I liked this one from the Designer Pad New England Fall
it reminded me of old bedroom wallpaper.

Mount again on A4 blue parchment
and trim to mount on white card.

The stripey wallpaper justs peeps through the blue.
Glitter is optional.
The new Perga Glitters are very, very good.
And the 6 colours are exclusive to us. 
I think Jayne would definitely have added glitter!
She loved a bit of bling!
I will finish it off on Sunday with glitter if I get time.
Paul and I are both enjoying working with Jayne’s artwork again;
it’s like she’s back in the building!
The demos have come together really easily too.
So maybe she is!
Love & hugs,

67 thoughts on “A Groovi Jayne Bauble!

  1. The designs really are exquisite aren't they. I haven't got these plates….yet! Beautiful Barb, just fab.Jayne will never be forgotten will she. What a legacy she left, she knew you would do her proud. Wxx

  2. I just love this one, it's beautiful. Must get the plates, think I've got the stencil. Now need to give it a go – may have to be when we've moved to Somerset.xx

  3. Beautiful Barbara, love this, just perfect for Jayne's style. Thank you for sharing, and for triggering ideas in my head, if I ever get past the picot cutting practise! Trying to stick to this for my Groovi part of craft, as each time I moved to something else, when I went back to picot cutting I had lost my progress!!! Glad you and Paul shared a good and productive day. I do hope Jayne was there with you today, so she could see her designs as real products and artwork. Torn between feeling happy at her beautiful designs she has given us to play with, and so sad that she isn't here. Is that you finished prepping? If so, finishing on a Thursday must be a first? Hope tomorrow is as productive for you. Love Brenda xx

  4. Dear Barb. I wasn't fortunate enough to know Jayne, but she has been very much in my thoughts while I was making my samples. I hope I've done her and her beautiful artwork proud. Looking forward to the shows. Love xxx

  5. This is just beautiful, Barbara! I am sure that Jayne has been with you today – peeping over your shoulder and being very happy, as she sees what you are doing with her amazing artwork! Perhaps even guiding you too! It's SO lovely to have this as a way of keeping her with not only you and Paul – but all of us too! As she loved glitter – she has probably been sprinkling some around, up there too, bless her. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  6. Evening Barbara! Didn't Rosie do a great job today! Loved her shows and it was so nice to see Jayne's flowers being revisited. They are such timeless images. And the latest designs landing on Sunday will also stand the test of time….they are utterly stunning! I knew when I saw them they were Jayne's designs. She would have loved to see them in production but sadly that's not to be! However her legacy is that we get pleasure from her artwork as will many many others! Thank you Barbara for bringing them to us!
    Love your artwork tonight and it has the most ethereal look to it! She may be looking up to the skies thinking about Jayne.
    Looking forward to the shows on Sunday and Monday.
    Love and hugs xxx

  7. Wow! Beautiful and very atmospheric. I think Jayne would have been proud to see more of her fabulous art work made by Clarity. She was obviously looking over your shoulder as your prep has gone so well. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Xx

  8. what beautiful artwork from Jayne. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday to see what other lovely goodies there are & the DT samples for inspiration.

    1. Hi Donna I'm at a family BBQ not sure my auntie would appreciate me vanishing to watch the tv so I've got the box set to record. It's lovely seeing all the new stuff isn't it. Sending hugs xx

  9. Fab idea…love the look of these new plates/stamps and am looking forward to Sunday/Monday shows. Like the new books shown today so doubtless they'll wing their way to me very soon, trying to hold off ordering until I see what Tina is bringing us this time around. Xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Oh, this is so beautiful. I'm sure Jayne will be looking down with such joy and pride. I'll certainly have to practise the drawing round the stencil before attempting a proper piece!! As for the glitter, well they are fabulous as long as you remember not to pour sticky ink all over your work instead of the glitter!!! Yes, I can laugh about it now! The shows were fabulous today and the 2 ii books are brilliant – a must have. Brilliant idea. I am so looking forward to the shows at the weekend to see Jayne's new plates and the DT 's samples and of course you and Paul. Question is, will there be any stock left for Paul's shows! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope your weather has been better than ours. It's been foul! Woke up to find that the wind had snapped off a huge stem of a trailing begonia on one of my sister's hanging baskets that I am looking after while she is in Switzerland ( not that I'm needing to water them!!!). Then this afternoon I opened the back door to find one of my baskets hanging in a very strange position – one of the chains had snapped – again caused by the wind. Fortunately managed to rescue it. Skipped the gym today as I think I've pulled a muscle in my back – too much front crawl! Going to have a play day and going to try to organise my Groovi plates so I know what's in each folder without having to trawl all the way through them to find the plate I want. That could take a while! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  11. Really lovely peaceful blog – just dreamy. I needed to see this to stay calm. I have a very sensitive case tomorrow at work and quite agitated. The pessimist in me looking for trouble. The blog has given me calmer thoughts and I think lower blood pressure.
    How wonderful to have this blog and all that goes with it.
    Thank you to Barbara and everyone
    Love Anne (Reading)

  12. Amazing art work barbara Jaynes designs are stunning she is certainly there in your heart and thank you for bringing us some more stunning groovi and stamps Xxx

  13. A lovely step by step and I really enjoyed the shows today. The Groovi was beautiful and it was really nice to have parchment and stamping to look forward to. I have not entered the world of Groovi yet as I know I would not get anything else done if I did but I think it is wonderful.

  14. I suspect you will not get to do many demos, early bath probably. Anything designed by Jayne seems to fly out of the door. Well let's be honest anything Clarity flies out the door,especially Groovi. Love the card, lovely idea. xx

  15. This is beautiful artwork and wonderfully executed by you Barbara. I love that blue tone you have given it and the scene looks great inside the bauble shape. Glad your prep for the shows has been going so well. x

  16. A truly magical piece of work. Jayne had a gift for capturing images on paper and would be so pleased to see them being so valued. Looking forward to the shows xx

  17. Oh Barbara what can I say, amazing new plates again. Jayne's designs are stunning, a must have. Absolutely love your bauble step by step. Glad your prepping went so well with Paul today, Jayne must have been looking over your shoulder and Pauls too, God Bless her.xx

  18. Hi all you lovely bloggy friends. Hope you've had a good day and better weather than we've had. The garden could do with all the rain though so can't complain too much as at least it saves us watering it. Finished my friends Groovi bookmark today and she was really pleased with it. Love and hugs to you all Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam we were just saying today this time last week we were so hot we didn't know what to do with ourselves! The garden does need this rain though doesn't it. Sending hugs xxx

  19. Hi Pam. Pleased you're coming up to Leyburn again it will be good to catch up with you. Sadly I don't see Morag except very occasionally here xx

  20. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful artwork today, it's amazing how 3D you make the bauble look. I'm sure Jayne was there with you guiding your hand and giving you both inspiration. Such lovely images, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have for us. I remember you using the bauble stencil last year and being so impressed with the outcome, I wonder if I bought it and stashed it away, I do that you know 😀.
    Love Diane xxx

  21. Hello Barb, thank you for this beautiful step by step, love the use of the baubles shape with the image, so very festive. Jayne will always be there guiding you and giving all crafters a nudge of inspiration. Looking forward to the shows. Bx

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