Teamwork makes the Dream work

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Do you ever wonder how much time we spend preparing, doing or making something which is over before it’s even really begun?

A sunday Roast for example. 
Hours in the kitchen – devoured in minutes.
Or Christmas!
Weeks in the preparation – over overnight.

We decided to make a little VT,  a video tape, 
for this Sunday’s imminent One Day Special with the Groovi ABC.

Dave spent all evening yesterday rustling up the background music in his Logic programme. It’s 50 seconds long, but he laboured over it for hours. I asked him to get into a happy, nursery rhyme upbeat kind of vibe.

I then spent over an hour adding the voice over. 
Should have taken 30 seconds really, 
because that’s how long I’m actually talking !!
But no. In a quest for perfection, we did it again, and again,
and again. The voice part is pretty straightforward, right? NOT.
Too slow, too fast, mumbled, miserable, squeeky, false. 

Then Jim took over this morning, and spent most of the day fitting the photo and pictures to the music and words.
Very tricky. But Jim’s a very clever bloke. 
And he like to get things just right. 
So if it takes all day, it takes all day.

In other words, it took 3 of us many hours to create a 50 second VT. 
But when it’s finally all tied together, and you hit play,
there’s nothing quite like it.

So here it is:

Dave on Music
Jim on Pictures
Barb on Voice

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Time to go and get the kettle on.

Love and hugs,
(aka Chuffed) 

35 thoughts on “Teamwork makes the Dream work

    1. Yes, it was a fantastic day enabling me to observe all the intricacies of live recording as well as all the pre and post work, along with the background diligence we shoppers are unaware of. Wonderful! ;~}

  1. Great. Cheered me up a little. Feeling sad as fox killed our cockerel, 5 hens and my beautiful guinea fowl this morning. 😰

  2. Oh you poor soul, Barbara. But I know you, it's got to be spot on right, and no "that'll do" for you. And your VT IS spot on right 🙂

    Thinking about the time wasted/used up to get something done is always on my radar. Wish it wasn't, as having Asperger's means everything takes me longer, often far longer, than everyone else. And we don't get extra years alive to compensate. Very scary how much time I waste/need.

    The craft that I feel sorry for is cake decorators. Spend a huge amount of time decorating a cake, only for it to be immediately eaten and all that's left is maybe a photo or two, which no doubt will end up deleted once the good feelings attached to the occasion wear off.

    I decided today that winter is over 🙂 And I had a lovely afternoon sitting in the sun in my craft room with the window open listening to the blackbirds and the world go by. Making wee bits of artwork for cards. Not finished yet, but wiped myself out, which is a pain as I wanted to get at least one completed today 🙁

    Hope everyone is going to vote tomorrow, if you've not already done so. We've got to defend and support our democratic way of life. For so many people in the world democracy is only a dream. And if you need a further push, remember women died to get us the vote. (Sorry Barbara if this is wrong for me to say here)

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – having a really fun time with some family down here at Gwithian. It's a beautiful site and today we even had some sunshine, but windy too! Hope that you are saving the pennies ready for the shows! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  3. That's wonderful Barbara loved it well today was Katie's birthday she has been practising for weeks as a joint day centre thing they did Brittany's got talent she came home all excited she won her and the othe lad she was singing with it was fun words were hard to understand an Aba song 🎶 she really enjoyed it love Joy xx

    1. Hello Lesley, Couldn't you buy directly from Clarity Stamps? I can't see a specific exception for Ireland on their website, so you would probably just have to pay the EU rate of postage. Clarity have very reasonable rates for shipping, and if you wanted to check, the staff in the Clarity offices are always really helpful. One way to get items from Hochanda may be to have a friend or relation in the uk buy the items for you, then post them on to you in Ireland. It might cost more in postage that way, but at least you'd have your goodies to play with. Hope you can sort something out, I can't think what it would be like to miss out on my Clarity treats! Happy Shopping!!

  4. Congratulations Barb and team! You succeeded in making me chuckle after a 'can't win a trick' day. Prize mishap of the day ( one of several) was The Bro asking me tonight just why I was wearing a shirt with an enormous rip in one arm? Any why did I wear it to the hairdressers ( bad cut – don't ask!) this morning!! My response was 'why the blimming heck didn't you tell me?? "No point, it was too late for you to change". And it was my beloved, favourite – and only comfortable – summer shirt. Aaagh on various levels! By the time i'd done 15 min walk and grand tour of Lidl only a couple of hundred folk will have noticed. Hey ho. So thanks for the gentle, soothing VT! xx

  5. Ha ha I remember doing a "Quick" Xmas card video with a Gel Print!!!! Took me about three hours to clear the decks, take any crafty mess out of camera shot and getting the right angle – I was in and out my seat adjusting the IPad stand so that it didn't focus on the top of my head or worse still my Boobs and then I messed around making sure I had all the right products on show when Bam! the alarm went off to remind me it's time to get the kids from school (yes I have an alarm for that!) then I had to make tea and walk the Dog and when I came back to the room it was too dark even with the light on so I had to wait till the next day – so finally I go "Live" with my quick five minute Gel Xmas Card and it hardly gets noticed!!!! So, I know where you're coming from and mine was just for fun?? Oh Great VT by the way!

  6. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely VT it shows off the plates and samples beautifully. Oh yes it took 3 of you so long to do it, but knowing you, you probably all enjoyed doing it and the diversion and had a great sense of satisfaction when it was finished. Looking forward to the shows.
    Love Diane xxx

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  8. I have already put money aside for this collection, and can't wait to see it all in action on Sunday – shame on you for teasing me further!! Seriously, great VT and well done The Team!

  9. Love the VT and appreciate all the effort that went into it but if you're going to do something you may as well do it right (IYKWIM!) and no one can deny you did that! Really looking forward to the shows and have set timers to record them all – I can't wait to see what you and the DT have done with the lovely plates xxx

  10. For some reason I had subtitles on the VT watching it on my phone, and it was a tad shocking with the language. The word for the II book is ******. Just so you know. Replayed it and the same happened. Not sure if it is translation or audio support. Great plates though.

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