Colour me in…Easy as ABC step by step.

Colour me in…Easy as ABC step by step.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Dave and Paul have headed off up to Port Sunlight for the Show this Saturday, (set-up tomorrow)
but I have stayed behind to prep for the TV.
Added to which, it’s my dear Dad’s 80th birthday on Saturday, 
so there’s another even more important reason for staying back!
I wanted to talk about the Nursery Rhymes themselves today.
As has been mentioned, I wrote several of them myself, because the old Mother Goose ones were either too dark, or I just couldn’t find one for the letter of the alphabet!
V, for example.
Here you see a very simple little verse:

V for Very.
Very Clever
Girls and boys
Read their books 
And share their toys,
With the other girls and boys.
I mean, it’s not Wordsworth or Keats, I know!
But it starts with V, and it was intended for children after all!
I drew a little girl sitting in the V of the tree,
guess what? Yep, reading!
Here you can see I took the time to colour in the image in the book,
and you can also see one of the Groovi demos all ready to rock n’ roll on Monday! Again, not too complex, but on Monday I would like to show you how to lay out the words using a Groovi plate.
Let’s track the colouring in….
I used my pride and joy Faber-Castell Polychromos,
but the Pergaliners work very well too.
The first thing to do is work out what’s the tree 
and what’s the letter!

Then several shades of green for the leaves.
Starting with the lightest colour.

Next, figure out what colour her dress is going to be, 
and which layers are the petticoat.

Again, start with the lightest colour.

I think we’ll match the hat and the petticoat.
She’s got a bit of a pouty lip, so we will leave it alone!

Just because the lineart is plain, 
that doesn’t mean the scarf has to be plain!
We do like a bit of tone-in-tone, don’t we!

I could spend more hours enhancing and deepening,
but this will have to do.
Add a slight shadow under her foot to finish.

All done.
Over time, I think I would like to colour in the whole little book, 
as a keepsake. 

Looks like it was always like that now, doesn’t it.

Sunday 8pm
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Love & Hugs,

27 thoughts on “Colour me in…Easy as ABC step by step.

  1. Beautiful colouring! It's a lovely little book and perfect to slip in your bag with a set of pencils if you're going somewhere. It would also be a great way to entertain children at a restaurant when they need to be actively engaged in something!
    I will miss you at Port sunlight but you are absolutely right to stay home especially as your dad's special birthday is on Saturday! It'll be nice to see Paul and Dave.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  2. Loverly book! Happy birthday to your dad, we are birthday buddies! Although Ive not reached that great milestone yet. I'm off to London for the day with some friends. Have fun whatever you get up to. Thanks for sharing love Jx

  3. Absolutely brilliant can't wait for Sunday. Please wish your Dad a very happy 80th birthday from me. My Dad is 80 tomorrow and we are having a wonderful week, I live in Burton, Dads in Dorset – I try and get down as much as possible. 😘❌😘

  4. Lovely, a good way to encourage children to read more books.
    Happy birthday to your Dad, my Dad will be 80 in December too. We cherish every day we have our parents and it is important to share time with them. I am sure you will create happy memories as you celebrate with him and your Mum.

  5. Happy Birthday Barb's Dad, hope you celebrate it by doing your favourite things with those you love xx. Great little book, fab colouring and waiting patiently (not!) to see the rest of it xxx

  6. You will be missed on Saturday but family comes first especially as it is your dad's 80th on Saturday. My dad was 80 in February. This book looks gorgeous and love the colours you have used. Have a wonderful day.
    Linda xxx

  7. I love the look of the book and the plates sound great too. I was thinking that the plates might not be for me as I don't make many cards for children. Now however I am thinking that they would make great cards with peoples initials and names on multimedia projects. All my fingers are crossed that I have enough in my crafty budget to get them! Hope the prep goes well. XX

  8. A lovely month to have a birthday. Best wishes to your dad. Have a wonderful day. I had my 85th on the 2nd. All my family all over the world. But did have my daughter in law home that day, she had come home from San Francisco to celebrate her Dads 80th on the 30th April, Would love to watch on Sunday, but not at home. Like the look of the alphabet book.sure it will do well. Xxxx

  9. Beautiful colouring Barbara and I love your sweet verse for 'V'. Hope the rest of the prep goes well and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. x

  10. Hi Barbara, that's beautiful. I could watch you colour all day, spellbound watching the image come to life, and amazed with the end result. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to watching you do more on Sunday and Monday. Hope your prep is going well. Love Brenda xx

  11. This looks gorgeous Barb. HAppy Birthday to your Dad and enjoy spending some precious time together…… It's my turn to be 80 this month too! Time is flying by too fast….

  12. Hello Barb, love the idea of colouring in the images in the book. I think you have made a lot of people very happy and they are going to be glued to the telly. Happy Birthday to your Dad, hope you all enjoy celebrating and that Dave and Paul get on well at Port Sunlight. Take care. Bx

  13. I am in awe of your talent and wish that I could think of buying these beautiful plates and the book. However, I shall admire from afar! Have a good weekend and best Birthday wishes to your lovely dad.

  14. Happy birthday to your dear dad barbara I will be 80 myself next June 1 st
    Sorry you won't be at the show tomorrow I was looking forward to a word
    Love always June horrocks xxxxxxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful piece of artwork, it's lovely to see your colouring close up so I can see where I'm going wrong!! I hope Dave and Paul gave a good set up day today, yes very important for you to be home to celebrate your dad's 80th. Looking forward to seeing what you and your mum have planned for him.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Absolutely beautiful (and V. Clever too)! I do appreciate the colouring lesson especially as I've just take delivery of my own collection of Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils. Not the full range that you have, but nevertheless I shall derive enormous pleasure from using them. Colouring is so relaxing.
    Tonbridge Sue

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